Thursday, May 31, 2012

How to Choose the Right Professional Especially for Cleaning Home Gutters

Anytime you hire a professional or contractor to come into your home to do specific jobs for you, take the time to choose one who will accomplish the job in record time and to your specifications. We aren’t encouraging you to pick apart every professional, because you need to allow them to do their job once you’ve hired them.
When you’ve decided to find a professional who specializes in cleaning home gutters for instance, make sure the company does that particular job. You won’t hire a plumber to clean the gutters in your home. The gutter-cleaning professional will have to know the ins and outs of his business.
You may never have felt the need to clean the gutters on your home so why hire someone to do the job? A clog in the gutter system can cause irreversible damage to your home. During the year gutters collect all types of debris. Things like leaves, dirt, toys, balls, and possibly even a dead bird or even a rat. But let’s hope not.

The reason all that debris needs to be gone from your gutters is rather obvious. But possibly you’ve never considered the damage that a clogged gutter can do to your home. Water pooling in areas along your roof, will seep through the roof and down into the structure of your home. It can even go so far as dripping into the foundation. Water loose in your home can cause the wood to rot, or it can actually come to the inside flooding down the walls and the floor in several places.

So you might want to follow the very simple rules when you go online to find the right professional:

  • First like we said before make sure they specialize in cleaning gutters.
  • Second, the professional needs to be licensed and insured.
  • Third, a qualified professional should be willing to quote your job for free.
  • Fourth, you’ll want a professional who has references.
The trained specialist will know what to look for, he’ll rid the entire gutter system of the debris, and he should do it regularly. Once he shows you the stuff that he cleared from the gutter system, you’ll realize how important it is for him to do the job. He may give you a special price when you allow him to come back regularly. Remember it’s his business, and a good company will value their customers.

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Consider a Window Cleaning Service As a Gift

Some people have every single material thing they want or need and it is very difficult to buy gifts for them. If you’re searching for that unusual gift for your family or friends, and you want to give them something that keeps on giving for an indefinite period of time, consider hiring a window cleaning service. You could give it for a specific   time; or the gift could be for several scheduled cleanings. Either way, the receiving party would be pleased beyond measure.
One bad feature about windows, no one ever sees them unless they’re dirty, and when they need washing, the entire house seems dirty. In today’s world who has time to clean their own windows? When every adult in a home either works full time, or attends school and works too, they put the job put off more than it gets done.

You might hire someone to clean the house, they may dust and vacuum, but rarely do they do windows. That’s because it takes so much time and effort to wash the windows inside and out, and their time is money.

There are numerous professionals that are licensed, and are hungry for business. It’s a fairly new job at a time when jobs are scarce. Thirty years ago, you’d be lucky to find someone whose business is strictly washing windows. No one thought to hire the job out.

Today, some work 24/7 just to pay for the essentials in a home. There is no time left for leisure. If you find yourself in that scenario consider hiring some of the home jobs out to the professionals. Like we said before, they are hungry for your business, and they will break their neck, not literally of course, to do a good job.

When your windows are stained, they know what products to use to get the job done and your windows will shine like never before, all of your windows. Whether you have two, four, or dozens, they’ll clean them all, inside and out.

So when you’ve found a good company that does an excellent job, send them over to a family member or friend who can’t do their own window cleaning, and tell them it’s a gift from you.

You’ll want the window cleaning professionals you use to be licensed and insured and they should guarantee their work. Some, not all, will come back if it rains within a day or two and re-do the job at no charge.

Stanley Window Care specializes in Orange County window cleaning, Orange County ca window washing, window washing Orange County.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Comprehensive Window Cleaning Services

The majority of people are under the false impression that professional window cleaners do just two things. The first thing being cleaning only the exterior of windows and the second being that they only work on large commercial structures.

Nothing could be further from the truth however and while every professional window cleaner offers different services and does things a bit differently, we do much more than just work on commercial structures and exterior windows. We are renowned throughout Orange county as being the top professional window cleaning service in the area as well as a company offers the most comprehensive window cleaning services in the area.

So what is it that we do exactly? Take a look!
  • Residential Window Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Power Washing
  • Screen Repair / Replacement
  • Awning Cleaning
  • New Construction / Remodeling clean up
In addition to the aforementioned services we also offer a number of other services that often fly under the consumer's radar. One of these happens to be glass restoration and repair which works wonders for scratched and stained windows and don't forget we clean the interiors of windows as well as lighting fixtures too!

Should you have any questions regarding any of our services mentioned here or any you don't see please be sure to contact us so that we can help you out.

Stanley Window Cleaning specializes in:

Orange County Glass Restoration - Orange County Window Cleaning - Window Cleaning Orange County Ca

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pressure Washing Suggestions

Whether you’re doing the job yourself, or you plan on hiring a professional to do the work for you, you should still have some basic knowledge of pressure washing. You shouldn’t just buy or rent a pressure washer and start spraying. You need to take precautions as you prepare to spray.
If your house has vinyl siding, brick or stone, you should caulk those areas that have cracks in the siding. Otherwise the water seeps into the wall and may cause mold, then you’ll have bigger problems. Whatever product you use to fill in the areas, let the patching dry for at least one week before you start pressure washing.

Next take steps to protect the landscaping by covering your plants and flowers with a tarp. Be sure your windows are closed, but that’s an obvious suggestion, and don’t ever spray the water directly onto the windows.

Use the proper detergent approved for pressure washing. When you start on your house, start at the bottom and work your way to the top with the detergent. Do one area at a time because you don’t want the detergent to dry. As you spray off the detergent, start at the top and work your way down.

Before you start on the garage floor, the cement or brick driveway, patch all the cracks with the proper filling, and again let it try and settle for an entire week. Follow the same steps as we mentioned above.
If you’re doing the job yourself and have to rent the machine, find out the proper machine for the job at hand. You won’t need the most powerful machine to do simple jobs around your home. Smaller and easier to handle machines will be the best for your job.

When you hire the professionals, try to find one who knows what he is doing. Pressure washers can do a lot of damage if not used properly. References are the best bet when making your choice so ask them for references before they start.

When you see the job that pressure washers accomplish, you’ll want to use them regularly before the dirt, dust, and oil spilled on the surfaces around your home cause permanent damage. Be sure to use the proper equipment to protect yourself and others. Things like eye protectors, plastic tarps, gloves and the correct cleaning products that are made for the pressure washers. Remember pressure washers are not toys and shouldn’t be used by children.

Stanley Window Cleaning specializes in Orange County power washing, Orange County power washing equipment, and Orange County pressure washing.

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