Thursday, November 16, 2017

Keeping Your Bathroom Cleaner Than Ever Before

The bathroom is one of the areas of the home that gets a lot of traffic and people don’t want to think about cleaning. It is important to get it cleaned with a routine that doesn’t wait too long to get started. Of course you may find yourself waiting a bit longer than other areas of your home to clean but it’s imperative that you stop. Instead, a little bit of cleaning and maintenance can go a long way to ensure that your bathroom is hygienic and 100% clean. The following will help you get this option done a bit faster and easier overall.

The Daily Clean Option

The first thing that you can do is simple, start cleaning a little bit at a time. The next time you take a shower, start to clean and work through the different areas of your bathroom, and focus on the bigger picture of cleaning over time. For instance, you can clean your tub and shower area every shower with a spray. There are some that you spray and forget, allowing for daily maintenance to clear things up.

The Weekly Routine Solution

For those that don’t want to get into a cleaning method for daily use why not test out a weekly routine. Every seventh day you could clean your bathroom with a little bit of rigor. You can work with cleaning the shower with a tile and shower spray for starters. Then use a toilet brush to clean the interior of your toilet then use a mop and hot water to clean the floors. The sink and surfaces can be cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner and that’s it. Within less than an hour you could have a sparkling bathroom.

The Monthly Routine Option

Now, regardless of which solution you decide to use, you’re going to want to go with a deeper clean once a month. This is a solution that will require a bit more work. Once a month make sure that you get into the tub and scrape any residue off the fixtures, as well as spray the shower and tiles. Then make sure that you do deeper cleaning elements in the cabinets, the toilet, sink, and counter tops. You’ll want to make sure that you throw out old soap, update different toiletries, and more. This should take more time than other options and you should write a checklist of things to do overall. Go through the checklist and remember this only needs to be done once a month, after the other solutions are done.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Window Cleaning Properly Is Best Left To A Professional

Cleaning windows is an exhaustive task that most people would prefer not to do...if they don't have to. Sure, many will try to clean their own windows, but after one attempt, they’ll give up. The reason why is simple, it takes a great deal of time, and to do it properly, you need equipment and the right elements overall. You cannot just get a bottle of window cleaner and some towels and expect clear windows, it’s just not simple to work with. There are several reasons why a professional options is better, and if you’re not sure why, consider a few notes on the matter.

The Professional Edge

The first thing that you should know is that there are specific techniques that professionals use to clean windows. They work with efficiency and the right chemical compounds as well. They don’t just get a bottle of Windex and get to work. They actually use specialized solutions and squeegees to ensure that glass does not have streaks. They also make sure that the windows are 100% clear, and without any shadows or dirt which takes a specialized element to get done.

Tips From The Pros

Not sure how professionals wash windows? Well here are a few things that they do that you can emulate for a short span of time, although nothing replaces a professional cleaning.

The first thing to remember is not to wash your windows when the sun is up and hitting your home. That is going to cause the cleansers to dry up before you can wash them, which in turn leaves streaks. You’ll also want to avoid using paper towels and go with a squeegee instead. Paper products leave particles on window when wet, and could cause streaks to dry.

When using squeegees make sure that you use angles instead of going up and down when cleaning things. Also, make sure that you clean screens effectively and let them dry before you put them back up. You’ll also want to do the inside of windows before you go to the outside, which will make a huge difference.

At the end of the day however, you’re going to want to hire a professional. Yes you can mimic the work of professionals but you will not get the precision and efficiency that professional companies offer. The cost is worth it as it may be too labor intensive for you to try and do what others do. Instead let a pro get it done and you’ll find that this is far better.

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Why You Should Go With A Power Washing Service

Whether you have a new home or you own a commercial property you’re going to find that there are a lot of different maintenance elements that you have to deal with. One of the maintenance things that you have to deal with is that of the façade. Your façade has to be kept clean in order to have “curb appeal” which is a big deal in real estate. Whether you have something you’re living in or you are renting out keeping the exterior clean is important. So how can you get this task done without worry or damage? Well that’s where a professional commercial power wash option can come into play. Not sure why you need this? Consider a few reasons why this matters so much.

