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Revamping Your Home And Pressure Washing

Professional Orange County pressure washing services by Stanley Cleaning Solutions.
When the time comes to revamp or give your home a major overhaul there are a great number of things you can do to breathe life back into your dwelling. There is of course new furniture, new paint, and new flooring to consider but it behooves you not to overlook the importance of thoroughly cleaning your home during this process. Cleaning is one of the most important aspects of revamping a home but it often goes overlooked by all but the most fastidious of homeowners. A deep cleaning will not only breathe new life into an older home but it can restore luster and protect it from future damage as well.

Pressure washing is of the utmost importance when you set out to restore your home and return it to a new-like state. The vast majority of homeowners are surprised to learn of not only how effective pressure washing is but just how many surfaces it can treat and protect. Below are just a few of the areas that a professional pressure washer can restore around a home.

Driveways are at the forefront of a home and they are one of the first things both you and guests see as they arrive. Additionally, the high level of vehicular traffic they endure makes driveways one of dirtiest areas in or around a home. A professional pressure washer can remove tire marks, leaked and stained engine fluids, and all the debris left behind by both foliage and playing children.

Walkways: Walkways are the gateway to a home and the first area you and your visitors enter. As time passes however, walkways are often neglected and fall into a rather unsightly state. Heavy foot traffic, pests, pets, children, and weather all take a heavy toll on walkways. Sure sweeping helps and nearly every homeowner does this but in order to keep a walkway truly clean it'll need the attention of a professional pressure washer roughly twice a year. The high powered steam and cleaning solutions will make walkways look as though they were recently built and set and restore their warmth.

Decks And Patios: Decks and patios play host to family gatherings, BBQ's, rambunctious children, and often double as a resting spot for both homeowners and even pets. Moreover, decks and patios are often neighbored by bushes, trees, and sometimes swimming pools. All of the aforementioned, in conjunction with weather, can sully and dull a deck or patio in a relativity short span of time. It matters not whether your deck or patio is made of concrete, wood, vinyl, or some other material, it's going to get dirty and to a point where simple cleaning isn't going to keep it in a usable state. Professional pressure washing services rid decks and patios of stains, oils, and all types of pests, dirt, mold, and all other forms of stubborn debris. The solutions used by the pros also acts as a protectant and makes decks and patios much more resilient to the things that can harm them.

Your Garage: Garages are often thought of as the "dungeon" of a home. This is because even when they're not used for car storage, a garage is usually utilized as a storage unit. The totes and boxes stored in a garage attract household pets, hold onto all sorts of odors, and if a garage doubles as a "fix it" area there will be grease stains, additional smells, scratches, etc. Pressure washing services will remove all of these things, protect your garage, and make it suitable for much more than just storage.

Stucco And Brick Walls: Professional pressure washers operated by experienced hands can remove the obstinate of stains and marks from stucco and brick surfaces. More than that however, they will restore and protect these surfaces from further damage. Say goodbye to caked on mold, mud, dead insects, living pests, and the dull listless color of neglected stucco and brick surfaces.

Why Professional Pressure Washing Services?

While many homeowners attempt to clean any of the aforementioned surfaces themselves during a revamp or deep home cleaning, they rarely produce substantial results. Professional pressure washers not only use state of the art high powered industrial grade tools, but they make use of multiple solutions when cleaning and protecting the surfaces of a home as well. The combination of their tools and experience also means that they work fast and will complete their job in a matter of hours...not days or an entire weekend. Professional pressure washers are also incredibly affordable and normally charge by the square foot. When you add up the time you'll spend doing the work yourself, the lackluster results your work will yield, and the amount of money you'll spend on renting sub par retail grade equipment the cost of a professional is well justified.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning by Stanley Window Care is one of the many services we specialize in. We clean your carpet with only organic materials that are safe for your little ones and furry friends.
Carpets are a staple in every home and why shouldn't they be? Carpeting adds vibrancy to a room and can even help create specific moods or atmospheres in the rooms they are a part of. Because carpets are so important many people go to great lengths to keep them clean; all to varying degrees of success. Most people, at the very least, vacuum their carpets on a regular basis and pick up after themselves and their children. Others will take things a step further and use retail brand carpet sprays and a brush to remove spots and stains. On occasion, people will rent a carpet shampooer from their local retail or home improvement store. While all of the aforementioned measures are great in terms of effort not all of them will keep carpets as clean as they should be nor will some of them restore a carpet to its original vibrancy. Moreover, being that there are many different types of carpeting, the do-it-yourselfer may inadvertently damage their carpets by misusing tools, utilizing the wrong ones, or by applying improper cleaning solutions.

If one aims to clean their carpets thoroughly there is of course the option of hiring a professional carpet cleaner. Going this route takes the burden and responsibility associated with this work off the shoulders of the homeowner and places it on the shoulders of those with the experience and tools to do the job efficiently, quickly, and thoroughly. For those who can not afford to hire a professional carpet cleaner and those who simply prefer to do the work themselves, there are a few things to watch out for and be mindful of.

Do Your Homework

When someone decides to give their carpets a thorough cleaning it behooves them to do their homework. By using the internet a person can easily find out how to clean their carpets properly and without damaging them. Such persons should find out what type of carpet they are going to be working with, what type of tools work best on that carpet, and which cleaning solutions are safe. There is also plenty of information on how to clean a carpet properly and it is usually presented in a step by step break down.

The Carpet Cleaning Process

The carpet cleaning process isn't necessarily complicated but if the job is done using proper steps the results will be fantastic.

  • Applying Suction – The carpet cleaning process should always begin with a thorough vacuuming. Standard retail bought vacuums work fine but a high end vacuum will coax stubborn debris out of its resting place before removing it.
  • Pre-Cleaning Spray – Before rigorous cleaning can begin in earnest, a stain loosening cleaning solution needs to be sprayed over carpeting in its entirety. This solution will not only break stains up so that they can be removed but will also dissolve the waxy buildup that grows on carpets over time. Once applied this solution need to sit for no more than 15 minutes before the real cleaning can begin.
  • A Good Scrubbing – Once the aforementioned solution has had time to absorb into a carpet and do it's job, a hot water shampooing unit should be used in order to remove any and all debris during this part of the process. Homeowners should be wary however as the units available for rent at retail stores aren't all that effective in scrubbing nor sucking up debris. Consider spending a few extra dollars and rent an industrial strength Rotovac designed for this very purpose.
  • Post Cleaning Solution – This step in the carpet cleaning process is near impossible to do without a Rotovac or reasonable facsimile. During this process these high powered units lay down a protective solution that keeps carpets from incurring damage and becoming overly filthy. This solutions protects carpets for about six months and is also stain and spill prohibitive.

  • Air Dry – The final step in the carpet cleaning process is of course its drying out. During the hours following a thorough carpet cleaning it's imperative that no foot see fresh carpet. Wet carpet is a conduit for debris so keep everyone and everything clear. The amount of time it takes for a carpet to dry out will depend largely on what time of year its cleaned and whether or not there are fans running at the time. Professionals often use large fans to facilitate quick drying. Carpets without the assistance of fans normally dry out anywhere from within a few hours to an entire day. Homeowners can run their own fans and open windows to help the process along. If someone must walk over freshly cleaned carpet remember to wear booties over shoes and bare feet.

The Professional Alternative

Cleaning carpet thoroughly is an arduous task at it's easiest and is rather time consuming as well. It is for these reasons that many people opt to hire professional carpet cleaners as an alternative to doing the job themselves. Hiring a pro to tackle this job allows persons to do something much more fun with their free time and ensures that they get the end results they want. These services are surprisingly affordable and especially so when you juxtapose them with the time and money it takes to do the work yourself. Additionally most professionals offer free quotes and even on site estimates without obligation.

