Tuesday, July 31, 2012

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you own and manage a company ensuring quality of service and efficiency as well as productivity can be difficult. Different companies and different managers will have different ways of monitoring both service quality and productivity however we believe we do it better than everybody else.

In order to ensure both quality and efficiency of service our owners are on-site 100% of the time without exception. In fact our owners work alongside our employees to complete a job and to ensure that 100% of our clients are satisfied 100% of the time. This is how we make the types of guarantees we do!

Throughout Orange County we are know as the premier professional window cleaning firm. We've earned our reputation through our comprehensive and unparalleled work but also in part because of our desire and ability to satisfy all of our clients all the time. You'll feel comfortable and at ease with our owners on site and will have peace of mind knowing that the professionals you hired to clean your windows will get the job done right!

Should you have any questions about our professional window cleaning services please be sure to contact us so that we may be of assistance.

Stanley Window Care specializes in Orange County glass restoration, and Orange County window restoration and window cleaning in Orange County.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Refer A Friend, Receive A Discount!

Professional window cleanings aren't as expensive as some may believe them to be. The majority of people see professional window cleaners cleaning commercial structures and think "I bet that costs quite a bit of money". The truth of the matter however is that professional window cleaners not only clean commercial structures but residences as well.

In addition to servicing both commercial and residential structures, the majority of professional window cleaners often offer different packages, all of which carry different price tags, in order to make their services affordable to everyone who needs them. Furthermore some professional window cleaners offer incentive/discount programs in order to help keep costs even lower.

Our "refer a friend" program allows our clients to receive 10% off of their next professional window cleaning job per referral. Our clients can also refer additional people to us and receive an additional 10% off per person. Refer enough people to us and you receive your next window cleaning for free!

Should you have any questions about our referral program or a batter window cleaning services please do not hesitate to contact us so that we may be of assistance.

Stanley Window Care specializes in Orange County glass restoration, and Orange County window restoration and window cleaning in Orange County.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Battle For Clean Glass Shower Doors

Regardless of the type, cleaning windows is always a chore. Granted some windows are more difficult to clean than others but perhaps none are more difficult than glass shower doors. Glass shower doors can quickly lose their luster even after a short amount of time due to hard water stains. The calcium build up left behind by shower water is bad enough but when you take into consideration things like soap scum, dead skin, and even hair it's not difficult to see why these types of "windows" are so arduous to clean.
Due to the difficult nature of cleaning shower doors and even keeping them free from any or all of the aforementioned issues some homeowners will turn to professional window cleaners for assistance. While this is always a good idea simply because the results they produce are phenomenal, not every homeowner is financially capable of hiring a professional.

In scenarios where a homeowner either can't afford to hire professional window cleaner or would just prefer to do the job themselves, there are a few things that they can do to make cleaning glass shower doors less difficult, less frustrating, and less time-consuming. The first and perhaps most important of these being regular cleanings. A homeowner who utilizes a simple squeegee can reduce the amount of build up on their glass shower doors by simply wiping off the shower door immediately after completing their shower. Doing so will wipe away not only water but all the other debris mentioned previously as well. While calcium buildup will still occur as will other types of debris, this will keep shower doors looking clean for a greater length of time and it will reduce the need for hard cleanings.

Homeowners looking for a secret weapon in the battle against dirty shower doors will be happy to learn that they can keep their shower doors extremely clean not only by utilizing a squeegee on a regular basis but by utilizing fabric softener sheets as well. Nearly every homeowner has fabric softener sheets in their home and the sheets are designed to soften water deposits. Therefore by rubbing them all over a glass shower door homeowners can dramatically reduce the amount of hard water deposits/calcium  buildup that gather on their shower doors. This will keep their shower doors from looking cloudy and if used in conjunction with a squeegee after showers, will negate the need for any type of cleaning that requires any large amount of time.

Stanley Window Care specializes in Orange County glass restoration, and Orange County window restoration and window cleaning in Orange County.

Professional Window Cleaning Advantages

Cleaning windows, be them part of a residence or part of a commercial structure, is a dirty job inside and out. It's also a very physically demanding job especially during those months of the year that are extremely cold or hot. Despite the many trepidations individuals may have regarding the cleaning of their windows, the fact remains that windows must be cleaned if they are to not only look good but allow in proper lighting and function as a part of a structure's climate control.

