Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Common Cleaning Chemicals That Will Make You Want To Go Green

Have you ever thought about the cleaning chemicals that you’re using on a regular basis? You may not give it a second thought as long as they clean and you’re able to progress with proper movements forward. However, you’re going to find that there are some things that could very well cause problems for your body and even cause major illnesses. What common toxicities are found in the cleaning supplies that you have? Consider the following line up of things that might be lurking in your everyday cleaning supplies. Knowing what these are and what harm they cause may make you want to go green.

Endocrine System Problems


Common household cleaning supplies can cause serious developmental problems for young individuals disrupting their Endocrine system. In some individuals research indicates that issues with ADHD, lymphoma, immune system problems, fertility, and other issues have developed as a result of being exposed to household chemicals which are otherwise used without issue. Using them once may do nothing, but the average consumer uses cleaning supplies on a weekly, if not daily basis, making exposure frequent.



Many individuals are exposed to elements that cause major disruption of their neurological system. These exposures can retard brain function, cause disorientation, headaches, and even memory loss. This can also lead to carcinogenic results which cause cancerous growths to develop in the body.

The Chemicals Used Most


For those that are uncertain as to what chemicals are in their favorite cleaning products, consider the following quick line up of offenders.

  • Pesticides – These are commonly used to kill germs on vegitation. However, they can be inhaled and be spread on the skin accidentally which can cause major breathing problems for both the young and the old.

  • APEs – Laundry cleaners, detergents for bathroom cleaning, powders, and more can have APE's in them, and while they may seem simple enough they can negatively impact a person's endocrine system outright. 

  • Formaldehyde – Often used with embalming fluid, this can be found in modern cleaning options such as germicides and can even be found within the things like nail polish and other vanity products. 

  • Phthalates, Organochlorines, And VOCs – These are all common solutions that are used to clean ovens, moisturize skin, act as cleansers, and help with burning fuel etc. There are so many household products that contain these things that it will be difficult to avoid them outright. Purchase and use with caution.
Where are these things found most? Well, you may find them in cleaners for ovens, floors, glass, bug repellents, detergents for clothing, furniture polishes, and even air fresheners. These all have certain chemicals in them, which means that you may want to go green, sooner than later.

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