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Extending The Life Of Your Awnings

Orange County Awning cleaning by the professionals at Stanley Window Care. Your awning is made out of a special material and cannot be cleaned with just any chemicals or it can be ruined. It is actually more cost effective to have a professional come out and clean them. Call Today for a Free Quote 949.786.0816
Awnings add character, luster, and value to any home that they are a part of. Their great beauty and fantastic designs belie a problem that all awnings have however. This being the fact that all awnings must be kept clean if they are to retain the high level of beauty and value they are associated with. Awnings are often thought of as high maintenance because they often reside under or near trees and bushes. Foliage attracts pests and can also drop a great deal of debris onto awnings that then dirty them up and even damage them after just short periods of time. The good news here is that awnings aren't overly difficult to clean. By cleaning them yourself or by hiring a professional on a regular basis you'll positively affect the longevity of your awnings and keep them looking great for longer periods of time. More to the point, cleaning them with regularity staves off the need for thorough deep cleanings and repairs.

As Simple As It Gets

Professional awning cleaners recommend that owners rinse their awnings off with water once a month. Home and business owners that do this will remove the majority of the dirt, debris, and pests that gather on their awnings. Running water prohibits dirt from embedding itself in the fabric of an awning which means fewer or no stains at all to worry about. It will also keep pollen and plant matter from building up. Best of all...rinsing them off 12 times a year negates the need for fabric replacement and any sort of repair.

A Couple Of Additional Measures

Those whom live in climates where extreme weather is the norm will want to go the extra mile for their awnings when engaging in monthly cleanings. One of the most important aspects of an awning is it's fabric. This fabric should be removed and washed in household washing machine and then air dried for maximum effect. Washing machines are great at removing stains yet gentle enough to leave awning fabric intact. Conversely, awning fabrics should never be dry cleaned nor put into industrial washing machines lest they be damaged.

Home and business owners can also use a ladder and a light scrubbing brush to remove both loose and caked in debris from their awnings and without too much trouble either. A mild dish washing soap, without detergent, will also be helpful in removing light stains as well as some obstinate debris. By applying this soap mixed with water to awning fabric and allowing to sit 10 minutes before scrubbing, individuals will save themselves a great deal of time and hassle.

Calling In The Professionals

Though the monthly rinsing of awnings keeps problems to a minimum and keeps them looking sharp year round, there will eventually come a time where awnings need more than running water to keep them healthy. While homeowners certainly hire professional awning cleaners so that they don't have to do any of the recommend rinsing themselves, awnings should be seen by and receive a deep cleaning from a professional on a biannual basis. This twice a year visit from a local pro will address all the small issues that build up over the course of the year. Left neglected these small issue become noticeable over time and are notoriously tough to fix. When professional awning services are used in conjunction with routine do-it-yourself maintenance, awnings can be kept in such a healthy state that they last for decades without issue.

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Huntington Beach Window Cleaning

Huntington Beach Window Cleaning
Huntington Beach Window Cleaning
Huntington Beach Window Cleaning
Huntington Beach Window Cleaning
Huntington Beach Window Cleaning by Stanley Window Care. Residential and commercial window cleaning services available. No job too big or small for us! We guarantee your satisfaction. Owners are always on site to ensure quality.

We specialize in

- Window Cleaning
- Pressure Washing
- Window Restoration
- Glass Restoration
- Solar Panel Cleaning
- Roof Cleaning
- Patio Cleaning
- Awning Cleaning

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Hiring A Professional Commercial Window Cleaner

Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning Experts at Stanley Window Care want to help keep your building looking clean. We have all the proper equipment to reach high windows and have more than 15 years experience in window cleaning. We service the entire Orange County CA and will always have a manager on site.
Today's business world is not only fast and always evolving but it's extremely competitive as well. If there was ever a time when 'you only get one chance to make a first impression” it's now. With so many companies vying for the attention of your potential customers, you can ill afford to make a tepid or even poor first impression. While there is a lot that goes into impressing would be clients one of the most important is a clean and professional office environment. One of the most overlooked aspects of a clean working space is a building's windows. This oversight is usually a byproduct of simply not wanting to do the work and other times not having the time and/or tools to do the job. For those whom own or work in multiple storied buildings there's also the issue of safety. Climbing ladders while working with water and cleaning solutions can be a dangerous job and one that results in injury.

So what then is a business owner or manager supposed to do to ensure that their windows remain in a pristine state? It is quite impractical for the owners of a business to do the work themselves and insurance reasons alone will prevent the work from being done by employees who were hired to do another job. This is where the practicality of hiring a professional Orange County window cleaner comes into clear view. Hiring such professionals takes the burden off the shoulders of people whom aren't trained in the work and places it on persons who bring experience and industrial grade tools to the job.

Why Hire A Professional Window Cleaner?

A business owner and those who own commercial structures hire professional window cleaners for a variety of reasons.

  • Impeccable Results – Professional window cleaners are put through rigorous training long before they are sent out to a job site. This training ensures a high quality of work and teaches window cleaners how to care for a building as if it where their own. All of this leads to the type of results that only professionals can produce. These persons will leave windows looking like new and can even restore their original luster and shine. Furthermore, windows this clean are conducive to higher employee moral and a higher level of productivity.
  • The Right Tools For The Right Job – Whereas the do-it-yourselfer might use a retail cleaning solution, a simple cloth, and a cheap squeegee, a professional window cleaner brings with them state of the art cleaning solutions, tools, and the knowledge needed to use them efficiently. The pros always provide their own miscellaneous tools such as ladders, disposal bags, etc.
  • Safety – It might not be immediately obvious but window cleaning can be a dangerous job. Sure, windows at ground level aren't all that difficult to clean nor are those just above that but once extension poles, hoses, ladders and the like all come into the picture, the risk of falls, slips, bruises, cuts, and even broken bones rises exponentially. When you hire a professional to clean your windows your risk of injury falls to zero and professionals rarely, if ever, get hurt.
  • Saving Time – The act of cleaning windows is a time consuming one. Laypersons whom take this task upon themselves will spend days trying to clean their workspace. Professional window cleaners however can complete both the exterior and interior of windows in a matter of hours...not days. Business owners and managers have...well businesses to run. They should not be responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of the building they occupy.
  • Insurance And Lawsuits – Businesses do not carry the type of insurance that covers window work for employees that were hired to do something else. Any business or building owner who might consider asking employees to wash their buildings windows must not only be prepared for a backlash but potential lawsuits as well. Professional window cleaners are licensed, bonded, and carry workman's compensation insurance so that their clients nor your employees are never responsible for damages and/or injuries.
  • Keep Tenants Happy – Those whom lease spaces in commercial buildings for work shouldn't have to pay for maintenance themselves. This is something landlords and management companies have paid for. Its come to be expected in the modern world and it is a great way to instill confidence in tenants...and keep them in your building for years to come.

So Many To Choose From

With so many professional window cleaning firms and individuals to choose from, finding the right one for your commercial building can be quite the daunting task. In decades past one had only the Yellow Pages and word of mouth to rely on when considering a firm. These days however the internet is with you everywhere you go. Never hire a professional without first using the internet to read reviews, speak with other customers (past and present), and without interviewing the firm you're interested in. Following the aforementioned suggestions will help you weed out the less reputable companies and find one that fits both your needs and budget.

Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning by Stanley Window Care

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Tips For Home Window Cleaning You Should Know

One of the most overlooked areas you may deal with in terms of cleaning is that of windows. Window cleaning can be a difficult task to work with and many people end up forgetting about it. If you want to ensure that your home looks great from the inside and outside, then you will need to look into home window cleaning which can be quite good overall. There are a few tips and tricks that you will want to work with in terms of cleaning windows today and the following can assist with relative ease.

Avoid Spots With Sprinkler Shift

The first thing that you need to take into consideration is avoid water spots from forming. That means that you need to shift your sprinkler system and any areas that you may have water hitting your glass areas. A sprinkler system is great but if it’s hitting the glass of your windows it will leave spots down the line. Make a quick adjustment and you’ll find that you can clean up windows with relative ease.

