Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Extending The Life Of Your Awnings

Orange County Awning cleaning by the professionals at Stanley Window Care. Your awning is made out of a special material and cannot be cleaned with just any chemicals or it can be ruined. It is actually more cost effective to have a professional come out and clean them. Call Today for a Free Quote 949.786.0816
Awnings add character, luster, and value to any home that they are a part of. Their great beauty and fantastic designs belie a problem that all awnings have however. This being the fact that all awnings must be kept clean if they are to retain the high level of beauty and value they are associated with. Awnings are often thought of as high maintenance because they often reside under or near trees and bushes. Foliage attracts pests and can also drop a great deal of debris onto awnings that then dirty them up and even damage them after just short periods of time. The good news here is that awnings aren't overly difficult to clean. By cleaning them yourself or by hiring a professional on a regular basis you'll positively affect the longevity of your awnings and keep them looking great for longer periods of time. More to the point, cleaning them with regularity staves off the need for thorough deep cleanings and repairs.

As Simple As It Gets

Professional awning cleaners recommend that owners rinse their awnings off with water once a month. Home and business owners that do this will remove the majority of the dirt, debris, and pests that gather on their awnings. Running water prohibits dirt from embedding itself in the fabric of an awning which means fewer or no stains at all to worry about. It will also keep pollen and plant matter from building up. Best of all...rinsing them off 12 times a year negates the need for fabric replacement and any sort of repair.

A Couple Of Additional Measures

Those whom live in climates where extreme weather is the norm will want to go the extra mile for their awnings when engaging in monthly cleanings. One of the most important aspects of an awning is it's fabric. This fabric should be removed and washed in household washing machine and then air dried for maximum effect. Washing machines are great at removing stains yet gentle enough to leave awning fabric intact. Conversely, awning fabrics should never be dry cleaned nor put into industrial washing machines lest they be damaged.

Home and business owners can also use a ladder and a light scrubbing brush to remove both loose and caked in debris from their awnings and without too much trouble either. A mild dish washing soap, without detergent, will also be helpful in removing light stains as well as some obstinate debris. By applying this soap mixed with water to awning fabric and allowing to sit 10 minutes before scrubbing, individuals will save themselves a great deal of time and hassle.

Calling In The Professionals

Though the monthly rinsing of awnings keeps problems to a minimum and keeps them looking sharp year round, there will eventually come a time where awnings need more than running water to keep them healthy. While homeowners certainly hire professional awning cleaners so that they don't have to do any of the recommend rinsing themselves, awnings should be seen by and receive a deep cleaning from a professional on a biannual basis. This twice a year visit from a local pro will address all the small issues that build up over the course of the year. Left neglected these small issue become noticeable over time and are notoriously tough to fix. When professional awning services are used in conjunction with routine do-it-yourself maintenance, awnings can be kept in such a healthy state that they last for decades without issue.

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