High Powered Water Clears Damaging Elements

The first thing that you’ll find out about this is that you can ensure that dirt, grime, mold, debris, and other elements that can damage your exterior will get cleared out. You can ensure that nothing is going to eat away at your walls and will not cause any sort of break down of the elements outside. Not only that you can avoid having to deal with toxic mold, etc.

Keep Things Looking New

The biggest benefit of power washing is that it can extend the life of your exterior. No matter what type of walls you have you can ensure that you’re able to clear things up with relative ease. Keep things looking like new with high powered high heat water. In some instances you could use detergents that are clean and clear as well. Power washing blasts through caked on dirt and more so that you get 100% clearance of the spots and your home or office building looks brand new.

Effective Cleaning 

There is no other solution that works quite like power washing. In fact you could try to use alternative options and see if you could get the same results. But chances are, you are not going to get nearly as close to getting effective cleaning as you would with power washing. This type of service has high powered water systems that are safe on exteriors but tough on grime and dirt. Just one solution will show you how effective this cleaning option can be.

Clean Concrete and More

Want to get your sidewalk and driveway clean as well? Well that’s where power washing can come into play. This solution can clean concrete driveways and more. It’s easy to work with and professionals can ensure you’re getting 100% clearance with ease.

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Orange County House Cleaning: Services A House Cleaning Company Can Offer

There’s something grand about a clean house. Millions of people will testify to this and you may be one of them. When your home is spotless you may find that it just feels like home a bit more than usual. Of course you could do the work yourself and get everything in order but that takes a lot of time and effort. There’s an alternative path to this and that’s something that you may want to explore through hiring a professional cleaning company.

If you’ve never hired a service perhaps you may want to look at a few things that they can help you with especially if you want to have an amazing good looking home.

Efficient Cleaning

When you hire a professional they may give you a team to work with. That means that more than one person will be doing the cleaning in your home. That is going to give you a lot more free  time because they are going to be efficient in cleaning up everything that you need. There’s no substitute for a clean home and when you don’t have to spend hours on it you can ensure that things get done. A team of pros will get to work fast and will leave you with a great looking home.

Professional Equipment

Hiring a company to help you will mean that you’ll have professional grade options and solutions that are going to help streamline the process of cleaning. That means that they’ll have equipment, cleansers, and more to help them get the job done fast and easily. They may even bring equipment that you don’t have like powerful vacuums or other types of options that you haven’t thought about purchasing.

Deep Cleaning

Want your home to look like when you first moved in? Well a professional service can help you with that. They can make sure that you get a deep cleaning and assist with taking away allergens, dirt, grime, and even mold. They can ensure that everything in your home gets attention including your bathroom, windows, kitchen, and all carpeting.

Repeat Options

Once you hire a service, you can get them to clean again, and ensure that you’re getting help with clearing out old debris and more. They can even take out the trash for you and ensure that your home looks great every single week. Once you get a professional team in your home to clean you may never want to go back to doing it all yourself because they can do it swiftly and efficiently.

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Fighting Graffiti With Glass Solutions

orange county graffiti removal experts
The biggest problem with graffiti is the fact that it's invasive, violating, and difficult to remove.  Making matters worse today's offenders are starting to scratch and carve into glass and other surfaces as well. It’s so bad that over a billion dollars annually is spent on anti-graffiti cleaning solutions. You are going to find that this new wave of graffiti is not easy to remedy and could very well pose serious problems for your home, office, or just about any place you may see it.

Cleaning up this option is not like anything else you might have worked with. If you tried to work with graffiti solutions and clean up paint, that can be done but those don't necessarily work when you're dealing with glass and other surfaces. You don't outright have to replace your glass surface but there is some new technology that is now helping people fight back and save their glass.

Restoring Glass 

Specialists have figured out how to restore glass elements without having to replace whole sheets. The cost of repair is a lot easier to work with than replacement because you’re only focusing on a small portion of the larger elements. This is done through fixing the scratches on the surface then filling the gaps and polishing them outright. Done correctly you’ll find that this can give you a new measure of film on the window, without having to replace the larger entity.

Not only can you restore glass these days but you can also work with anti-graffiti films after the fact. This is a sheer coating that goes on glass and prevents it from getting scratched or getting broken by graffiti artists. When installed correctly, you won’t even know that the film is in place. Think of the options that protect smartphones today, and then you’ll see how these films may work.