Use A Water Stain Remover

As you look into water stains on windows make sure that you look into getting a water spot remover. You can then use a white scrubbing pad to clean up areas. You don’t want to use anything harsh or tinted, you want something spongy, soft, and clean. You will spray your window’s spots and you will scrub things with relative ease. It’s going to help you ensure that you get clean windows before you work with any other elements. You don’t want to scrape or scratch your windows you simply want to clean up the areas with soft scrubbing options.

Cleaning With Simple Options

Aside from the water stains you will want to look into getting tools to help you with cleaning windows straight away. That being said, make sure to pick up a wand, squeegee, and lint-free towels. You can buy these at any hardware store. Once you have these elements you will want to use warm water and some dish soap overall.

Clean your windows with a mix of warm water and soft soap using a squeegee and soft lint-free towel to ensure that there are no streaks leftover. This is a simple plan of action to work with. If you need a helping hand however, you could hire a professional to work on your windows and they will use commercial grade solutions and expertise to ensure that you are able to get clear, clean, streak free windows.

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Exterior Cleaning That Can Help Set Your Home Apart In Your Neighborhood

One of the best things that you can do to ensure that your home looks great is to ensure that your curb appeal looks grand. Curb appeal is one of the best things that you can have whether you are trying to sell your home or just want your house to have a little bit more value down the line. There are simple ways that you can do this and one way to do it is to clean and clear your driveway. In addition to the work that you can do to the driveway you will want to apply to the patio of your home as well.

High Pressure Washer

The first option that you are going to want to take advantage of is the use of water. High pressure washers can help you get through the cracks of concrete and get to the core of your home’s driveway. By spraying high pressure water streams you will be able to get through the cracks, and clean up small rock sea different points of contention within the concrete and gravel. This helps to prevent cracks from getting bigger and clearer out areas that could cause further damage.

Leaf Blowing Solutions

The next solution that you can utilize is the option of work with a good leaf blower. A leaf blower can help with getting rid of grime, dirt, leaves, and large issues that can lay on top of the driveway and concrete areas. This can help blow things away so that you can collect them in one area and pick them up for full removal.

Sweeping Lightly Between Cleanings

The next thing that you should take into consideration is cleaning with a focus on sweeping dirt and more. Between leaf blowing and high pressure washing solutions you should sweep with a light broom to ensure that you get the upper hand in getting your home’s curb appeal looking great. Sweeping between maintaining your home’s exteriors will help you ensure that you end up with a proper push forward with clearing and cleaning your home’s driveway and patio areas.

A little bit of maintenance goes a long way with these options. Test the methods out once and see how different your home can look. It can ensure that you are getting the upper hand with curb appeal and much more. It’s simply a great option to work with overall as it ensures that your home’s value rises down the line.

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Orange County House Cleaning

Keeping a home clean is paramount among most homeowners. The importance of a clean home comes not only from a desire to reside in the most comfortable dwelling possible but from necessity as well.  Unkempt homes become a breeding grounds for pests but also attract all types of dust and debris which can irritate allergies and make living in a home unbearable. With so many things that can plague a messy or neglected home why don't more homeowners do more to keep their houses in pristine states?

Picking up after pets, children, and ourselves helps keep a home in order though it doesn't do much of anything with regards to addressing long standing issues like stains, neglected counter tops or ranges, nor the places of a home that are overlooked during a routine cleaning. In addition to the rather arduous nature of a thorough house cleaning there's the issue of time. Ensuring all parts of a home are clean is a time consuming venture and one that many homeowners would prefer to avoid whenever possible. Very few individuals are going to clean their homes before or after work nor do most people want to do anything but rest during their down time. This type of neglect, while understandable, is detrimental to the overall cleanliness of a home and makes it more difficult to clean when a homeowner finally gets around to it.

Unbeknownst to a great deal of homeowners, there exists affordable housekeeping and maid services. These services take the burden of cleaning a home off the shoulders of busy and preoccupied individuals and places it on the shoulders of trained professionals. Professional house cleaners produce results that most homeowners can only dream of and produce them in a fraction of the time it takes laypersons to do far less. For today's overworked and over stressed homeowners these services are invaluable.

The Benefits Of Using A Professional House Cleaning Service

The benefits of hiring a professional to clean your home are many. The following are among the most prominent of benefits.

  • Time, Time, And More Time: Cleaning a home takes time and must be done on a homeowners own time. This means that the only time an individual can clean their home is either after work or on the weekends during their leisure time. As there aren't many persons willing to give up their free time in order to do more work a professional can be called in to tackle the job. Professional maid and housekeeping services allow homeowners to do whatever they like with their free time. Those whom utilize such services needn't worry about their entire weekend being consumed by housework.

  • The Cost: The cost of professional house cleaning services are relatively inexpensive especially when compared to what it can cost to do the job oneself. If a homeowner's goal is professional results they'll need industrial grade tools and chemicals. They'll also require specialized cleaning solutions that are not just highly effective but eco-friendly as well. There is then the issue of small things like soft cloth rags, squeegees, scrubbing tools, and even knowing which chemicals to use on which surface. All of these things cost money and time...professional house cleaners come to each job with all the tools and cleaning solutions they will need to do their job effectively.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Green Cleaning Products That Clean Your Home Well

There are a lot of different solutions that you can invest in for the purpose of cleaning your home. There was a time when this was somewhat difficult to manage and finding good sources for cleaning was just not simple. However, today you are going to find that there are a lot more solutions than ever before that can clean and are labeled “green”. If you haven’t tested these out you will want to look into the following options that will help you garner good cleaning and maintain a “green” thumb at the same time.

Before Investing

Before you buy anything you should know that there are green products that are not so “green”. In fact there are a lot of options that are just not what they claim to be. When you look at any product that claims to be green look at the ingredients and read the labels extensively. That is going to help you understand whether or not you’re dealing with something that is truly green or something that is just marketed as such.

Combinations To Look For

Whether you’re looking at making your own green product or you want to buy a product make sure that you look for specific enzymes and natural ingredients overall. Some of the most common of these include baking soda, vinegar, and natural enzymes that eat away at soap scum, and other problem elements that can permeate a home’s bathroom or kitchen. Eco-friendly solutions will be listed on the bottle or package of any green product that you want to purchase.

Name Brands With Less Ingredients

You may want to look into name brands that are coming through the general public that are going green. Lysol for instance, is now producing a solution that is 100% natural and has only 3 ingredients, made from green, renewable products, and clean without masking dirt and odors. Other options like Wow Green products, are also in the same category, creating a great option for those that are looking at getting green cleaning solutions for the home or office.

At the end of the day look at the ingredients of any cleanser, and read the packaging. A truly green solution will not only market itself as such, it will be evident that it’s 100% green. Don’t fall into a marketing ploy, always look into non-toxic, green solutions that are listed as such. You’ll be surprised what is now available.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Extend The Life of Your Awnings With A Few Cleaning Tips

A well maintained awning is going to help you get a lot out of it. Whether you have one or two  you will find that you can easily move forward with solutions that can help you with cleaning and extending the life of your awning with relative ease. If you can extend the life of your awning you won’t have to worry about replacing things which can cost you thousands of dollars. A good awning can bring about great shade and much more that’s for sure. With that in mind take into consideration a few notes regarding how to ensure you can extend the life of these elements for your home.

Clean With Water First

Every few weeks make sure that you clean your awning’s fabric with water. Do not use anything else but water and make sure that you brush off dirt, debris, and any caked on elements. This is an easy process to keep track of and will help you ensure that you are able to get a helping hand with clearing out problem areas that would otherwise be difficult to manage. This is something that helps with maintenance first and foremost.

For Deeper Cleaning

As you look into other cleaning solutions you will need to look for options that are going to help you get a deeper clean with soap. Use mild soap for this, do not use hard detergents as that is going to cause problems. Get a deeper clean with water and soft soap and make sure that you rinse off all of the soap and let things dry naturally. After some time you will find that your awning will be clean and easy to work with. After that make sure that you brush off any debris and anything that is leftover, as that is going to be necessary to remove elements that could cause problems after the fact.

