Saturday, March 31, 2018

Understanding Hard Water Stains – How To Clean With Ease

The notion of hard water may escape some people. It doesn’t sound too complicated but when you start to realize what this is you’ll see that it could very well cause major issues for your home. Hard water is defined as water that has a great deal of minerals in it. When water of this nature evaporates it leaves behind the residue from all of the chemicals in it and that can stain any surface of the home’s interior. That includes glass, tile, and even metal. Hard water is a nuisance that can also dry out skin and even cause damage to the pipes of the home.

Removing Hard Water Stains

While it’s imperative to look into getting a water softener they can be expensive and therefore cost prohibitive. For those that cannot afford those, perhaps the next best route of action is to learn how to clean hard water stains before they embed themselves too deep into your home’s materials.

The first thing to consider is a DIY process that will clean things up with relative ease. This includes mixing warm water with vinegar. You can use a ration of 1:1 in this regard; using a spray bottle and filling it with half of each element. Once you have this simple mix you can spray it on the areas that have hard water and allow it to settle for at least 20 minutes. After that you can wipe it all away, and then repeat if necessary.

The Baking Soda Option

Aside from vinegar and water you may want to pursue using baking soda. Baking soda can be made into a paste using a little vinegar. Once you have this in place you will want to rub this across any areas that have hard water stains and simply let it set for 20 minutes. After this has settled for a time clean it up with warm water and that’s it.

Using A Lemon

Lastly, if you want to get your fixtures clean with an easy solution purchase lemons. You can use the juice of a lemon to clean scaling faucets and hard water stains from all fixtures with ease. This is something that can be done within a short span of time too. You need only to allow the lemon to  penetrate for roughly 10 minutes and then wipe it away. Wipe the area clean with citric acid will restore the shine in your fixtures.

These tips are easy to manage and can help you with cleaning hard water stains with relative ease.

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Simple Secrets For Building Efficient Solar Paneling Without The High Price

It has become easier than ever to work with residential solar panels. You will find a lot of guides online that will help you get started and often without spending a whole lot of money. With these modern updates you’re going to find that you can always start working with solar paneling. But what about efficiency? Could you make the panels more efficient? Could you harness even more power from the sun’s rays? The short answer is yes! Here are a few simple tactics that can transform your paneling project into something a bit more efficient.

The Glass You Use

The first thing that you should do is use a specific type of glass for your panels. The best option here is to look for anti-reflective glass solutions. That is going to help you gain more energy because the sunlight and rays will not bounce off the panels but rather hit them straight on and get more leverage overall. When you use anti-reflective glass you end up with a stronger rush of energy for your battery backups just for starters. Some energy outputs have seen an increase of 50% due to the glass used in the paneling.

Using The Angles Correctly

There’s several angles that your home will have to face the sun. You need to find the best angles and use the panels that you are installing to accentuate the gathering of the sunlight. To do this you’ll need to monitor your home’s exposure to sunlight at various stages of the day and focus on putting the panels at angles that will garner the most light during the day. This may take a few tries so make sure that you measure the light exposure ratio a great deal before you install panels and leave them be. You can always adjust the paneling later but it’s best to measure twice before you install, just in case you find something better than expected.

Clean The Panels Often

The next big thing that you should adhere to when trying to get more efficient solar paneling is to clean your panels. Many people set and forget their panels. Don’t do that. You need maximum exposure to the sun which means that you’ll need to periodically check, dust, clean, and wipe off your panels. Do not let this go too long without cleaning. This will help you ensure that your panels get maximum efficiency and will pay off dividends.

With the three major tips found here you’ll no doubt get a stronger push forward with the suns rays and will see better percentages with your panels.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Keeping Your Home Maintained With Pressure Washing

orange coutny pressure washing
When you finally jump into a new home you’re going to be delighted beyond belief. There’s something amazing about this though over time you’ll find that your house will need a bit of upkeep and repair. While you can do a great deal of repairs inside without much incident, cleaning the exterior may be a bit more difficult than just swinging a hammer. Sure, you could try to use a hose but that’s not going to work out too well. What you will need is a bit more complex and that’s where the notion of pressure washing can come into play. Pressure washing is a premier solution that helps in a variety of different ways.

High Pressured Water

The main ingredient to pressure washing is water. This is sent to the exterior of your home with high pressure, more than you can get from a traditional garden hose by the way. The high-pressured water can take away dirt, mold, and much more from your roof, your windows and even the to siding that you have in place on your home. It’s a fast paced easy to use solution and it works with nearly all types of home exteriors.