Now, the damage of your windows will be something to consider. Professionals can clean things up and fix elements across the glass. In recent years many companies have been able to help with clearing scratches, filling in gaps, and then sanding things to a professional finish. The cost of repair is significantly less than replacement.

The best part about new anti-graffiti options is that you can easily replace and remove them if they get damaged in any way. That’s right, even if someone does cause issues you’ll be able to clear things up with relative ease. It’s a positive thing to work with, no doubt.

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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Comparing Professional Carpet Cleaning To DIY Methods

orange county carpet cleaning experts
Millions of people today will clean their own carpeting. But even though they are doing things on their own they are not going to get the precision that comes with professional cleanings. In fact professional carpeting cleaning delivers a lot more in the way of options than any DIY methodology. This may sound a bit off but it’s true.

If you’re not sure about that and feel that you can clean your home just as well perhaps a few notes on the matter may assist. The following can help you understand the difference between the two solutions and how one may be better than the other.

Focusing on DIY 

DIY stands for “do it yourself”. This is a solution that many people subscribe to but the methods used are limited. The most common method to clean your carpeting at home is through a vacuum. That’s not a bad thing in most cases as a vacuum cleaner can in fact clean a lot; but does it clean everything? The chances are that you’re leaving behind a lot of particles and elements that can become pushed into the sub floor and bottom of the carpeting you have.

You could use a stain remover or even try to brush things on your hand but if you do this you’ll find that the process can take a long time and could even cause some other stains to get to the surface. Either way you will be thwarted by just how much you can do on your own.

The Professional Edge 

What about a professional solution? Well, when you call in a carpet cleaning company they are going to do more than just vacuum. They are going to use a professional system of cleaning that involves a special cleaning solution and high-pressure steam to clean up carpet fibers. That is more than just soaking the carpeting as they are going to add heat and other elements that will leave your carpeting looking brand new.

The price tag on this is a lot lower than you may think and you’ll find that the powerful solutions can pull carpet fibers without breaking them or causing damage to the carpeting that you have. In the end they can pull stains, clear pathogens, and eliminate dust and other allergens that you cannot get pulled through the use of vacuums and other means.

At the end of the day you’re going to find that the best solution is to work with a professional. It’s going to pay of dividends and will get you a cleaner look and feel guaranteed.

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Orange County Window Cleaning: Better Office Window Cleaning For Business

orange county window cleaning experts
The windows in any professional setting are important. They let people see out while they work but they also say a lot about a business entity. When clients come into a workplace they are going to look around and one of the things they will see is whether or not the windows and glass around the building is clean or not. If you don’t hire someone to clean these areas you will find that you can be sending the wrong message to others.

Investing some time in hiring a professional is a good thing. Professionals can help with cleaning and change the look and feel of the glass in your work area as well as what other people see. This can send a proper message about your company and give you a sense of pride as well.

Tips and Tricks From The Professionals

How do professionals get windows so clean? Well you’re going to have to look at a few options that will help you get forward progress in this regard. The following tips and tricks are what many pros will recommend you do between cleanings.

Use A Squeegee

Do not use newspaper, in fact don’t use paper products at all. Instead consider using a squeegee. This will help you get better lines and reduce the overall elements of streaks and more. This is a solution that is going to pay off dividends overall.

Lint Free Cloths

The next thing that you should focus on is simple get lint free cloths, rags, and options that are meant for windows. This will help clear the windows of dirt, debris, and other types of debris. This is an important thing to consider as it is going to help you avoid streaks even in sunny weather.

Cleaning Solutions

You can use a bucket of warm water and a little bit of dish soap or cleaning liquid of your choice and use that to clear window dirt and debris. You can use this with a cloth, scrubber, or squeegee and get the solution on the windows and cleared without streaks.

Angles Are Your Friend

Use different angles to help you clear glass. Don’t just go up and down while working.  Use different angles to clear dirt and debris away from the windows and get maximum coverage. Done correctly this will clear the window and you’ll have no streaks.

