Thursday, June 30, 2011

Orange County Gutter Cleaning - Trees and Your Home

When you're deciding what kind of landscaping you want to have at your home, you might be tempted to put in trees close to the house. They add a natural beauty to your yard, they provide shade, and trees are of course an important part of the environment.

There are a few drawbacks to large trees too close to your house, however. For one, large branches can break off and cave in your roof leading to costly repairs. Not all incidents are so dramatic, however, the more common annoyance is rain gutters full of leaves, twigs and other debris. The more trees you have over your rooftops the faster they'll fill up with mud and in a worst case scenario risk your home's foundation due to erosion, in the best case your walls will get covered with debris when it rains.

If you don't want to sacrifice the look of your yard, though, you'll want to call professionals who can help you with your Orange County gutter cleaning. Fortunately Stanley Window Cleaning is here to help! We can clean up your rain gutters and protect your home. And while we're there we can wash your windows too!

Give us a call for a price on Orange County gutter cleaning, don't wait until the rainy season has already started!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Orange County Window Cleaning And It's Four Types Of Glass

Orange County window cleaners regularly work with a number of different types of glass. Additionally and not surprisingly, one of the most common mistakes clients make is assuming that window cleaners work with just one type of glass and that cleaning different buildings requires just one technique. Nothing could be further from the truth however as different types of glass require not only different chemicals but different techniques as well. There are actually several different types of glass that I deal with regularly.
Annealed Glass: This type of glass is actually fairly easy to clean and is also extremely durable with regards to cleaning. This type of glass can be cleaned using a razor blade or scraper to remove debris, water, soap, and other chemicals won't come off. Best of all it it can be cleaned without fear of scratching. Though most people don't know the name of this glass when it breaks it's the type of glass that breaks into big shards which most people who are familiar with.

Heat Strengthened Glass: Heat strengthened glass is glass that has been heat treated to induce surface compression though not to the extent of causing it to "dice" on breaking in the manner of tempered glass. When cleaning this type of glass an Orange County window cleaning specialist must be on the lookout for fabricating debris which can appear anywhere on this type of glass. Though it's not difficult to remove it's often easy to miss so you'll want an Orange County window cleaner that has extensive experience in working with heat strengthened glass.

Tempered Glass: Timber glass is actually heat strengthened four or five times stronger than annealed glass is. To the layperson tempered glass is more commonly known as safety glass. This type of glass can be found just about anywhere and is very common in vehicles. For a professional Orange County window cleaners this can be the most problematic glass to clean. It can be problematic because of the way it is made and when it is made poorly or is just average a window cleaner will spend considerable time getting it clean. If it's made correctly or is high-grade tempered glass there usually isn't a problem or a least a big problem cleaning it.

Low-E: This type of glass is typically seen in homes and buildings because it's made to cool those structures down. It has film that limits UV light from passing through thereby keeping those buildings it's installed in quite cool. When it comes to cleaning this type of glass an experienced Orange County window cleaning specialist should have a little to no problem in getting the job done.

Regardless of what type of building or home you own you'll want to be sure that the Orange County window cleaner you're interested in has experience in cleaning the type of glass your windows are made of.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Orange County Window Cleaning - Help Your Home Look Its Best!

The importance of windows can't be overstated. If a person doesn't get enough natural light it can even lead to depression! One of the most striking things about a stylish home is often its windows, especially if they look out onto a picturesque view, but do your windows look their best? One of the best ways to do that is with professional Orange County window cleaning.

Let's face it, trying to get your picture windows clean with paper towels and a bottle of window cleaner just isn't going to be enough to get your home spotless or worse, you could end up damaging or scratching the glass requiring costly repairs. Here at Stanley Window Cleaning we can tell exactly which tools are right for the job. We only use the best cleaning methods to make sure that your home shines! Your guests will be impressed with the quality of your Orange County window cleaning, it can even improve your family's mood to have a sparkling outdoor view!

