Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pressure Washing: Cleaning Vinyl Siding

When you first looked at your new vinyl siding you probably thought that it was set for life. Possibly the salesman even told you that your cleaning days were over, and you’ll never have to paint it. Yes, that’s true, and your house was beautiful. However anything that sits under the sun day after day during cold winters and hot summers will get dirty and need to be cleaned.

That goes for your vinyl siding as well and there are a couple of options to get the job done. The first is a bucket, garden hose, and a good deal of elbow grease. It won’t be easy, but it is possible especially if you live in a one-story home. There is an easier way and one you can do yourself, but that involves pressure washing and if you’ve never used a pressure washer, be careful.

When the person at the end of the washer uses too little pressure, it simply   doesn’t work. Too much pressure could cause problems by forcing water through the siding’s seams. You’ll get the best use of your time and money and at the same time protect your home’s siding, by hiring an expert to do the job. The professional will know the correct cleaning products to use and the proper pressure that will not cause damage to your home.

You’ll still need to know the types of cleaners that will cut through the dirt and grime. Before you even begin, you should prepare the area and remove or cover anything movable like electric outlets or fixtures. Cover your plants for their protection as well.

Types of cleaning products: If you suspect mildew or mold, spot clean with your household bleach; to protect your plants, use oxygen bleach; oxalic acid on copper stains; plain old soap and water, for your general cleaning; and the good old standby, vinegar solutions will solve the problems of chemicals in your garden. Whatever cleaning solutions you use, clean a small area before tackling the entire job.

Experts advise cleaning from the bottom up and that will prevent streaking. If you have textured siding, use a soft-bristled brush that will help clean the grooves and it won’t scratch your siding.
Don’t be too discouraged when you realize that your home needs a good cleaning. A professional will easily keep the siding on your home in its original condition and have them come back year after year. Your home will have the curb appeal every neighborhood desires.

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