Monday, November 19, 2012

When Your Home Needs a Bath Pressure Washing is the Answer

You’ve probably never considered washing your home, and you’ve probably thought that a good rain would do the job for you. If you live in California, good luck, because you’re going to need it. Sure there are times when it rains hard in California, and it will wash off a good portion of the stuff that gathers.

However, look closer and you’ll probably find mold and mildew gathering in the corners even after a good rain. More often than not, that rain will not be hard enough to loosen the dirt and grime that has had a chance to take root on the outside of your home. You know what dirt and water makes don’t you? Sure you do and you’ll have mud along with leaves, bird droppings, and anything that pops onto your roof falling off right at your feet. All right, so take your ordinary garden hose and spray it against the house, on your windows and screens. You’ll see lots of dirt drift down to the ground along with an accumulation of everything else including spider webs.

There are better answers to your garden hose, and a professional company that deals in pressure washing is a good choice. When they come regularly to your home environment, they do the job that you’ve put off for years. You can rent a pressure washer, but you still may have problems with the amount of pressure needed to eradicate all that stuff. Too much pressure will cause windows to break; not enough pressure won’t get the job done. The professional pressure washer will know the amount of pressure to clean your entire home, your roof, your gutters, your windows, doors and screens.

Then they will turn that pressure on your patio, deck, furniture, walkways. Within minutes instead of hours your home will once again be clean, and surprise, it has that new look that you so admired when you first moved in. Your home will be the pride of the neighborhood, and when you keep it that way it will benefit your pocket book as well. When mold, mildew, dirt and grime don’t get a chance to grow, they don’t cause your home to decay and erode. Your home will retain its value and when the time comes for you to sell the curb appeal from a well kept home will benefit you greatly.

Don’t wait though, call that pressure washing company today and get started before winter sets in by giving your home a bath, and you won’t be sorry.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pressure Wash All Around Your Home

That’s right, Pressure Wash not just your home, but all around your home. To keep the dirt, grime, mildew and other stuff off your walkways, patio furniture, patios and decks follow a few simple tricks to accomplish that task. The best and easiest way is to consult a professional who will advise you in the proper procedures to keep your property in new condition by using a pressure washer.

Whether you hire that professional, rent a power washer or purchase your own, you should still have a bit of knowledge to help in getting the job done. You’ll find out quickly that when you use the pressure washer regularly it becomes easier every time, and you can’t beat the end results.

When your walkways have been exposed to the elements for months on end, the easiest and fastest way to clean them and to keep them looking good is to power wash them. Otherwise the dirt and grime clings to the edges and eventually cause damage to the cement.

When you power wash the walkways use a washing cleaning detergent specifically for power washers on cement surfaces.

The reason you need to pressure wash your patio and deck is to keep the mildew and mold from taking up residence. Unless it is cleaned properly it may cause permanent damage including fading and/or cracking. Regular pressure washing will assure you that it will remain in good condition.

When you power wash your patio or deck, be sure to use either a 2400 or 2600 PSI pressure-washing nozzle. If you use less, it won’t get the job done, and more could cause damage to the patio surface.

If you live in a climate where your patio furniture remains outside all year, your chairs and patio tables still sit in the rain, wind, dust and dirt the entire time. They not only fade, but accumulate a coat of grime that will transfer to your clothing when you sit down. Power washing will keep them clean and looking good too.

When you power wash your patio furniture use the low-pressure level so you won’t knock the furniture over. Especially be careful when washing the glass tops of your tables.

If it all seems like a lot of work, and you have neither time nor inclination to pressure wash all around your home, hire a professional. They will get the job done quickly especially when you have unexpected company on their way.

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