It isn't difficult to find an excuse to avoid cleaning windows which is why some people turn to professional window cleaners to get the job done. While this isn't and always the cheapest route the ends justifies the means if for no other reason than the layperson gets to avoid having to do a difficult job. While some people may remain apprehensive even after considering the physical and chronological demands of cleaning their windows, many eventually recognize that the pros of hiring a professional window cleaner far outweigh the cons and come to realize that paying someone to do this type of work is well worth every penny.

Even the most physically capable of persons will find the number of advantages in hiring a professional window cleaner enough to justify their hiring. The first and sometimes most obvious advantage is the end results. 99.9% of the time professional window cleaners are going to deliver far greater results than even the most dedicated layperson. Just as a professional auto detailer would do to showroom vehicles, professional window cleaners can bring out a "showroom shine" on just about any type of window. These types of windows will leave any structure they are part of looking far more warm and attractive than those at the windows cleaned by lay persons.

As cleaning windows often requires more time than most individuals are willing to spend on them, those that attempt to clean their windows themselves often end up cutting corners midway through the job in order to reach the finish line just a little bit earlier. Professional window cleaners cut no corners and are meticulous in their work. Getting windows clean and making them shine like new requires a lot of time; time that most people would rather spend doing something they enjoy. Hiring a professional window cleaner allows a homeowner and owners of commercial structures to do something else with their time.

There was once a time when professional window cleaners were far more expensive than they are now. As the technologies that enable professionals to do their job have improved, prices have fallen and many companies want to be as competitive as possible and therefore go to great lengths to offer deals to outdo their competition. It's also important to remember that do-it-yourselfers will spend a great deal of not only time but money as well. The cost of professional cleaning solutions, static free rags, squeegees, extension poles, and other equipment gets expensive quickly. Hiring a professional means individual will be paying mainly for labor and it negates the need to purchase tools and chemicals for themselves.

One of the biggest advantages that often goes overlooked in hiring a professional window cleaner is that many not only clean windows but offer a myriad of other services as well. Things like pressure washing, screen door repair, glass repair and restoration, and even the cleaning of things like lighting fixtures can save home and business owners a lot of time and money. Additionally these same companies sometimes offer service packages that include these additional services as part of their routine window cleaning services.

Stanley Window Care specializes in Orange County window cleaning, and Orange County window cleaning prices and window washing in Orange County.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Repairing A Screen Door

Despite the many apprehensions individuals have regarding replacing screens on their screen doors, the process isn't particularly difficult to complete. In fact so simple is this type of project that even the most un-savvy of individuals will be able to complete it. Before beginning this type of project however individuals will want to make sure that they have all the tools and materials necessary so as to avoid having to start, stop, and restart a job which can lead to frustration and subpar work.
The first thing that individuals want to do when they have a screen that needs replacing is purchase a screen repair tool. The majority of people will be familiar with this tool as it consists of a handle in the middle and two wheels on the ends of the handle. Next after carefully measuring the screen door in need of repair individuals will need to visit a home improvement store and purchase a screen that overlaps their door a bit. Usually a couple of inches on each side of the door is enough. These extra few inches will allow for mistakes as well as some slack during the re-screening process. Anyone repairing a screen door should also have a utility knife handy and a pair of pliers as well.

Once all of the tools and materials have been procured an individual will want to remove the the actual screen door from its track and then remove the damaged screen. While lying the screen door on the ground screen spline will need to be located and pulled out. While some splines will be wedged into the groove tightly a putty/utility knife can be used to dig it out. Once one portion of the screen spline is pulled from its groove pulling the rest out by hand is a cinch.

Once a screen gasket/spline has been removed an individual will want to remove the screen from the door and simply discard it. A torn screen is irreparable and with a new screen on hand there's no reason to hold onto any portion of the old screen. Once the old screen has then discarded an individual will want to lie the new screen over their door. The new screen should be laid down so that at least two inches extend beyond the doors gasket groove.

Once the new screen has been properly laid over the door an individual will next need to lay the gasket on top of it grooves. While is virtually impossible and unnecessary to lay it perfectly over a doors grooves, getting a close makes the job all the more easier. Once the gasket has been laid down the rolling screen repair tool should be run over the gasket so that it goes firmly back into the doors grooves. One hand should roll the gasket while the other guides the remaining gasket into its groove.
After the gasket has been ruled firmly back into place in individual should run their screen rolling tool over the entire gasket one last time to ensure that their new screen will be firmly held in place. After this has been completed a screen door can be put back on its track and utilized freely.

Stanley Window Care specializes in Orange County window cleaning, and Orange County window cleaning prices and window washing in Orange County.