When DIY Doesn’t Work

You could clean here and there and end up still having a bit of an issue. With that in mind, you should take into consideration getting a professional to help you with this. A professional can help you with pressure washing and could help with cleaning awnings faster than you can at home. Of course this option should be reserved for times when your awning is really dirty. The best bet here is to ensure that you clean every few weeks so that you can get proper momentum and don’t have to do too much deep cleaning.

Orange County Awning Cleaning Services

Monday, August 27, 2018

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Roof With Soft Washing

Roof cleaning Orange County by the professionals at Stanley Window Care.
Not every roof can be cleaned with a high pressure solution. A lot of people look into high pressure washing for shingles and metal roofing, but that’s not always going to work. Sometimes, you’ll have to go with a different solution, one that is going to help with clearing things out with relative ease, and without breaking anything at all. To work with this, you’ll need to take a look at clearing and cleaning your roof with something that is known as soft washing. This is going to help you get the most out of your home’s roofing, and ensure that you do not break things up or cause problems.

Minimal Pressure Is Important

The first thing that you need to take into consideration is that your roofing needs to be taken care of, with care. You should never use high pressure, because that is going to cause the materials to rip, or cause angled options to break. Excessive water pressure can cause breaking points, shaking, and even penetration of the water into the home. You want your roofing to last at least 25 to 35 years, and the only way that you can do that, is to look into cleaning with minimal pressure, using deterrents that are safe.

Using The Right Cleaning Solution

As you clean your home’s roofing, you want to make sure that you use a biodegradable cleaning solution that is going to pay off dividends. This will ensure that your home doesn’t get a lot of problems overall. Biodegradable solutions are going to be safe for the environment, will not eat away at any of the pieces of your home’s roofing, It will also allow you to get rid of micro-organisms that can cause mold and other bacteria to grow. That will ensure that you get your home’s roofing to last a lot longer.

Getting A Helping Hand

You could always hire a professional service to get yourself a bit of a push forward with this solution. You’re going to need to make sure that you look into harnessing the power of water and certain detergents, with the use of a soft, specialized attachment for a power washer. Specific power washing equipment can be easy to work with, and a professional’s touch will ensure that your roof gets the right balance overall.

At the end of the day, if you want your roof to last a long time, you need to make certain that you clean with a soft washing solution, as it will pay off dividends down the line.

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Friday, August 24, 2018

Should You Hire Cleaning Professionals Or Do It Yourself?

Professional home cleaning experts in Orange County ca! Let the professionals handle all your house cleaning needs!
There’s something grand about a clean house and something that you no doubt want to have in place overall. Keeping a home clean can take a bit of work. If you are not careful you may have a great deal of work ahead of you because it’s easy to skip a few chores here and there and end up missing out on something important. There are some people that will swear by hiring professionals, while others will be looking at doing things on their own. Which is better DIY or hiring a professional service? Well, there are a few things to remember on both of these options, as they have unique elements to take into account.

The Professional Cleaner’s Edge 

There’s an advantage that is going to be found when you look into getting a professional solution overall. When you hire someone to help you clean you’re going to find that they work well in a variety of different methods. They do this for a living so it’s going to be easy to work with. They will ensure that you get your home clean and clear, with little to no issue. They will have their own cleaning supplies, and will most likely have a team of people that can help you garner a bit of success in cleaning.

What About DIY?

There are some people that want to do everything on their own. There’s nothing wrong with DIY you can clean your own home and enjoy a great deal of success, if you’re disciplined. If you are disciplined, you can get things clear, clean, and easy to work with. Most home owners will be able to do this, but what if you don’t have time? The big issue can become getting enough time to do it all, and get things moving forward with relative ease. If you aren’t diligent, you could find that cleaning can become a lot more difficult overall.

Hiring Someone Becomes The Best Option

There are a lot of benefits that come with hiring professionals, and when you compare it to doing everything on your own, you’ll see them come through more often. You’ll be able to have peace of mind, you won’t have to worry about chores, and you can ensure that your home is clean and clear, because that’s the job of a professional cleaning service.

If you’re serious about getting your home cleaned, test out a service once, and see how much better than DIY this can be.

Orange County House Cleaning by Maid Brigade

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Cleaning Up The Kitchen Sink With Easy Tips

One of the areas of the home that gets a lot of attention from everyone is that of the kitchen. The kitchen gets a lot of foot traffic, it’s used daily, and it can be difficult to manage for many people. If you are looking to clean this area up and make sure that you’re able to garner a bit of success, you’ll want to take a few tips. The following can help you clean up your kitchen sink with relative ease. With that in mind, take into consideration a few things you can do to ensure that your sink is looking great all the time.

Wash and Wipe Daily

Every time you use the sink, whether to wash dishes or prepping food, make sure that you wash the walls of the sink, and wipe things off completely. Pay attention to the interior of the sink and wipe things up. Leave no soap or food residue anywhere. Doing this properly will help you get a much cleaner and sanitary sink. As you clean the interior make sure that you also clean up the fixtures and don’t let any build up occur within any area.

Vinegar For Tough Stains

Another great option that you can utilize when trying to clean your sink is vinegar. You can use vinegar as a powerful rinse aid. You could pour it on your sink’s interior and just leave it alone for up to 20 minutes and then rinse it and let it dry. Another option is to use mouthwash. That’s right, this is a solution that has alcohol in it and can leave your sink with a minty scent as well.

The Baking Soda Option

For those that are looking for a helping hand, you’ll want to consider using baking soda. You essentially combine water and baking soda into a paste. That paste can then be spread across your sink and you can use that to ensure that you’re able to garner a bit of cleaning power throughout the interior of your sink. Baking soda is a powerful stain remover. You could also just sprinkle it into your sink and use water and a sponge to clean things up alone.
At the end of the day you can get a clean sink by simply paying close attention to what you’re doing and working on it daily.

Orange County House Cleaning Services by Maid Brigade

Friday, July 27, 2018

Orange County Pressure Washing Services

Professional pressure washing services are truly something to behold. Whereas rented retail pressure washing equipment isn't all that effective, the industrial strength hardware the pros carry with them is built to not only get the job done properly but it allows such persons to exceed the expectations of their clients as well. Professional pressure washing services remove dirt, debris, pests that have set up shop, mud, mold, graffiti, and can restore a surfaces to its original state. Moreover pressure washing cleans just about any solid or porous surface. This includes, brick, stucco walls, walkways, driveways, parking structures, and even gutters. If you own either a home or business in Orange County, chances are good that your dwelling or place of business could use some pressure washing services.

What Are Professional Pressure Washing Services?

Professional pressure washing services exist solely to restore hard to clean surfaces to a pristine state. There exists residential, commercial, and even industrial pressure washing services; often offered via one firm or individual. The vast majority of professional pressure washers don't specialize in any one type of service but rather are adept at tackling all 3 types. A great deal of professional pressure washers operate both after traditional business hours as well as during for emergencies and surprises. This means that a business' employees and clients needn't be inconvenienced by a cleaning while they tend to their own work. Often, pressure washing professionals do their work very early in the morning or in the evenings after everyone else has gone home.

What Are The Benefits Of Pressure Washing Services?

The benefits of professional pressure washing services are many. Chief among these benefits however is the results. Laypersons working with retail level washers and solutions have no chance of producing the type of results that professionals do. There's then the issue of safety. Regardless of the grade of tool, all pressure washing equipment is dangerous. Burns are common when pressure washing equipment is handled by inexperienced hands. Furthermore there's the integrity of the target surface to consider. Improper operation or applying the wrong chemicals can damage surfaces making cleaning the least of your worries. Of course there's also time to think about. Professional pressure washers complete their work on even the most arduous of jobs in just a fraction of the time it takes laypersons to finish. When you consider these benefits it's not difficult to ascertain why so many people utilize professional pressure washing services.

Who Needs Pressure Washing Services?

