Thursday, March 31, 2016

Stanley Window Care just Bought Maid Brigade of South Orange County

Stanley Window Care is proud to announce its purchase of Maid Brigade of South Orange County. The company stands ready and anxious to implement its high standards of work and customer satisfaction at Maid Brigade. Customers of South Orange County’s Maid Brigade can also expect the same type of guarantees and quality customer service that Stanley Window Care has come to be known for. Owner Jerod Stanley says of the acquisition, “We couldn’t be more excited. I understand that some have had a less than satisfactory experience with the Maid Brigade in the past but things are going to change and change quickly with the business becoming a member of the Stanley Window Care family. There are certainly some challenges ahead of us but we plan on meeting them head on with the same tenacity we have at Stanley Window Care. Expect a very different and improved Maid Brigade of South Orange County very soon.” 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Pressure Washing Elements To Consider For Maximum Results

orange county pressure washing experts
When working with cleaning the exterior of your home you’re going to run into a difficult task. Whether you have stucco, vinyl, aluminum, or other types of siding, you are going to find issues. When you can’t clean things well on your own you’ll need to look into getting a bit of help. One such option is that of the pressure washer solution. Pressure washing is a great option as it will help you get the upper hand overall. Pressure washing sends a high powered stream of water to your walls and clears debris fast without damaging anything.  

Simple Pressure

The easiest thing to work with is simple.  Use the pressure to spread the water across debris, dirt, and grime. This process will help you remove mineral deposits, lime, and hard water elements. Grease and oil can also get a push here and either way you can get a lot going with just the pressurized water. Focus on just one area at a time instead of spreading it across a larger area. The more specific you get the better the quality of the cleaning.

Heated or Chemical Options

There are two options that you need to consider with this. You could go with the high pressure water element. Water is the key but aside from that you will need to consider chemical blasting. Chemicals such as sand, dry ice, and soda can all be used to blast walls and roofing. Now in regards to water, you can also get heated liquid at a high pressure that is mixed with soap or other detergents as well. These are two distinct options that you will want to consider in regards to cleaning walls and exterior areas. There are advantages for each one of these and it’s a matter of what your specific needs are.

When To Call In A Professional

You could rent a pressure washer but if you’re not familiar with this tool you will need to call in a professional. Professionals usually have a different grade solution and experience to boot. That means that you can expect results far more than you would if you went through the DIY methodology. There are certain situations that you may not have the experience to fix. Call in a professional to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Pressure washing is a great way to clean your home’s walls, concrete driveways, and more. Whether you go with a DIY option or you hire a professional you’ll find that the results are usually very good.

Orange County Pressure Washing by Stanley Window Care