Lastly avoid direct sunlight and clean between professional visits. There are points where you can’t get all the dirt away and that’s when you should call in a pro to get things clear and free of streaks. However between their cleaning, always defer to the tips above.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Carpet Cleaning Hassles And Solutions

orange county carpet cleaning experts
Homeowners may clean their their furniture, they may clean their floors, and of course they'll clean specific rooms within their homes. What many homeowners don't or won't do however is clean their carpets. While nearly everyone vacuums their carpets and rugs very few people will actually give their carpets the rigorous cleaning they both need and deserve. This is mainly due to the fact that shampooing and chemically treating carpets is back breaking and time consuming work. It can also be an expensive venture costing hundreds of dollars or more as one must rent the necessary equipment and purchase over the counter yet highly ineffective chemicals. There are a great number of reasons why homeowners elect to do little more than vacuum. Let's take a look.

Renting Equipment

Local supermarkets and hardware stores often rent commercial grade carpet cleaners and while it initially might make sense to rent these devices, the truth is that these machines do little more than spray water and vacuum it up. These machines aren't built for scrubbing and removing grime and stains from carpet. They are also not equipped to treat carpets with protective chemicals. These “over the counter” carpet cleaners are effective only at shining the dirt in carpets and rugs. More to the point, these rentals can often be expensive, especially given how little they actually do for a carpet.

Back Breaking Work

Cleaning carpets and rugs either with a rented commercial cleaner or by brush and bucket is backbreaking working. It goes without saying too that a brush and bucket is an absurd way to clean an entire carpet but even when using rented equipment the work takes a real physical toll on one's body. These machines are heavy, awkward, and difficult to push and pull. Making matters worse, cleaning even a single room's carpet can take all day and when you factor in how long it takes for carpets to dry...well it's not hard to ascertain why so many homeowners give their carpets so little TLC.

Efficiency And Results

It's already been mentioned that rented or commercial carpet cleaning tools do little more than put a shine on things but it's worth noting again only because after putting in hours or days worth of work, homeowners want satisfactory results. There are fewer things more disheartening than working hard all day and have nothing to show for it. Complicating things, the homeowners that do put in the elbow grease usually end up having to hire a professional to either clean up their mess or to have their carpets properly cleaned. Paying for the same thing twice, especially when you've put your own time into it, can be extremely frustrating.

Hiring A Professional Carpet Cleaner

Homeowners who hire professional carpet cleaners not only save time, money, and effort but they'll also have carpets and rugs that look new as well. Replacing carpet can be an expensive endeavor and is  one that most homeowners would prefer to avoid. Having professional carpet cleaners not only clean but treat carpets will add years to their lives and will help keep them vibrant too. More to the point, professional carpet cleaners use industrial grade equipment to get the job. This means that not only are the end results superior to that of a laypersons work but the work gets done in a fraction of the time as well.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

House Cleaning Orange County: Why House Cleaning Is So Important

Cleaning one's home can be an exhausting endeavor. The bigger the house and family the more arduous task as well. So why then do so many people make house work such a big priority? Most will be quick to point out that people spend their free time cleaning their homes simply to keep pests from setting up shop or to help keep their family healthy. Others will point out that cleaning a home helps it retain it's market value or that they want their homes to feel warm and comfortable. All of these answers have value in them and all are good reasons to keep a house clean. Some homeowners even go so far as to hire professional house cleaners simply because house work is time consuming, back breaking, and tedious. Today we'll delve a little deeper however and explore some of these reasons in more detail.

Making/Keeping A House Germ Free

Let's start off with the obvious and most important reason for house cleaning...germs. A clean living space promotes good health which is good for everybody! Routine house work removes harmful bacteria, viruses, and microscopic pests that can impact the health of both pets and people negatively. There's also the issue of allergies to consider as well. It's important to note that while some homeowners are very thorough at cleaning their homes no one gets their home as clean as a professional house cleaner does. Stay clean, stay healthy!

Those Little Creatures

No, not your children. As rambunctious and as messy as they can be they are incapable of doing the same amount of damage to a home that household pests can. Homes that don't receive regular cleaning are havens and breeding grounds for pests such as roaches, spiders, crickets, flies, rodents, and a whole other laundry list of creatures one does not want in their home. The aforementioned pests can ruin food, carry disease, and even bite and seriously injury both children and adults alike. It's impossible to eliminate all pests from any home but regular house cleanings go a long way in keeping these buggers out and away from one's family. Regular dusting, emptying garbage cans, picking up trash and toys, and of course moving laundry from the floor to a hamper or basket is an excellent place to start.