Anyone who owns a home can and should utilize pressure washing services at least twice a year. Those who own commercial or industrial buildings can also make use of these services in order to keep their places of business and/or work presentable, clean, and safe. Pressure washing services are also popular with landlords and those who lease out properties. Such services can be called upon after tenants move out and just before they move in. Professional pressure washers can remove years of wear and tear as well as abuse in just a matter of hours, leaving homes and places of work looking great.

How Often Should I Do Pressure Washing?

How often you have your home or place of business pressure washed by a professional largely depends on two things. 1.) How often those places are occupied and by how many people and 2.) What type of environment the building in question resides in. Homes or offices that are used by a high number of people day in and day out will require more frequent pressure washings than those on the opposite end of the spectrum. Buildings and surfaces that are exposed to a great deal of inclement weather will also need frequent pressure washings. In cases such as these quarterly cleanings are often recommended. If you're a homeowner with kids and pets you'll most likely need a professional pressure washing service twice a year so as to keep your surfaces free from pet messes and the damage children can do. Buildings with parking structure and/or garages should have those pressure washed at least twice a year to keep tire marks and oil stains to a minimum. More to the point, commercial structures that see a lot of foot traffic should have their walkways addressed by a professional on a year basis, at the very least.

What Is The Process Of Professional Pressure Washing?

Professional pressure washers have a solid routine in place that helps ensure their clients are left satisfied. This routine includes the following steps:

  • Phone pre-evaluation and quote.
  • Physical or in person assessment.
  • Surface sweeping to remove loose debris.
  • Protection is placed over doors, windows, anything not being cleaned.
  • De-greasing solutions is sprayed on the target surface to loosen caked on debris and stains.
  • Prepare pressure washer by applying cleaning solutions and heating it up.
  • Hot detergent is sprayed thoroughly and repeatedly over surface until it is clean.
  • A special sealant is applied to the clean surface to protect it from further problems and dirt.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Quick Things To Consider About Solar Panels

Alternative energy is one of the best things to look into today. You may not immediately think that you can go far with this because in the past it’s been cost prohibitive but times are changing. If you want to work with alternative solutions such as solar panels then you will want to look into options that can help you get power from the sun. If you want to work with solar paneling for your home or other properties make sure that you take a few considerations before you move forward with installing anything.

Is Your Home In The Right Location For Solar Panels? 

The first thing that you need to take into consideration is whether or not your home is in a good location for solar power. Not only will you need space to have the panels, you will need to be located in a place where there’s a lot of sunlight, and energy that comes through for a great part of the day. That means not having a lot of trees or shadows that hang over your roof.

Will You Save Money With Solar Panels? 

At first glance you’re going to find that you’ll be able to get paneling up. Will this save you money though? Not everyone that gets solar paneling will save money through it. That’s something that you’re going to have to take into consideration. Sure, you will be helping the environment, which is a great thing, but you should take into account that you may not save a ton of money. You may very well end up not saving that much but your carbon footprint will diminish overall.

Can You Maintain The Solar Panels Over Time? 

Once you place solar panels on your home you’re going to find that you will need to maintain the panels properly. If you don’t maintain them you will not get the power you want from the paneling themselves. The cost of panels could be quite a bit but maintaining them is going to ensure that you’re able to keep them over time. If you do not clean them, maintain them, and ensure that you take out broken pieces, you will need to replace a whole panel, which can cost a great deal of money.

At the end of the day, you’ll need to take into consideration the price, the location, and the installation process of your paneling. This is an important thing to not rush through, that’s for certain.

Orange County Solar Panel Cleaning by Stanley Window Care

Friday, June 29, 2018

Things A House Cleaning Service Offers

Whether you have an apartment or a house that you’ve purchased one of the most important things that you can do is have things cleaned up. Getting your home all cleaned up is a good thing but life can get in the way of routine and getting your home back to premier shape can be difficult at times. If you’re looking to get your home cleaned and really want to ensure that you’re doing well in this regard you’ll want to look into getting a house cleaning service. You see, there are several services that this solution can offer and it’s not just a matter of getting your home cleaned and clear. In fact take a few moments to consider the bigger picture that comes with getting a house cleaning service to your home today.

The Speedy Nature of Cleaning 


The first thing that you should know about house cleaning is that you can get it done fast. When you hire a service they are going to not only send someone to clean they are going to make sure that you get assistance by more than one person. In fact when you hire a service you can get a team to your home that will clean up a great deal and even deep clean certain aspects of your home to ensure that you have a spotless finish. Imagine your home looking brand new and that’s the big thing you’ll get.

Specific Cleaning Solutions


You may have specific needs for your home that you aren’t keeping up with. For instance if you have tile, specialized counter tops, flooring solutions, or just about anything, you’ll find that there’s an incredible option to look forward to in regards to cleaning hard to reach places or areas that take a serious amount of time to get done properly. Flooring, grout, porous areas, and so much more, you’ll find that cleaning could be difficult if you go DIY, which is why many prefer to hire a house cleaning service, as it offers specialized cleaning solutions.

High End Equipment 


The biggest service that you’ll find with a cleaning professional company is the high end equipment solutions that they provide. Instead of having to purchase things like pressure washers, carpet cleaners, and others, you can trust a company that has these if you need them. They will not only have the equipment, they’ll have the expertise to use them properly, and that will be something grand.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Keeping Your House Clean Is Easy With These Simple Tips

There’s something grand about having a nice, clean house. Having a home that is clear of debris, clean, and well organized is a grand thing. It’s something that anyone can appreciate. If you’re looking at making sure that your home never gets too disorganized or dirty then you’ll want to pursue the following solutions that could help you get the right movement forward. These are some tips and tricks that will help you clean your home, and keep things clean for a long time. Even when you seem to run out of time these will help you get forward progress.

Get Your Equipment First

Before you take on any process make sure that you have equipment that you can use to clean. That includes having brushes, vacuum cleaners, and other supplies that you are going to need during your quest to clean your home. You cannot move forward with cleaning on any level if you do not have the right tools to get the job done, that’s for certain.

Make A Schedule

You have 7 days a week, make a schedule that lets you do a few things a day and just focus on those things. Split all of the cleaning tasks across 7 days, and you’ll find that if you can just focus on a few things a day, even if it seems small or insignificant, you’ll end up with a positive push forward. Making a schedule is a great thing to progress with, and will help you see just how simple it is to clean certain things. Of course, you’ll need to make sure that you actually keep to your schedule, and try not to under-do things, or over-do things either.

Organize Areas Slowly

Don’t try to organize your whole house in one day. Use your schedule to differentiate different areas in your home for cleaning. That’s going to determine whether or not you can move forward with larger cleaning elements. Start with just cleaning up one or two areas, organizing and putting things away slowly. Once you have one room cleared you’ll be able to move to the next option.

Stay Active

The next thing that you should do is simple, work on keeping clean by jumping on spills, clearing out furnishings, and dusting whenever you can. Keep in mind your schedule, then take a few minutes a day to do minor cleaning, and you’ll see your home’s interiors cleaning. It’s going to help you garner a cleaner home that’s for sure.

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Monday, June 25, 2018

Pressure Washing and Landscaping Creates Many Benefits

Keeping a business attractive is an important part of keeping clients happy. When you have a business, no matter what the scale is, you’ll want to ensure that the exteriors always look great. To ensure that you have these things in order, pressure washing and landscaping become very important. If you haven’t thought about this recently, then perhaps it’s time to look into the bigger picture that comes with this. You’ll find that there are several elements that come with pressure washing, landscaping, and keeping your business facade looking great.

The Curb Appeal


A term that is often used in real estate is the notion of curb appeal. This is something that is noted when someone steps out of their vehicle and sees the property from the curb, in order to denote whether they want to buy it or not. The same can be said about business. If the facade of your business looks great then people will want to come and patronize it. If it looks terrible, dirty, and full of debris, and gardening problems they will most likely walk away. That’s not a good thing mind you. With pressure washing, you can rest assured that people will come through your business and see that it’s great from the curb to the interiors and more.

