Sunday, May 29, 2016

Glass Fence Cleaning

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When one thinks of fences one generally thinks of wood, perhaps metal. There does exist fences made of glass however. While one would be hard pressed to find a glass fence enclosing a front or back yard they can be found surrounding pools and other designated spaces within a yard. Glass fences may also be used as a border for a BBQ pit, a bathing area, or even a garden. Regardless of how a fence of glass is used the fact remains that they all get dirty.

Expensive and Fragile

As if cleaning glass wasn’t arduous enough, one must consider the fragility of their glass fence as well as the money they spent having it installed. Such considerations often lead people to hire professional window cleaners and rightfully so. Many different types of glass are used in the construction of glass fences and no two types of glass clean the same. Using the wrong tools and chemicals can irreparably damage a glass fence and an improper or haphazard technique can crack, chip, and even shatter a glass fence. If one has spent the considerable sum required to have a glass fence installed they should have enough sense to leave the cleaning of their fence to professional glass and window cleaners. Stanley Window Care employs only the most experienced of individuals and put all employees through a rigorous training process. This means that those who call on us to clean their glass fences needn’t worry about either quality of work nor the health of their glass fences.

Owners On Site – Quality Service

Stanley Window Care places it’s owners at every job site. Owners are present during glass fence cleanings and all other types of cleanings to ensure customer satisfaction and to provide peace of mind to its clients. We set the bar for quality high and we work to exceed customer expectations each and every time. Should a client find themselves unsatisfied with the state we leave their glass fences in we will return at no additional cost to re-clean them. Owners remain at each job site from start to completion and are personable and approachable should clients find themselves with questions.

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Summer Window Cleanings

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As spring slowly rolls into summer many a homeowner will find that their lawns, gardens, etc. all require substantially more water than they did just a few months earlier. Homeowners may manually water their lawns and gardens though many opt to utilize their sprinkler systems more frequently or for greater lengths of time. No matter what method a homeowner uses there remains the issue of stray water.

Good For Your Bones, Bad For Your Windows

Stray water, especially from sprinklers, has a tendency to land on a home’s windows. While this might seem insignificant, water landing on windows eventually leads to hard water stains. While calcium may be good for your bones it can wreak havoc on a home’s windows. If neglected long enough hard water stains can make ruin windows completely. Windows in an advanced state of neglect will be impossible to see through as light will be contoured as it passes through. Foggy and stained windows can be nearly impossible to clean and can hurt both the value and curb appeal of a home.

Regular Cleanings

Any homeowners that might be worried about extra water leaving deposits on their windows and those who already have hard water build up should contact us here at Stanley Window Care. Our team of experienced professionals can restore windows to their original illustrious state; even those windows overwhelmed with calcium deposits. Not only do we restore vibrancy to a home’s windows, we also treat them with specialized yet safe chemicals. These treatments protect a home’s windows and help prevent further hard water build up. Having a professional window cleaner address hard water stains at least twice a year can save a home’s windows, money, and headache.