Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Don't Be Pressured Into Cleaning

orange county pressure washing experts
The vast majority of both homes and commercial structures have walls, walkways, driveways, and parking lots that get very dirty. Such surfaces are extremely difficult to clean and maintain in between cleanings. Things like foot traffic, automobile tires, refuse, etc. can complicate the cleaning process not only with their presence but by staining these types of surfaces as well. Some home and business owners will try and clean these surfaces using water, scrub brushes, and even dish soap though their efforts will never produce the type of results they hope for. This is where Stanley Window Care

comes in. Although we are best known throughout Orange County for our window cleaning services we also offer pressure washing services. Even if they don't hire us it behooves home and business owners to hire a professional pressure washing service as the do-it-yourself approach always wastes time and money.

The Professional Touch

Whereas home and business owners will often use simple soaps and brushes when attempting to clean the aforementioned services professional pressure washers like Stanley Window Care come equipped with state of the art machinery, commercial grade chemicals, and experienced hands. The surfaces mentioned previously can be caked with dried mud, mold, dead insects, and many other types of debris. Surfaces in this state can be difficult to clean even for professionals which is why it's in the best interest of everyone to hire a professional. The troubles of cleaning aside, a professional pressure washer will produce results that laypersons can only dream of. Moreover professionals get results in a fraction of the time do-it-yourselfer's do. In addition to all of this professional pressure washing services like the ones Stanley Window Care offers do a great deal more than just clean surfaces. We add chemical protection to each surface we clean which helps these areas resist damage and stay clean in between our visits.

 Any Home, Any Business, Any Size

 There are many people who consider contacting us for a professional pressure washing but don't do so only because they believe their problem isn't severe enough or because they believe that their dwelling or office is too large or small. Stanley Window Care can pressure wash any building, structure, or home. Whether someone needs a single surface cleaned or an entire home or office tended to, Stanley Window Care has got them covered. We provide each and every one of our clients with a free consultation too so contacting and having us out to assess your needs costs nothing.

Shower Glass Restoration

shower glass restoration experts
Glass, regardless of the type, is subject to many different types of damage. Shower glass specifically is exposed to heat, moisture, wind, insects, children, pets, etcetera. The aforementioned can all cause considerable damage to a home's shower glass. While some of these damages are irreparable and require a new enclosure to be purchased, many of these damages can be undone. Stanley Window Care offers glass restoration services that specifically target troubled shower enclosures made of glass.

Cleaning And Managing Damaged Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures made of glass are difficult to maintain and managing dirty or damaged enclosures can be downright impossible.  For this reason alone Stanley Window Care offers glass shower restoration services. Some homeowners may attempt to clean and/or restore their glass enclosures on their own though they often have very little success. Stanley Window Care not only uses commercial grade tools and chemicals to restore glass shower enclosures but we treat enclosures as well. These chemical treatments protect enclosures from future damage and help them stay clean for a greater period of time. A homeowner may believe that their glass shower enclosure is damaged beyond repair but before they rush out and spend a whole lot of money on a new one it behooves them to contact us. Consultations are free and our restoration services cost far less than a new enclosure does.

 A Special Offer

 In an effort to make our glass restoration services as affordable as possible, Stanley Window Care is discounting this particular service by $100. Some conditions do apply though these services will negate the need for squeegeeing and cleaning for up to a decade. Our glass restoration services leave shower enclosures looking illustrious and shining as though they're newly installed. Stanley Window Care are experts in all things related to cleaning glass and is Orange County's number one professional window cleaning service!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Professional Window Cleaning: The In's And Out's

orange county window cleaning experts
Finding a professional window cleaner in Orange County isn't a problem. Home and business owners have a myriad of companies and individuals to choose from. Finding reputable professional window cleansers however can pose a problem for those looking. The sheer number of professionals available for hire can be both confusing and obfuscate a search. Home and business owners want professionals that not only do competent work but pros that offer competitive rates and have an excellent reputation as well.

What Else Do They Want?

Persons searching for professional window cleaners will almost certainly be looking for a firm or individual that cleans not just the outside of windows but their interiors as well. It's not uncommon to find professionals that only clean one side or the other. Some even charge separate fees for each side. Stanley Window Care does things a bit differently however. We charge one rate for windows and clean both sides; leaving them shining like new. We aim to please each and every client and go to great lengths to ensure their satisfaction. Offering one rate for both sides of a window is just one way we ensure satisfaction.

We Guarantee It

Making both residential and commercial windows look and shine like new of the utmost importance to Stanley Window Care. The only thing we value more is the satisfaction of our clients. In order to further facilitate satisfaction and offer clients peace of mind, we guarantee all of our work. If home and business owners are not 100% satisfied with the work we do in and outside we'll return to redo the job for free. It's highly improbable that anyone will be unsatisfied with the work we do but the guarantee is there in the event someone does and as a testament to our confidence and desire to satisfy everyone Stanley Window Care works with.
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