Friday, February 26, 2016

Homes And Graffiti

It is estimated that 20% of homes become an unfortunate canvas for vandals. Graffiti "artists" sometimes target homes for no other reason than to impress friends or make a statement. No matter the reason for the vandalism, homeowners must contend with the costs of graffiti removal. Not only that but this type of illicit behavior causes both short and long term damage. The cost of removing graffiti from a home can be very expensive with prices ranging from $45,000 to $300,000, depending on the extent of the damages of course.

Types Of Graffiti Removal/Repair

Very small amounts of graffiti can usually be covered up with nothing more than a minuscule amount of fresh paint. Homeowners whose houses are covered with graffiti however will have little choice but to hire professional cleaners. Professional window cleaners are a good choice because not only can they safely clean and restore/repair windows covered in graffiti but they usually offer pressure washing services as well. Pressure washing can remove graffiti from almost any surface without causing damage. Of course the homes most adversely affected by graffiti will require not only professional cleaners but painters as well. Some may even require home repair experts when damages go beyond topical.

Hey Look At Me

As previously stated, vandals often look to make a statement when tagging a home with graffiti. The vast majority of these people are also seeking attention, peer approval, or to impress something they look up to. The best thing a homeowner can do to deter unscrupulous vandals is to have their graffiti removed quickly. The longer it remains the more fuel a homeowner adds to a vandals fire. As vandals want their work to remain as long as possible removing it quickly also dissuades criminals from returning to a home. When all traces of their work are removed quickly they often move onto other targets. Be quick to remove graffiti and contact the police if your home ever becomes a target for these insidious individuals.

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Bullet Proof Windows For Your Home

Although one may not give them much consideration, bullet proof windows can do wonders for a home. Sure there's these windows are built to stop bullets but it's very unlikely any homeowner will ever need their windows to protect them. Instead homeowners may want to consider upgrading their home's windows to bullet proof glass for several other reasons.


Bullet proof windows are made from the highest quality glass. This means that these types of windows are far more durable than any other type of windows. In fact, bullet proof windows are impervious to blasts, highly impact resistant, are very difficult to scratch or chip, and are almost always chemically treated so that they stay cleaner longer. Adding to their durability, bullet proof windows often include multiple panes which also makes these types of windows an excellent choice for homeowners who want to reduce energy consumption costs.

Added Home Value

Bullet proof windows are durable and can protect a home from both impacts and blasts but there's also the added home value they carry with them. Having these types of windows installed at a home dramatically increases the value of a home. Perhaps this is why so many homeowners have this upgrade done prior to putting their home on the market. It has been said that the greatest value bullet proof windows hold is the fact that they are available in all the same styles and designs one finds in other types of home windows.

Climate Control

Bullet proof windows almost always incorporate the chemicals, treatments, and techniques used in the creation of energy efficient windows. Their thicker and more durable glass as well as multiple panes means even greater control over the internal climate of a home. Homeowners that elect to have bullet proof windows installed will find their energy bills reduced by as much as 30% and even more when used with draperies, blinds, etc. Of course bullet proof windows can also be tinted for even more control and so that homeowners can create specific atmospheres in parts or the whole of their home.

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