Give Your Workers A Sense of Pride 


When you clean up the exterior of your business you’ll be offering an incentive to the workers inside. They will take pride in the fact that you’re working to ensure that the exterior of the business looks great. Landscaping and pressure washing can help spruce things up. With concrete and wall exteriors getting cleaned and cleared of dirt, debris, mold, mildew, and grime, you’ll find that things can look brand new. Of course, landscaping can seal the deal with an exterior design that is alluring, and welcoming to everyone that comes by, and of course, employees that work inside.

Peace of Mind


Perhaps the best thing about having your property cleaned with pressure washing and updating with landscaping is the fact that it will look great. That delivers on peace of mind. Peace of mind is hard to really put a finger on until you realize that you have it. Knowing your business looks good, from the exterior, and upgraded elements with landscaping, can ensure that your property is doing great, and looking good, even if you’re there to inspect every element yourself.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Benefits of Commercial Window Cleaning

Orange county commercial window cleaning by stanley window care offers affordable cleaning solutions for your windows.
There are a lot of different ways that you can make your property stand out. One of the major ways that you can do so is to ensure that your high-rise, offices, or any type of building you own, looks pristine. This goes beyond landscaping, painting, and exterior designs. Think beyond that, into the realm of maintenance, including window cleaning, and you’ll see why it’s so important to get and keep things clean. If you’ve never focused on window cleaning before perhaps the following break down will help you see the value in a profession window cleaning solution.

Get Clearer Views From Inside Out 

The first thing that you’re going to realize about windows that are pristine is that there is a much clearer view from the inside. Clear windows in an office can keep employees productive and happy as they allow the right amount of light in. Research has shown that workers inside offices are often more industrious when they have clear views of the outside world. That’s a positive push forward that many people don’t often think about.

The Client’s Perspective

Whether you’re hosting clients, trying to bring on board new ones, or simply want to make sure that your existing lease holders are happy, you’ll want to make sure that your windows are cleaned by professionals. The reason why is simple, you want them to feel as though you’re a professional and on top of your proverbial, “game”. What this means is that they will see you as a professional, equal, and someone that is looking out for their best interest, as well as the interest of any competitors that may be lurking. Keeping your building’s windows clear, clean, and without grime sends a positive message to those outside.

The Money Factor

Let’s assume that you don’t have any tenants yet but you want to attract more people to spend money on leases. Well, that’s where commercial window cleaning comes in again. You can ensure that you’re going to get top dollar simply by having a clean and shiny presentation. When interested parties  can see your glass clearly, without grime or any sort of dirt they are more likely to agree to lease or even buy shares within your property.

At the end of the day there are several benefits to commercial cleaning, especially for windows. It goes beyond business as well. You can ensure the longevity of your glass will also be a positive push forward.

Common Cleaning Chemicals That Will Make You Want To Go Green

Have you ever thought about the cleaning chemicals that you’re using on a regular basis? You may not give it a second thought as long as they clean and you’re able to progress with proper movements forward. However, you’re going to find that there are some things that could very well cause problems for your body and even cause major illnesses. What common toxicities are found in the cleaning supplies that you have? Consider the following line up of things that might be lurking in your everyday cleaning supplies. Knowing what these are and what harm they cause may make you want to go green.

Endocrine System Problems


Common household cleaning supplies can cause serious developmental problems for young individuals disrupting their Endocrine system. In some individuals research indicates that issues with ADHD, lymphoma, immune system problems, fertility, and other issues have developed as a result of being exposed to household chemicals which are otherwise used without issue. Using them once may do nothing, but the average consumer uses cleaning supplies on a weekly, if not daily basis, making exposure frequent.



Many individuals are exposed to elements that cause major disruption of their neurological system. These exposures can retard brain function, cause disorientation, headaches, and even memory loss. This can also lead to carcinogenic results which cause cancerous growths to develop in the body.

The Chemicals Used Most


For those that are uncertain as to what chemicals are in their favorite cleaning products, consider the following quick line up of offenders.

  • Pesticides – These are commonly used to kill germs on vegitation. However, they can be inhaled and be spread on the skin accidentally which can cause major breathing problems for both the young and the old.

  • APEs – Laundry cleaners, detergents for bathroom cleaning, powders, and more can have APE's in them, and while they may seem simple enough they can negatively impact a person's endocrine system outright. 

  • Formaldehyde – Often used with embalming fluid, this can be found in modern cleaning options such as germicides and can even be found within the things like nail polish and other vanity products. 

  • Phthalates, Organochlorines, And VOCs – These are all common solutions that are used to clean ovens, moisturize skin, act as cleansers, and help with burning fuel etc. There are so many household products that contain these things that it will be difficult to avoid them outright. Purchase and use with caution.
Where are these things found most? Well, you may find them in cleaners for ovens, floors, glass, bug repellents, detergents for clothing, furniture polishes, and even air fresheners. These all have certain chemicals in them, which means that you may want to go green, sooner than later.

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Orange County Window Cleaning Services

Orange County window cleaning professionals at Stanley window care offer you more than 20 years of experience and complete satisfaction when it comes to cleaning your windows.
The windows in both homes and commercial structures often go overlooked when it's time for cleaning. More often than not, windows receive either just a simple dry/damp wipe down or are completely ignored for a variety of reasons. Homeowners for example may not want to stand in the heat or the cold while they clean their windows while some may not be comfortable on ladders. Others still would rather spend their free time doing something else. Conversely, business owners and managers are at an office to do their jobs, not clean windows. All too often commercial window cleaning is viewed as being overly expensive and even intrusive. What many people don't know is that Orange County professional window cleaners can and will do their work after traditional business hours have ended and on the weekends. Professional window cleaners have very accommodating schedules and usually place an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

What Are Professional Window Cleaning Services?

Orange County window cleaning services serve a dual purpose. The first being to make windows look and shine like new. The second purpose is to save homeowners and those whom own commercial structures time, money, headache, and reputation. A home's curb appeal can both bolster and dampen its value while the windows on a commercial or business structure can make a particular business look either legit or as though they are sloppy. Sure these things might be superficial to some degree but looks matter in this world as do first impressions. Professionals don't want to arrive at an unkempt office for business dealings and home buyers will often pass on homes with poor curb appeal. Professional window cleaning services aren't the be all end all solution to a home or office's cleaning issues but they are one very big and important part of the puzzle. These types of services are designed to deliver the type of results that simply aren't possible when one does it themselves.

What Are The Benefits Of Window Cleaning Services?

Orange County window cleaners at Stanley window care can reach any windows no matter how high. We go out of a ledge for you.

Many homeowners and business owners/renters, in attempt to be frugal, will hire unlicensed cleaners. This however ends up costing these persons two or three times what hiring a professional window cleaning service costs to do things right the first time. So are there other benefits to hiring a professional window cleaner outside of saving money and hassles? Indeed there are, chief among these bring end results. Regardless of what retail tools they may possess and how vigorously they might work, laypersons never have the same level of success that professionals do. Professional window cleaners not only utilize both industrial strength tools and chemicals but have years of training and experience under their belt. Their business is cleaning and restoring glass so you can bet your bottom dollar that they spend a great deal of time keeping up with changes in technology and applying new techniques to their work. As a result of their work both on and offsite, professionals are going to leave their customers with windows that look and shine like new.

When you hire a true professional window cleaner you're also buying into a guarantee, security, and high standards. Most professionals offer some type of customer satisfaction guarantee, meaning they'll return and redo the job again at no additional cost should a customer be dissatisfied with their work. Professional window cleaners are also licensed and bonded which means that they're not only held accountable for their work and conduct but are also financially covered in the unlikely event one of their employees is injured while working at your home or office. Bonded window cleaners ensure that you can't/won't be sued in the event of an on the job accident.

In addition to all of the aforementioned, professional window cleaners almost always operate with very high standards in place. Window cleaning firms tend to hire only those persons with a good deal of experience and often put their new hires through extensive training long before they ever set foot on or in your property. Conversely individual cleaners are accountable to no one and may not treat your property with the same care and respect that they'd normally treat their own with.

