Saturday, April 28, 2018

Cleaning Gutters The Easy Way – Basic Tips

Very few people want to clean their gutters. It’s not something that is fun nor easy to do. It’s easy to ignore them and that’s the real problem. If you ignore your gutters and don’t clean them properly from time to time you will end up dealing with a variety of issues. Not cleaning gutters will come back to haunt you when it starts to rain and that’s something that most people don’t want to deal with. If your gutters fail, you could be dealing with a massive flood and lots of damage to your home. To ensure that you are not dealing with those issues you will want to look into cleaning gutters the easy way and there are a few tips that you can explore in that regard.

The Easy Part (The Gear)

Before you get started cleaning gutters you will need to have a few things at your side. The first thing that you should have is a ladder. Aside from that you will want to have towels, gloves, and safety gear to ensure that you are not hurt in case of a fall. A garden hose is a good option too though you don’t necessarily need that in every instance. Having your gear ready and in good working order prior to undertaking this task will help ensure your work is both efficient and of high quality.

Starting Points

Take your ladder and place it where you can reach gutters while viewing them from the top to bottom. You will want to be above your gutters and be able to clean things out properly. Dig deep and pull out leaves, dirt, and grime and dispose of them in some sort of trash or cloth receptacle. Keep going through your gutters left to right until you’re complete. If you can’t get some of the debris out leave it for the time being and keep your focus on what is easily removed.

The Drain Pipes

The next thing that you should do is clear the drain pipes. Doing so will allow you to rinse your gutters with water or a cleaning solution and allow all of it to drain properly. Stubborn blockages should be addressed with a plumber’s snake or a thick hanger if need be. Clear drain pipes help reduce build up in the main tracks of your gutters.

The Final Blast

Once you have adequately pulled, cleared, and cleaned gutters and drain pipes, you will want to use a hose to spread water throughout the interior of the gutters and downspouts. You want to use the high pressure setting of your garden hose and get water blasted through the area and that’s it. Don’t wait for the rainy season to do this mind you. Get this done before the rainy season comes and you’ll be prepared for Mother Nature when she brings the precipitation.

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