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Consumer Guides: Finding a Quality Contractor and Power Washing Tips

Orange County pressure washing experts at Stanley Window Care can help you clean your driveway, house and even roof. We offer commercial pressure washing and residential services.
Power washing is the utilization of extremely high pressure streams of water. Probably the most popular of power washing services is the cleaning of concrete patios, walkways, decks, house siding, entrance ways, and garages. Inside the hands of a certified pressure washing experts, the outcomes will be superb, and absolutely worth the investment.

Orange County pressure washing requires talent and expertise. No common Joe can move the spray wand more precisely, consistently, and more efficiently than the certified power washing expert. Fail to recognize the aptitude of the trade and you might set yourself up for undesirable dissatisfaction and high priced damage.

Finding A Certified Power Washing Expert

Train Yourself. This is the paramount in shielding yourself from under-qualified and low-quality would be cleaners. When the customer understands exactly  what's involved, they'll be properly educated and therefore able to differentiate cut-rate jobs from quality workmanship.

Educate Yourself -Family, Friends, and Neighbors. There are several methods of instructing oneself.  First of which, consult your friends, circle of relatives, and acquaintances. It might be that some of them are already familiar with the provider you're interested in. They may refer you to a certified contractor or may suggest you keep away from a specific business that is notorious for poor service.

 Teach Yourself -The Internet.  There's a wealth of data pertaining to power washing on the internet.  Take a look at the pressure washing home pages, customer groups, and bulletin boards. These will help.

Teach Yourself - Keep Your Eyes Open. As you travel across town, keep your eyes open for pressure washing experts at work. Do not be afraid to approach and ask them about their services and their tricks of the trade. This is an excellent time to see how process of power washing plays out. Never be afraid to ask questions.

Meet the Contractor at some point during the estimate. Meet the contractor face-to-face at some point in the estimate process. In doing so you and the contractor will be assessing the site together.  This betters the channels of correspondence between the two parties and lessens mistakes within the estimating process.

Risks and predicted Outcomes. A certified contractor will make the effort to review your site and make inquiries and point out areas of concern. They'll pay attention to your every word and interpret the service you want and anticipate.

Get Written Estimates. Having an in-depth written estimate protects both the consumer and the pressure washing contractor. It ought to explicitly state the ideal service, anticipated results, and the entire costs with regards to time and materials.

Ask about Equipment. Is it owned or leased? Owed or rented equipment is proof of a long term commitment to the field of pressure washing. Renting indicates only an occasional requirement for equipment. Also, get some information about the extent or power of their equipment. For most pressure washing jobs they will have equipment ranging at 11-15 HP (horsepower, strength), 3000-4000 PSI (pound per square inch, force) and 3-5 GPM (gallons per minute, flow).

Get Referrals. These give the consumer with a detailed track record of a contractor's past work history. Simply put, a pressure washing business will often be called back to provide number of various cleaning services again. Whether it be siding, decks, sidewalks, gutters, patios, or driveways, make sure the referrals and references you get are representative of the service you want.

Pride and Billing guidelines. Various power washing businesses offer different policies that help ensure consumer loyalty. One of which is the suspension of billing until job completion and consumer satisfaction. Ask the contractor, in case of client disappointment, what their approach is.
Insurance. Verify whether your contractor carries liability insurance. A certified pressure washing contractor, understanding their duty, will take the time to shield both themselves and their customers from possible on-site accidents, injury, or harm.

Be Present at Job Duration and Completion. This is your way of watching work activity as it happens. It gives you an idea of what is associated with pressure washing and permits to see cleaning results as they happen.


A quality power washing expert will have several key attributes. First, they realize what they are doing. They know about their service, the industry, and what's associated with each. Second, they have the resources in equipment, ability, knowledge, and talent to do the job you prefer. They carry out their task with exceptional workmanship and professionalism. They are responsible for the work they provide and are committed to following through on quality and satisfaction. They will not abandon their customers, never to be heard of or seen again. Basically, they proudly remain behind the work they do.

Power Washing is an incredible strategy for evacuating dirt, mold, and mildew which causes the deterioration of your homes outside surfaces. Regardless of whether your house is wood frame, brick, siding or stucco power washing will clean and reestablish its original beauty and evacuate unattractive stains. Power washing can be extremely viable in evacuating deposits prior to a painting job on the exterior of your home.

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Extend the Life of a Paint Job with Power Washing

orange county pressure washing experts show you how pressure washing can help save the paint on their house
Power washing is characterized as utilizing a machine, wand, and water to spray surfaces with highly pressurized H2O and sometimes synthetic substances to clean a specific outdoor area/surface. This is an imperative first step when preparing to paint or stain any part of a home. On the off chance that a legitimate cleaning isn't finished prior to painting, the new paint won't stick to the surface and the new paint usually will peel off in enormous lumps and/or small flakes.