Commercial Solutions

For those that are looking for commercial options you’ll find that some solutions are more advanced. Commercial options thrive because they use warm water and detergents that can clean up even the most dirt covered of areas. High pressured commercial washing solutions can clean sidewalks, parking lots, and a great deal of other professional elements. This is for houses and exteriors that are caked in mud, dirt, and haven’t been cleaned in a long time.

Using Pressure Washing Today

There are several ways that you can use pressure washing to clean your home. You can rent a machine and use a simplified solution that is made for consumers without spending much. While this is a good option you may need a bit more power and expertise. If you find that the residential rental options aren’t that good then it behooves you to call a professional for help.  A professional can get your house looking new with a mix of water, detergents, and will have more powerful equipment to utilize. 

At the end of the day, you’ll find that pressure washing is a stellar option to keep your home looking brand new. Whether you have a great deal of grime and dirt on your exterior or you simply want to clear things up for the season this is a great solution to consider overall.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Healthy Tips For Kitchen Cleaning You Can Use Today

The average kitchen can get dirty within half a day if not less time. After you’ve cleaned just once you will find that things pile up again and again. The reason being is because it’s a high traffic area of the home that requires a great deal of use. Whether you cook at home daily or you order takeout there’s going to be some clean up that you’re going to have to deal with as a whole. From the surfaces to the sink you’ll have to clean at one point or another. If left without constant maintenance, things can get really bad very quickly. The following tips will help you keep your home’s kitchen clean, clear, and healthy.

Start With Things From Above

The first thing that you should consider is using water and vinegar mixed in a spray bottle. Use a ratio of 1:1 and this can help you get surfaces cleaned with ease. Cleaning any area with this becomes even easier if you have a microfiber cloth and start from the top down. This means that you will want to reach higher level options including cabinets, the top of your refrigerator, and any area that is above a certain range. This is an easy thing to get started with, mind you, and will give you peace of mind as you go lower in your kitchen.

Let The Cleansers Settle

When cleaning fixtures, sinks, counter tops, and more, let the cleaning solution settle for a few minutes before you wipe. Doing this will give you a little bit more cleaning power and will help with allowing the elements to be cleaned with relative ease. You don’t want to just spray and wipe fast, as speed is not going to help you with deep cleaning.

Using Lemons

For fixtures, and any stainless steel, you can use lemon juice to remove even the most stubborn of stains. Wiping these areas with lemon juice simplifies your work and allows you to get it done in a fraction of the time it would take using some other type of synthetic chemical. It’s a simple solution that many people don’t even realize they can utilize.

Dealing With Pests

Aside from the cleaning tips above you may have flies in the kitchen. If this occurs you’ll need to look into a few tips and tricks to help you with pests overall. Pests are something that you do not want to let stay in your kitchen for long. You can use fly strips, but you can also use a small jar to capture them. Put a piece of fruit, small amounts of soap, and apple cider vinegar inside the jar and cover the opening with plastic wrap, allowing a small area to enter. The flies will get trapped, and you can get rid of them with relative ease.

Solar Panels Need Cleaning and Maintenance

Going solar is a great thing. However, you may find that your solar panels can shift in effectiveness. After spending a great deal of money on paneling, you may find that anything less than the most output possible is not good. Solar panels can work with less than maximum efficiency due to several issues. This goes beyond just clouds. Sure, a cloudy day could cause the power to diminish a little, but there are also other things that you’ll need to worry about. Things like birds, dust, and even snow could very well cause diminishing returns on your paneling.

Cleaning Periodically

To ensure that you are not getting a drop on your grid, you should clean the  solar panels softly. Ensuring that there is not a large pile up of leaves, dirt, and dust, will be an important aspect of getting the batteries charged. This all depends on where you live, but chances are that through the seasons you will have to deal with a variety of issues related to these minor nuisances. Check your panels often and clean them to ensure that you get maximum output.

Snowy Weather

For those that live where it may snow, it’s imperative to clean things up often. Do not let snow settle on paneling too long because it will block the light. You want to invest in rakes and squeegees to ensure that you can get to the panels and remove excess snow and ice that may be on the panels themselves. Experts suggest that you should find a wire paneling that could help, or something that can be flipped during the day to ensure that snow doesn’t pile up too much.

For the Birds

Getting birds to not land and do their business on your panels can be a bit rough at first. Experts recommend using wire and encasement's that help birds stay away from your panels and focus on other areas. Your goal is to ensure that they are not hanging out on the paneling or doing their business on it. This can be done with wire, and other elements that cause birds to refrain from landing on and staying on your paneling.

To ensure that you are getting the most out of your panels, make sure that you don’t just set them, and forget them. Make certain to clean the options often and ensure that nothing is resting on the panels themselves. This will help you get the most out of your paneling over time.

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