Who Needs Window Cleaning Services?

Everyone in Orange County needs a professional window cleaning service. It can save you time and is more affordable than you think.
Anyone with windows can and should utilize professional window cleaning services. This includes both homeowners and those who own commercial structures. Persons who lease and/or rent offices and homes will also benefit from these types of services. Contractors who build homes can hire a professional window cleaners to ensure that a new home's windows are returned to their pristine condition after their construction ends and before families move in. Moreover, those whom have plans to sell their home and need to stage it for appraisal and for showings can use professional window cleaning services to impress both their appraisers and potential buyers. Those moving into a new home, apartment, or office can hire a pro to help get their new home and/or work space ready for operation. There are then those persons who have either inherited troublesome windows or neglected theirs to the point of impotence that can benefit from not only professional window cleaning services but professional restoration services as well. In short...anyone with windows can benefit from regular professional window cleaning visits.

How Often Should I Have My Windows Cleaned?

Different windows have different needs. Windows that have been well maintained for example will need less attention from a professional than will those windows left to time and in a state of neglect. Cloudy windows that are difficult to see through in either direction will not only need a rigorous initial cleaning but may need restorative services and additional treatments. More to the point, windows that exist in climates with harsh or extreme temperatures will need far more visits from a professional than will those in more temperate climates. All of this is true for both homes and for commercial buildings. Rain and other types of precipitation wreak havoc on windows as does constant sun, high heat, and wind.

One important thing to note is that persons who regularly clean their windows themselves usually won't need to call on their professional cleaner but 2-4 times a year. Routine do it yourself maintenance plays a big part in how often windows need the attention of a seasoned professional. If you're unsure of how often your windows might need to be cleaned professionally, it's a good idea to contact different firms to get quotes and an idea on just how often they might need to visit.

What Is The Process Of Professional Window Cleaning?

Professional window cleaning always starts with an assessment and a quote. Once hired a professional window cleaner will begin by rinsing windows down with water in order to remove loose debris. Once the process of rinsing has been completed a professional will usually utilize some type of cleaner and an industrial squeegee. This process removes stubborn debris, smears, stains, and “fog”. Following this, windows are treated with special solutions that help protect them from damage and that help them stay cleaner in between professional visits. After this step is done, cleaners will double check a window for streaks etc, removing any in the process. This is essentially the process in a nutshell.

What Is The Average Cost Of Window Cleaning Services?

It's a common misconception that professional window cleaning services are outrageously expensive. In truth the cost of services is relatively cheap, especially when you consider what it costs to try and do the job yourself. That said, costs do vary depending on what type of windows you have, how many you have, how frequently you want them cleaned, when you want them cleaned, and the initial condition your windows are in when professionals arrive on site. Again, when in doubt it's best to consult with a professional window cleaner either via the internet or a phone call.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Post Construction Services Help Keep Things Clean and Clear

Every city today is going to have construction going on at various stages. You may have a property that you want to have renovated, or built anew, and that’s something that you will no doubt be proud of. But when the construction services are over you’ll want to look at cleaning and clearing things with specific needs. Construction workers will do their job but sometimes will not get the cleaning aspect done as quickly and could end up leaving you with a mess after the fact. With that in mind take into consider a few tips that will help you gain a bit of clearance after the fact.

Post Cleaning Professionals

One option that you want to look into is that of cleaning with the help of a professional company. There are professionals that focus on cleaning and disposing of raw materials and more after construction is complete. You’ll want to look into getting professional help to ensure that you have cleaning done that is safe and professional. In some cities you’ll find that there are laws in the books that require specific post construction clean up from companies that specialize in this type of work.

Teams of professionals can help with clearing dirt, grime, and removing tiles, curtains, and much more. This is going to give you peace of mind and will clear up any issues that may come with a construction crew’s leftovers and more.

Don’t Do It Alone

Some individuals will want to argue for cleaning up with DIY and that’s not something that is recommended. Some construction materials are going to need more than just a trash can to take out. Things like ceiling tiles, drywall, and much more requires a bit of help to clean and clear raw materials. Without help you can end up disposing of things in the wrong area or even get fined for dumping things that are supposed to be taken care of with a different push forward.

It’s not recommended to go DIY. Instead consider hiring a professional cleaning team that will help with disposal, removal, and clearance of raw materials that can be left behind after construction. Construction crews can only do so much, and sometimes, they may leave something behind.

Getting Cleaning Is Simple

A cleaning staff can handle commercial construction cleaning with relative ease. That leaves you to move forward with the work that is finished by the construction crews that you hire. Giving your home and office move in ready is a good thing; which is why post construction services are great to explore.

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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Cleaning Gutters The Easy Way – Basic Tips

Very few people want to clean their gutters. It’s not something that is fun nor easy to do. It’s easy to ignore them and that’s the real problem. If you ignore your gutters and don’t clean them properly from time to time you will end up dealing with a variety of issues. Not cleaning gutters will come back to haunt you when it starts to rain and that’s something that most people don’t want to deal with. If your gutters fail, you could be dealing with a massive flood and lots of damage to your home. To ensure that you are not dealing with those issues you will want to look into cleaning gutters the easy way and there are a few tips that you can explore in that regard.

The Easy Part (The Gear)

Before you get started cleaning gutters you will need to have a few things at your side. The first thing that you should have is a ladder. Aside from that you will want to have towels, gloves, and safety gear to ensure that you are not hurt in case of a fall. A garden hose is a good option too though you don’t necessarily need that in every instance. Having your gear ready and in good working order prior to undertaking this task will help ensure your work is both efficient and of high quality.

Starting Points

Take your ladder and place it where you can reach gutters while viewing them from the top to bottom. You will want to be above your gutters and be able to clean things out properly. Dig deep and pull out leaves, dirt, and grime and dispose of them in some sort of trash or cloth receptacle. Keep going through your gutters left to right until you’re complete. If you can’t get some of the debris out leave it for the time being and keep your focus on what is easily removed.

The Drain Pipes

The next thing that you should do is clear the drain pipes. Doing so will allow you to rinse your gutters with water or a cleaning solution and allow all of it to drain properly. Stubborn blockages should be addressed with a plumber’s snake or a thick hanger if need be. Clear drain pipes help reduce build up in the main tracks of your gutters.

The Final Blast

Once you have adequately pulled, cleared, and cleaned gutters and drain pipes, you will want to use a hose to spread water throughout the interior of the gutters and downspouts. You want to use the high pressure setting of your garden hose and get water blasted through the area and that’s it. Don’t wait for the rainy season to do this mind you. Get this done before the rainy season comes and you’ll be prepared for Mother Nature when she brings the precipitation.

Orange County Gutter Cleaning by Stanley Window Care

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Tips For Cleaning A Mattress The Right Way

house cleaning experts
Every day people go to sleep on a mattress that they don’t think about. They simply go home, climb into bed, and enter a state of slumber. There’s nothing wrong with this mind you but after some time mattresses will need to be cleaned. This is because mattresses absorb sweat, dead skin cells, among other things. Cleaning a mattress will pay off dividends and could very well be the best thing to do from time to time. You don’t want to have dust mites, dirt, grime, sweat, and more settle into the mattress that you sleep on. To assist you in cleaning your families mattresses, here are a few tips that should makes things much easier.

Before The Cleaning

Before you start cleaning anything make sure that you remove everything from your mattress. During the cleaning of a mattress linens can and should be washed. It also behooves individuals to remove everything from around their bed, underneath the frame, and any clutter that lies in the vicinity of the bed in question. You want the area clean and clear so as to make the most out of the cleaning process.

Vacuum Your Mattress

You should start the mattress cleaning process by pulling your vacuum from it's storage closet and firing it up. Use the upholstery brush to clean the mattress; both areas that are and aren't exposed. For those that don’t have this attachment, you can use the hose of the cleaner and get all of the particles that are lying on the surface, and just below the fabric. This may take a few passes through overall but it’s an important process and one you don't want to skip.

