Monday, April 15, 2013

How Is Your Awning Looking?

So your windows and lighting fixtures have been cleaned professionally as part of your spring cleaning project. While many homeowners are satisfied knowing that these things are clean these same people often neglect their awnings. A homes awnings may endure things like wind, rain, hail, and even falling debris during the late fall and winter months. As many awnings are neglected during the cooler parts of the year all of the things that they endure can in fact harm them and cause expensive and sometimes irreparable damage.

Here at Stanley Window Care we understand just how important awnings are to homeowners and how difficult some of them can be to clean, especially after a long winter. Why spend hours or even days cleaning your awning when you may not even be able to clean it properly without professional grade tools and chemicals. Even those awnings that are easy to care for our often viewed as something that stands in the way of something else a home owner would like to be doing.

Don't spend days or weeks procrastinating about whether or not you're going to clean your awning or about how to get it done properly. Instead contact us, Stanley Window Care. We have a reputation as being Orange County's premier window cleaning service but we take care of awnings just as lovingly as we do windows.

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Friday, April 5, 2013

New Season, New Screens

Now that spring is here in full swing many homeowners opt to open their windows in order to let in either some fresh warm air or some early morning or evening cool air. While it is indeed a great time to open up a homes windows many screens including those that are part of a screen door might become damaged during the long winter. Everything from wind and rain and from debris and haphazard children can damage screens.

Many homeowners will simply run out and buy new screens, tools, and then spend considerable time replacing their screens when they can simply hire professionals to do so for them. Hiring professionals like Stanley Window Care not only saves homeowners time but money as well. The experts at Stanley Window Care can repair and even replace screens at a very low cost and can do it much faster than most laypersons.

Should you have any questions regarding our screen repair/replacement services please be sure to contact us so that we may be of assistance.

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