Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Tips For Cleaning A Mattress The Right Way

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Every day people go to sleep on a mattress that they don’t think about. They simply go home, climb into bed, and enter a state of slumber. There’s nothing wrong with this mind you but after some time mattresses will need to be cleaned. This is because mattresses absorb sweat, dead skin cells, among other things. Cleaning a mattress will pay off dividends and could very well be the best thing to do from time to time. You don’t want to have dust mites, dirt, grime, sweat, and more settle into the mattress that you sleep on. To assist you in cleaning your families mattresses, here are a few tips that should makes things much easier.

Before The Cleaning

Before you start cleaning anything make sure that you remove everything from your mattress. During the cleaning of a mattress linens can and should be washed. It also behooves individuals to remove everything from around their bed, underneath the frame, and any clutter that lies in the vicinity of the bed in question. You want the area clean and clear so as to make the most out of the cleaning process.

Vacuum Your Mattress

You should start the mattress cleaning process by pulling your vacuum from it's storage closet and firing it up. Use the upholstery brush to clean the mattress; both areas that are and aren't exposed. For those that don’t have this attachment, you can use the hose of the cleaner and get all of the particles that are lying on the surface, and just below the fabric. This may take a few passes through overall but it’s an important process and one you don't want to skip.

As for your linens, make sure that you clean with hot water up to 130 degrees so that you can clear all dirt,dust mites, and other elements that may be residing on your linens.

Stains and Problem Areas

If your mattress has stains and spills on it you can clean things up with a few simple methods. The most basic of options is to work with a dish washing solution. Mix a bit with warm water and then spot clean any spills or trouble areas on your mattress. Don’t ever soak these areas but rather clean things up by lightly scrubbing the areas allowing suds do the work. Do not use harsh chemicals here.
In addition to this you can use baking soda to eliminate any odors that might have become a part of your mattress. Baking Soda is very easy to work with and work rather well. You can spread the powder across the areas that you want to clean up and then let it sit for hours on end. After that you need only your vacuum to clean things up.

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