We have refined our cleaning process over the years to provide outstanding results. We also do the little things that are not so little to your window’s appearance such as window frames, window tracks, window sills and window screens. We move anything necessary and place it back for you. We only use the finest tools and products to work in your home. Give us a call and let us tell you what we can do for you today!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Orange County Window Cleaning - The Downside to Remodeling

Remodeling your home can do a lot for its value and for the livability of the space. Who doesn't want their home to seem brand new? Unfortunately painting, putting fresh stucco on walls, even other stray building materials like caulk and concrete can end up on your windows in the process no matter how professional and neat the contractors are.

Fortunately you can call on Stanley Window Cleaning for your Orange County window cleaning needs, we specialize in safely removing:
  • Paint
  • Concrete
  • Stucco debris (from patio pouring, hardscape)
  • Or anything that might be on your glass due to work completed. 
Whether it's with power washing or a good old fashioned Orange County window cleaning, Stanley Window Cleaning will get your windows looking shiny and new to match your remodeled home in no time!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Orange County Window Cleaners Offering Additional Services

It's a common misconception that professional Orange County window cleaners clean only the interior and exterior of your windows. The truth of the matter however is that while some professional window cleaners offer nothing more than traditional window cleaning services some of them offer a wide array of cleaning services in addition to their basic service packages. These additional services can range from the cleaning of lighting fixtures and window blinds to more intensive services such as the pressure washing of stucco walls, driveways, and walkways.
In fact many of the additional services offered by some professional window cleaners go beyond the definition of simple cleaning. Many of these services such as rain gutter cleanings require a professional Orange County window cleaner to not only climb up on top of the roof or a tall ladder to get the job done but utilize special tools as well that allow them to clean debris from the rain gutters so  that they work properly. Moreover professionals use professional grade tools and chemicals to complete these types of jobs.

There are also those Orange County window cleaners who take their services a step further and offer things like screen repair and even on-site screen fittings. This is good news for homeowners whose screens have become damaged or completely unusable over time. It's also cheaper for a homeowner to selected this type of service that it is to refit the screen themselves or take it to somebody who can do it for them. All of these services are designed by professional window cleaners to save a homeowner both time and money.

While many professional window cleaning firms offer the aforementioned services as part of an extended service plan, the professionals that wish to set them selves apart from the rest of the pack will offer even more esoteric services such as remodeling cleanup services and new construction cleaning services. The window cleaning firms that offer these types of services are generally the most experienced and the most dependable, so when you're looking to hire a professional window cleaner looking at these firms first is a smart move.

Orange County Glass Repair - When is it Time to Replace Your Windows?

It can be hard to make a decision about when it's time to throw in the towel and get new windows. Chips, cracks, scratches, buildup and even etching from improper window cleaning can all make the glass in your windows dingy, cloudy and dull. But why not save money by fixing the windows instead of replace them at a fraction of the cost? A lot of flaws and problems can be fixed by an Orange County glass repair specialist like Stanley Window Cleaning:

  • Remove scratches and graffiti (from all types of glass) Commercial buildings, residential homes, display cases
  • Remove scratches from new construction or re-models (all types of glass)
  • Remove acid etching ( from all types of glass)
  • Remove any level of Hard water deposits( all types of glass….windows, Shower enclosures etc.)

Arranging for Orange County glass repair instead of replacing your windows is good for the environment too! Give us a call and let us help you restore your windows to their original shiny beauty!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Orange County Window Cleaning Discounts & Referral Programs

In addition to our outstanding service guarantee and high standards for quality of work, we also offer our new clients a unique opportunity. This opportunity comes by way of our "New Customer Special". Any new clients that calls and books a professional Orange County window cleaning, be it further home or business, can save up to $75 on their first job.

Existing clients needn't feel left out however as we have a friend referral program that can save them money as well. When existing Stanley Window Cleaning clients refer one friend they can save 10% off the next job we do for them. Current clients that refer two friends will save 20% and then those who refer three friends will save 30% on their next job. Even more impressive, clients who really want to take advantage of our referral program can refer 10 friends and receive a free window cleaning!

Should you have any questions about either of these programs or any of our Orange County window cleaning services please do not hesitate to contact us so that we may be of assistance. You can also visit our refferal and discount page as well! We look forward to serving you in the future!