As for your linens, make sure that you clean with hot water up to 130 degrees so that you can clear all dirt,dust mites, and other elements that may be residing on your linens.

Stains and Problem Areas

If your mattress has stains and spills on it you can clean things up with a few simple methods. The most basic of options is to work with a dish washing solution. Mix a bit with warm water and then spot clean any spills or trouble areas on your mattress. Don’t ever soak these areas but rather clean things up by lightly scrubbing the areas allowing suds do the work. Do not use harsh chemicals here.
In addition to this you can use baking soda to eliminate any odors that might have become a part of your mattress. Baking Soda is very easy to work with and work rather well. You can spread the powder across the areas that you want to clean up and then let it sit for hours on end. After that you need only your vacuum to clean things up.

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Tips and Tricks For Cleaning Copper Properly

One of the easiest things to take lightly when cleaning is metal. Metals can be easy to work with at first glance but it’s important to look at how to clean things properly. This includes copper surfaces and items that are plated with copper. This is not something that can be cleaned without a precise solution. If you are going to work with cleaning this option, no matter how much copper abounds, take into consideration a few simple tips and tricks that can help you get things clean with natural resources.  

The Power of Lemon

The first solution to consider is that of lemon. Lemon solutions are interesting in that you will be able to clean things with the power of the citric acid that comes from this fruit. You can take a lemon and get 1 tablespoon of liquid and mix that with 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Mix them together and it will make a paste, and you can use that to literally clean and polish copper surfaces with relative ease. Just this small mix can help you garner a great deal of cleaning power.

Another solution that you can use to get things clean is with a lemon and salt. You will need enough salt and the juice from a whole lemon to make a paste. Once you have this paste formed, you can rub the paste on the copper surface that you want to clean, and then rinse things off with warm water. Use a microfiber cloth to clean off excess, and you’ll have a clearly defined, shiny copper surface overall.

Using Vinegar

Another natural option that you can use is that of vinegar and salt together. You can use vinegar and salt poured onto the copper to rub them clean with ease. You will want to use a dry, microfiber cloth with the mix of salt and vinegar alongside the tarnished areas that you have, and you will get a fully cleaned surface without any harsh chemicals.

One last solution that you may want to look into is that of vegetable oil. Some individuals will take advantage of using just a little dab of vegetable oil to clean the surface of copper solutions every day or so. These options are relegated to natural cleaning power, and can work wonders for copper surfaces. As long as you don’t wait too long to get started with cleaning these areas, you’ll end up with a good overall solution, and powerful cleansers that will not cause any damage to the surface of your copper items.

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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Understanding Hard Water Stains – How To Clean With Ease

The notion of hard water may escape some people. It doesn’t sound too complicated but when you start to realize what this is you’ll see that it could very well cause major issues for your home. Hard water is defined as water that has a great deal of minerals in it. When water of this nature evaporates it leaves behind the residue from all of the chemicals in it and that can stain any surface of the home’s interior. That includes glass, tile, and even metal. Hard water is a nuisance that can also dry out skin and even cause damage to the pipes of the home.

Removing Hard Water Stains

While it’s imperative to look into getting a water softener they can be expensive and therefore cost prohibitive. For those that cannot afford those, perhaps the next best route of action is to learn how to clean hard water stains before they embed themselves too deep into your home’s materials.

The first thing to consider is a DIY process that will clean things up with relative ease. This includes mixing warm water with vinegar. You can use a ration of 1:1 in this regard; using a spray bottle and filling it with half of each element. Once you have this simple mix you can spray it on the areas that have hard water and allow it to settle for at least 20 minutes. After that you can wipe it all away, and then repeat if necessary.

The Baking Soda Option

Aside from vinegar and water you may want to pursue using baking soda. Baking soda can be made into a paste using a little vinegar. Once you have this in place you will want to rub this across any areas that have hard water stains and simply let it set for 20 minutes. After this has settled for a time clean it up with warm water and that’s it.

Using A Lemon

Lastly, if you want to get your fixtures clean with an easy solution purchase lemons. You can use the juice of a lemon to clean scaling faucets and hard water stains from all fixtures with ease. This is something that can be done within a short span of time too. You need only to allow the lemon to  penetrate for roughly 10 minutes and then wipe it away. Wipe the area clean with citric acid will restore the shine in your fixtures.

These tips are easy to manage and can help you with cleaning hard water stains with relative ease.

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Simple Secrets For Building Efficient Solar Paneling Without The High Price

It has become easier than ever to work with residential solar panels. You will find a lot of guides online that will help you get started and often without spending a whole lot of money. With these modern updates you’re going to find that you can always start working with solar paneling. But what about efficiency? Could you make the panels more efficient? Could you harness even more power from the sun’s rays? The short answer is yes! Here are a few simple tactics that can transform your paneling project into something a bit more efficient.

The Glass You Use

The first thing that you should do is use a specific type of glass for your panels. The best option here is to look for anti-reflective glass solutions. That is going to help you gain more energy because the sunlight and rays will not bounce off the panels but rather hit them straight on and get more leverage overall. When you use anti-reflective glass you end up with a stronger rush of energy for your battery backups just for starters. Some energy outputs have seen an increase of 50% due to the glass used in the paneling.

Using The Angles Correctly

There’s several angles that your home will have to face the sun. You need to find the best angles and use the panels that you are installing to accentuate the gathering of the sunlight. To do this you’ll need to monitor your home’s exposure to sunlight at various stages of the day and focus on putting the panels at angles that will garner the most light during the day. This may take a few tries so make sure that you measure the light exposure ratio a great deal before you install panels and leave them be. You can always adjust the paneling later but it’s best to measure twice before you install, just in case you find something better than expected.

Clean The Panels Often

The next big thing that you should adhere to when trying to get more efficient solar paneling is to clean your panels. Many people set and forget their panels. Don’t do that. You need maximum exposure to the sun which means that you’ll need to periodically check, dust, clean, and wipe off your panels. Do not let this go too long without cleaning. This will help you ensure that your panels get maximum efficiency and will pay off dividends.

With the three major tips found here you’ll no doubt get a stronger push forward with the suns rays and will see better percentages with your panels.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Keeping Your Home Maintained With Pressure Washing

orange coutny pressure washing
When you finally jump into a new home you’re going to be delighted beyond belief. There’s something amazing about this though over time you’ll find that your house will need a bit of upkeep and repair. While you can do a great deal of repairs inside without much incident, cleaning the exterior may be a bit more difficult than just swinging a hammer. Sure, you could try to use a hose but that’s not going to work out too well. What you will need is a bit more complex and that’s where the notion of pressure washing can come into play. Pressure washing is a premier solution that helps in a variety of different ways.

High Pressured Water

The main ingredient to pressure washing is water. This is sent to the exterior of your home with high pressure, more than you can get from a traditional garden hose by the way. The high-pressured water can take away dirt, mold, and much more from your roof, your windows and even the to siding that you have in place on your home. It’s a fast paced easy to use solution and it works with nearly all types of home exteriors.

Commercial Solutions

For those that are looking for commercial options you’ll find that some solutions are more advanced. Commercial options thrive because they use warm water and detergents that can clean up even the most dirt covered of areas. High pressured commercial washing solutions can clean sidewalks, parking lots, and a great deal of other professional elements. This is for houses and exteriors that are caked in mud, dirt, and haven’t been cleaned in a long time.

Using Pressure Washing Today

There are several ways that you can use pressure washing to clean your home. You can rent a machine and use a simplified solution that is made for consumers without spending much. While this is a good option you may need a bit more power and expertise. If you find that the residential rental options aren’t that good then it behooves you to call a professional for help.  A professional can get your house looking new with a mix of water, detergents, and will have more powerful equipment to utilize. 

At the end of the day, you’ll find that pressure washing is a stellar option to keep your home looking brand new. Whether you have a great deal of grime and dirt on your exterior or you simply want to clear things up for the season this is a great solution to consider overall.