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Orange County Window Cleaning Services

Orange County window cleaning professionals at Stanley window care offer you more than 20 years of experience and complete satisfaction when it comes to cleaning your windows.
The windows in both homes and commercial structures often go overlooked when it's time for cleaning. More often than not, windows receive either just a simple dry/damp wipe down or are completely ignored for a variety of reasons. Homeowners for example may not want to stand in the heat or the cold while they clean their windows while some may not be comfortable on ladders. Others still would rather spend their free time doing something else. Conversely, business owners and managers are at an office to do their jobs, not clean windows. All too often commercial window cleaning is viewed as being overly expensive and even intrusive. What many people don't know is that Orange County professional window cleaners can and will do their work after traditional business hours have ended and on the weekends. Professional window cleaners have very accommodating schedules and usually place an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

What Are Professional Window Cleaning Services?

Orange County window cleaning services serve a dual purpose. The first being to make windows look and shine like new. The second purpose is to save homeowners and those whom own commercial structures time, money, headache, and reputation. A home's curb appeal can both bolster and dampen its value while the windows on a commercial or business structure can make a particular business look either legit or as though they are sloppy. Sure these things might be superficial to some degree but looks matter in this world as do first impressions. Professionals don't want to arrive at an unkempt office for business dealings and home buyers will often pass on homes with poor curb appeal. Professional window cleaning services aren't the be all end all solution to a home or office's cleaning issues but they are one very big and important part of the puzzle. These types of services are designed to deliver the type of results that simply aren't possible when one does it themselves.

What Are The Benefits Of Window Cleaning Services?

Orange County window cleaners at Stanley window care can reach any windows no matter how high. We go out of a ledge for you.

Many homeowners and business owners/renters, in attempt to be frugal, will hire unlicensed cleaners. This however ends up costing these persons two or three times what hiring a professional window cleaning service costs to do things right the first time. So are there other benefits to hiring a professional window cleaner outside of saving money and hassles? Indeed there are, chief among these bring end results. Regardless of what retail tools they may possess and how vigorously they might work, laypersons never have the same level of success that professionals do. Professional window cleaners not only utilize both industrial strength tools and chemicals but have years of training and experience under their belt. Their business is cleaning and restoring glass so you can bet your bottom dollar that they spend a great deal of time keeping up with changes in technology and applying new techniques to their work. As a result of their work both on and offsite, professionals are going to leave their customers with windows that look and shine like new.

When you hire a true professional window cleaner you're also buying into a guarantee, security, and high standards. Most professionals offer some type of customer satisfaction guarantee, meaning they'll return and redo the job again at no additional cost should a customer be dissatisfied with their work. Professional window cleaners are also licensed and bonded which means that they're not only held accountable for their work and conduct but are also financially covered in the unlikely event one of their employees is injured while working at your home or office. Bonded window cleaners ensure that you can't/won't be sued in the event of an on the job accident.

In addition to all of the aforementioned, professional window cleaners almost always operate with very high standards in place. Window cleaning firms tend to hire only those persons with a good deal of experience and often put their new hires through extensive training long before they ever set foot on or in your property. Conversely individual cleaners are accountable to no one and may not treat your property with the same care and respect that they'd normally treat their own with.

Who Needs Window Cleaning Services?

Everyone in Orange County needs a professional window cleaning service. It can save you time and is more affordable than you think.
Anyone with windows can and should utilize professional window cleaning services. This includes both homeowners and those who own commercial structures. Persons who lease and/or rent offices and homes will also benefit from these types of services. Contractors who build homes can hire a professional window cleaners to ensure that a new home's windows are returned to their pristine condition after their construction ends and before families move in. Moreover, those whom have plans to sell their home and need to stage it for appraisal and for showings can use professional window cleaning services to impress both their appraisers and potential buyers. Those moving into a new home, apartment, or office can hire a pro to help get their new home and/or work space ready for operation. There are then those persons who have either inherited troublesome windows or neglected theirs to the point of impotence that can benefit from not only professional window cleaning services but professional restoration services as well. In short...anyone with windows can benefit from regular professional window cleaning visits.

How Often Should I Have My Windows Cleaned?

Different windows have different needs. Windows that have been well maintained for example will need less attention from a professional than will those windows left to time and in a state of neglect. Cloudy windows that are difficult to see through in either direction will not only need a rigorous initial cleaning but may need restorative services and additional treatments. More to the point, windows that exist in climates with harsh or extreme temperatures will need far more visits from a professional than will those in more temperate climates. All of this is true for both homes and for commercial buildings. Rain and other types of precipitation wreak havoc on windows as does constant sun, high heat, and wind.

One important thing to note is that persons who regularly clean their windows themselves usually won't need to call on their professional cleaner but 2-4 times a year. Routine do it yourself maintenance plays a big part in how often windows need the attention of a seasoned professional. If you're unsure of how often your windows might need to be cleaned professionally, it's a good idea to contact different firms to get quotes and an idea on just how often they might need to visit.

What Is The Process Of Professional Window Cleaning?

Professional window cleaning always starts with an assessment and a quote. Once hired a professional window cleaner will begin by rinsing windows down with water in order to remove loose debris. Once the process of rinsing has been completed a professional will usually utilize some type of cleaner and an industrial squeegee. This process removes stubborn debris, smears, stains, and “fog”. Following this, windows are treated with special solutions that help protect them from damage and that help them stay cleaner in between professional visits. After this step is done, cleaners will double check a window for streaks etc, removing any in the process. This is essentially the process in a nutshell.

What Is The Average Cost Of Window Cleaning Services?

It's a common misconception that professional window cleaning services are outrageously expensive. In truth the cost of services is relatively cheap, especially when you consider what it costs to try and do the job yourself. That said, costs do vary depending on what type of windows you have, how many you have, how frequently you want them cleaned, when you want them cleaned, and the initial condition your windows are in when professionals arrive on site. Again, when in doubt it's best to consult with a professional window cleaner either via the internet or a phone call.

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