Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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There are a great number of professional window cleaners whom are satisfy themselves with a job well done. That's all fine and good but a smart professional knows it's not their opinion that matters. It's the opinions of their customers that really matters. An unsatisfied customer may turn to the internet, specifically social media, and unleash their dissatisfaction upon the public. More to the point, more people pay attention to negative reviews than they do positives ones which makes it even more important for a window cleaner to go the extra mile and ensure customer satisfaction whenever possible.

Out Of The Ordinary

Although there are many professional window cleaners that offer satisfaction guarantees, no one does so quite like Stanley Window Care. Stanley Window Care sets the bar high in terms of quality of work as well as the desire to see each and every client 100% satisfied. Anytime a client is unhappy after a job is completed Stanley Window Care will return and redo the job at no additional cost to the client. The owners of Stanley Window Care have an unordinary commitment to customer satisfaction and aren't satisfied unless their clients are. It's this level of customer commitment that has made them the premier professional window cleaner in all of Southern California.
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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Readying Your Windows For Winter

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Winters in Southern California aren't typically wet or overly cold, especially as of late, though falling temperatures and seasonal weather can wreak havoc on your windows. Both the windows of commercial structures and homes are affected by the changing of seasons. With Autumn having just begun it's an excellent time to have your windows cleaned. Not only are professional window cleaners less busy during this time of year but the weather is still warm and agreeable.

Cleaning In Autumn

Most professional window cleaners advise home and business owners to clean their windows at least twice a year. Though they can be cleaned at any point during the year early Autumn and spring are the best times to get the job done. This is because weather is typically warmer and there is less a chance of recently cleaned windows being ruined by rain and whatnot. Here in the waxing days of fall it's still hot, there is virtually no rain, and insects have yet to begin nesting around or on windows as they will when food and water become scarce and they want into your home. There's also no morning dew to contend with. The real reason professionals recommend an early fall cleaning however is because professionals not only clean windows but they treat them as well. The protective coatings applied to a home's or businesses windows protect them during the coldest months. Treated windows aren't as susceptible to staining, streaking, and hard water deposits.

Waiting And Increased Costs

As winter draws closer and actually arrive not only will windows take a beating but professional window cleaners become busier and more difficult to book for obvious reasons. Moreover some, though not all, will raise their rates for the season since their job is not only in demand but their work becomes much more arduous. Given the consequences there's very little reason to wait to have your windows cleaned. Fall comes and goes quickly so you'll want to act sooner rather than later.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

The Falling Efficacy Of Dirty Solar Panels

From the moment solar panels are installed and made active they begin gathering dust, debris falls on them, and as a result their efficacy reduces both quickly and substantially. Some studies show that panels neglected for just a few months lose nearly 7.4 percent of their efficiency. While that may not seem like a lot keep in mind that unused solar energy can be sold back to a utility company by homeowners. Individuals who want to get the most out of their system and eliminate their monthly electric bill will want to keep their solar panels clean so as to ensure optimum performance.

The Bigger The System...

Homeowners utilizing a very small solar power system may not always notice small dips in the performance of their systems though commercial and industrial buildings will notice these dips right away. Following that train of thought, it stands to reason that individuals and businesses utilizing larger solar power systems will want to have their panels cleaned regularly so as to avoid having to pay a bill at the end of each month and in order to sell their unused energy back to their utility company.

The Right Cleaners

You don't typically find "solar panel" cleaners or companies that specialize in cleaning just panels. Instead its much more common to find professional window cleaners who offer the service. Pro window cleaners have experience cleaning many different types of glass and have the knowledge, tools, and experience necessary to clean solar panels properly. Moreover they know how to clean them without damaging them, a huge plus.

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