Longevity Of Personal Belongings

Houses that fall into neglect will at first only look dirty. After that they will begin to retain the odors of everything that passes through them. By the time a home takes on a dirty smell the dust, dirt, debris, pests, and everything else will begin to eat away at things like furniture, carpet, flooring, cabinets, drapes, blinds, etc. Regular cleaning can help preserve a homeowners belongings a great deal. A professional house cleaner's work will also help keep fixtures and furniture vibrant and colorful. Regular vacuuming, dusting, and wipe downs go a long way in this regard.

Feels Like Home

An overwhelming majority of homeowners either clean their homes themselves or hire a professional simply because they want a comfortable living space and want to maintain a very specific atmosphere within their home. Since we buy homes not only for shelter but so that we can live comfortably this line of reasoning is very sound.  For many of these same people, keeping a clean home means retaining it's market value, even in the long term. The place where you rest, play, and convalesce should be as comfortable and as homey as possible.

Entertaining Guests

There are those homeowners that entertain guests both in a professional and/or personal capacity. Those persons whom do so must keep their house in pristine condition all the time so that there are no last minute emergency clean up jobs prior to a party or gathering. Such persons often hire professional house cleaners simply so that they can focus on planning their events, setting up, and playing host to their guests. Professional home cleaners can handle all the dusting, pick up, vacuuming, polishing, floor treatments, and touch ups a home often needs after a party.

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Selecting The Best Professional Pressure Washer

Southern California homeowners are extremely busy going to work, taking care of children, running errands, and living life. This means that there is little to no time for cleaning nor maintaining the exteriors of their homes. Things like walls, driveways, car parks, walkways, decks, and even pool areas can and do become very dirty. Heavy foot and tire traffic, not to mention spills and pet messes, leave behind things like stains and other debris that can be nearly impossible to remove. These areas become even more difficult to clean when they're left neglected for months or even years at a time. Those homeowners that do attempt to tackle this arduous task often find themselves frustrated and angry simply because they don't really make much progress.

One way homeowners can not only ensure these areas get and stay clean is to hire a professional pressure washer. Not only does hiring an experienced pro save homeowners a ton of money but a ton of time as well. More importantly, a professional pressure washer can handle the seemingly impossible task with relative ease and quite quickly to boot. This is because professionals aren't using the simple pressure washers and commercial grade tools to do their work. Instead they are using industrial tools, cleaners, and chemicals to get the job done. All this may indeed sound exciting, especially to those homeowners who are having problems with the aforementioned areas but it behooves homeowners to be critical and very careful when it comes to which pressure washing firm they hire. This is important because not everyone who claims to be a professional actually is. Some amateur, startup, or casual individuals may do excellent work but they do their work uninsured and un-bonded which can be disastrous for homeowners should a problem ever arise. So how exactly can one determine which firms are and aren't hiring? Follow these tips to make the hiring process much easier.


It used to be much more difficult to look into the reputation of a company or firm before the advent of the personal computer and the internet. These days however the internet and mobile technology make this task quite easy. Homeowners need to look at and read reviews across multiple websites and are encouraged to speak with others who've hired the company they're interested in. An hour or so of research here goes a long way and can help homeowners protect both their homes and themselves.

Price Estimates

A company's prices can reveal quite a lot. Any professional or firm that puts out high quotes might be doing so to make themselves look more important or professional than they really are. Conversely, those that go well below standard market prices might be desperate for business or an unlicensed person scrambling for work. In the event a homeowner finds a relatively inexpensive service that they're interested in, always fall back on reviews and a little online investigating. Homeowners can also ask for license numbers etc.

Tools Of The Trade

Homeowners will of course focus first on quality of service and a professional's reputation but they would be foolhardy to overlook the tools that a company does or doesn't not use. State of the art pressure washing equipment is what homeowners should aim for though equipment a few years old shouldn't ever dissuade anyone from hiring a company as professionals only upgrade their equipment but every few years. Asking professionals not only what type of equipment they use is important but it's equally important to find out how old those tools may be and what condition they may be in as well.

Comprehensive Services

Homeowners should be wary of professional pressure washers who only clean one or two specific types of surfaces and those that offer a single very basic cleaning service. People work hard for the money they have and want to ensure that when they do's money well spent. The best professionals are going to offer a multitude of services that address all types of surfaces and needs.

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