Power Washing Overview:

Power washing cleans and gets ready surfaces that will be painted by evacuating dirt, mold, mildew, pollutants, pollen, and dust. The use of the right strain washing machine will ensure the ideal planning for exterior painting ventures. The perfect measure of pressure will smooth any surface, including wood, without causing harm. Likewise, utilizing the proper nozzle will keep the correct angle and fan direction of water for each different surface.

Power Washing the Exterior:

Frequently, a home's exterior will have dirt, mildew, buildup, toxins, dust, and residue; these all should be cleaned thoroughly prior to applying 2 coats of quality paint.

Paint chips will literally fall off the home while being power washed; in any case, a power wash would not evacuate all chips or peeling. Utilizing a lot of pressure or applying pressure excessively near the surface may result in pointless harm. The expelled paint chips on the ground can be removed by hand once dry, by the painter. After the correct preparation and two layers of fresh paint, the house will look extraordinary and fresh with any lingering stains secured and overlooked.

Power Washing Decks and Fences: 

Decks and fences are frequently prime applicants for power washing, and both benefit tremendously from such a cleaning. Decks can be washed with bleach or deck brightener that enter the wood strands. This will wash away the old stain and light up grey timber fibers because of foot traffic, sun, and sitting water. Fences regularly have mildew on the surface that is brought about by being a delicate wood and being so near the ground and vegetation.


Probably the most common and best chemicals to utilize while washing the exterior of a house is water, dye, and dis-odium phosphate. Other specialty chemicals do exist, however for the normal venture readiness; this will take care of business right. A significant number of the chemicals are organic which prevents damage to flora, lawns, flora, and landscaping.

Dry Time: 

The time it takes for a home to dry after a power wash varies significantly on the humidity, rain, and temperature. Normally, most homes can be painted inside one day after power washing; even though the individual, who quotes the painting project, should walk the property owner through a periodic table for the project.

Power Washing without Painting: 

For generally minimal fee, a home's exterior can be power washed to easily expel dirt and mold. This cleaning will really broaden the life of exterior paintwork. Regularly, a client think their home needs a new layer of paint when a simple power wash will give them the equivalent wanted outcome and add life to the present paint job.


Power washing must usually be incorporated with a turnkey painting value quote. Any painter who does not instinctively need to power wash a home before painting isn't finding a way to ensure the paint sticks and lasts a long time.

Final Thought:

Accepting the best possible preparation and power wash (pressure wash) preceding an exterior paint job is essential to the life of the paint job. The information mentioned above is a great reference to keeping up the look of the exterior. The process should be simple with the choice of an informed, professional, residential paint contractor.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Boost the Looks of Your Home & Office with Window Cleaning

orange county window cleaning experts
Windows showcase the world outside our home or office. The air arrives and gets in through these astonishing ventilators. Nowadays, windows are extremely important in the significant number of structures, be it homes, work environment, vehicles, and so forth. They fill out as ventilators and give natural air. Also, they work like a shield from the air, residue, and contamination when closed down. Along these lines, it is indispensable that we keep our windows clean in order to obtain the most stunning view of the side world. There are various items and services available in the actual marketplace that can be utilized to keep windows clean.

Window cleaning and removing dirt spots or particles from it is an incredibly tough task to perform. For the most part, a cleaning chemical is used that gives an astonishing shimmer to the glass. This compound is mixed with water in a tub and a brush or cloth is absorbed in the solution to clean the windows. The chemical that is added to water can be an ordinary dish cleaner to a specific window cleaner solution.

The Importance Of Cleaning A Window:

A perfect window will make your home and your office looks much cleaner and upgrades the basic appearance of the building. By keeping windows and doors clean it servers as a cautionary indicator of the conceivable risks that can come up on your way. Although this task might look simple it is quite a tiring activity that can be made easier by utilizing legitimate tools and procedures or by hiring the services of a cleaning industry professionals.

  • Let's take a look at these couple of steps that you should take before cleaning your windows.
  • Before using water or chemical solution it is a better plan to clear out the dirt from the windows with a wet cloth as this will make the cleaning procedure a little bit easier.
  • Similarly, don't rub the residue as it will scratch the surface of the glass window.
  • If  at any point you do not want to use a cloth, a vacuum cleaner can make your work simpler.
  • After the dry dirt is expelled the subsequent step is to soak a sponge into the water and produce the window wet by rubbing the sponge on it. Utilize the sponge to clean the glass and window-sill.
  • To get a sparkle you can utilize paper in place of a sponge while vacuuming.
  • After the cleaning procedure is finished, utilize a dry and clean cloth to wipe the wet window thoroughly. Ensure that the cloth doesn’t leave marks or threads behind.

Final Thoughts:

Clean your home, particularly when you’re free, loaded with energy and truly wants to do some cleaning. However, with the hectic way of life we follow these days it has turned out to be very troublesome for us to do any cleaning work ourselves. Anyway, what should be done? Hiring a window cleaning master is a standout amongst the best solutions that can assist you with getting clean windows that don't involve wasting your vitality and the outcomes achieved will also be incredible.