Sunday, May 29, 2016

Glass Fence Cleaning

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When one thinks of fences one generally thinks of wood, perhaps metal. There does exist fences made of glass however. While one would be hard pressed to find a glass fence enclosing a front or back yard they can be found surrounding pools and other designated spaces within a yard. Glass fences may also be used as a border for a BBQ pit, a bathing area, or even a garden. Regardless of how a fence of glass is used the fact remains that they all get dirty.

Expensive and Fragile

As if cleaning glass wasn’t arduous enough, one must consider the fragility of their glass fence as well as the money they spent having it installed. Such considerations often lead people to hire professional window cleaners and rightfully so. Many different types of glass are used in the construction of glass fences and no two types of glass clean the same. Using the wrong tools and chemicals can irreparably damage a glass fence and an improper or haphazard technique can crack, chip, and even shatter a glass fence. If one has spent the considerable sum required to have a glass fence installed they should have enough sense to leave the cleaning of their fence to professional glass and window cleaners. Stanley Window Care employs only the most experienced of individuals and put all employees through a rigorous training process. This means that those who call on us to clean their glass fences needn’t worry about either quality of work nor the health of their glass fences.

Owners On Site – Quality Service

Stanley Window Care places it’s owners at every job site. Owners are present during glass fence cleanings and all other types of cleanings to ensure customer satisfaction and to provide peace of mind to its clients. We set the bar for quality high and we work to exceed customer expectations each and every time. Should a client find themselves unsatisfied with the state we leave their glass fences in we will return at no additional cost to re-clean them. Owners remain at each job site from start to completion and are personable and approachable should clients find themselves with questions.

OC window cleaning experts at Stanley Window Care

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Summer Window Cleanings

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As spring slowly rolls into summer many a homeowner will find that their lawns, gardens, etc. all require substantially more water than they did just a few months earlier. Homeowners may manually water their lawns and gardens though many opt to utilize their sprinkler systems more frequently or for greater lengths of time. No matter what method a homeowner uses there remains the issue of stray water.

Good For Your Bones, Bad For Your Windows

Stray water, especially from sprinklers, has a tendency to land on a home’s windows. While this might seem insignificant, water landing on windows eventually leads to hard water stains. While calcium may be good for your bones it can wreak havoc on a home’s windows. If neglected long enough hard water stains can make ruin windows completely. Windows in an advanced state of neglect will be impossible to see through as light will be contoured as it passes through. Foggy and stained windows can be nearly impossible to clean and can hurt both the value and curb appeal of a home.

Regular Cleanings

Any homeowners that might be worried about extra water leaving deposits on their windows and those who already have hard water build up should contact us here at Stanley Window Care. Our team of experienced professionals can restore windows to their original illustrious state; even those windows overwhelmed with calcium deposits. Not only do we restore vibrancy to a home’s windows, we also treat them with specialized yet safe chemicals. These treatments protect a home’s windows and help prevent further hard water build up. Having a professional window cleaner address hard water stains at least twice a year can save a home’s windows, money, and headache.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Stanley Window Care just Bought Maid Brigade of South Orange County

Stanley Window Care is proud to announce its purchase of Maid Brigade of South Orange County. The company stands ready and anxious to implement its high standards of work and customer satisfaction at Maid Brigade. Customers of South Orange County’s Maid Brigade can also expect the same type of guarantees and quality customer service that Stanley Window Care has come to be known for. Owner Jerod Stanley says of the acquisition, “We couldn’t be more excited. I understand that some have had a less than satisfactory experience with the Maid Brigade in the past but things are going to change and change quickly with the business becoming a member of the Stanley Window Care family. There are certainly some challenges ahead of us but we plan on meeting them head on with the same tenacity we have at Stanley Window Care. Expect a very different and improved Maid Brigade of South Orange County very soon.” 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Pressure Washing Elements To Consider For Maximum Results

orange county pressure washing experts
When working with cleaning the exterior of your home you’re going to run into a difficult task. Whether you have stucco, vinyl, aluminum, or other types of siding, you are going to find issues. When you can’t clean things well on your own you’ll need to look into getting a bit of help. One such option is that of the pressure washer solution. Pressure washing is a great option as it will help you get the upper hand overall. Pressure washing sends a high powered stream of water to your walls and clears debris fast without damaging anything.  

Simple Pressure

The easiest thing to work with is simple.  Use the pressure to spread the water across debris, dirt, and grime. This process will help you remove mineral deposits, lime, and hard water elements. Grease and oil can also get a push here and either way you can get a lot going with just the pressurized water. Focus on just one area at a time instead of spreading it across a larger area. The more specific you get the better the quality of the cleaning.

Heated or Chemical Options

There are two options that you need to consider with this. You could go with the high pressure water element. Water is the key but aside from that you will need to consider chemical blasting. Chemicals such as sand, dry ice, and soda can all be used to blast walls and roofing. Now in regards to water, you can also get heated liquid at a high pressure that is mixed with soap or other detergents as well. These are two distinct options that you will want to consider in regards to cleaning walls and exterior areas. There are advantages for each one of these and it’s a matter of what your specific needs are.

When To Call In A Professional

You could rent a pressure washer but if you’re not familiar with this tool you will need to call in a professional. Professionals usually have a different grade solution and experience to boot. That means that you can expect results far more than you would if you went through the DIY methodology. There are certain situations that you may not have the experience to fix. Call in a professional to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Pressure washing is a great way to clean your home’s walls, concrete driveways, and more. Whether you go with a DIY option or you hire a professional you’ll find that the results are usually very good.

Orange County Pressure Washing by Stanley Window Care

Friday, February 26, 2016

Homes And Graffiti

It is estimated that 20% of homes become an unfortunate canvas for vandals. Graffiti "artists" sometimes target homes for no other reason than to impress friends or make a statement. No matter the reason for the vandalism, homeowners must contend with the costs of graffiti removal. Not only that but this type of illicit behavior causes both short and long term damage. The cost of removing graffiti from a home can be very expensive with prices ranging from $45,000 to $300,000, depending on the extent of the damages of course.

Types Of Graffiti Removal/Repair

Very small amounts of graffiti can usually be covered up with nothing more than a minuscule amount of fresh paint. Homeowners whose houses are covered with graffiti however will have little choice but to hire professional cleaners. Professional window cleaners are a good choice because not only can they safely clean and restore/repair windows covered in graffiti but they usually offer pressure washing services as well. Pressure washing can remove graffiti from almost any surface without causing damage. Of course the homes most adversely affected by graffiti will require not only professional cleaners but painters as well. Some may even require home repair experts when damages go beyond topical.

Hey Look At Me

As previously stated, vandals often look to make a statement when tagging a home with graffiti. The vast majority of these people are also seeking attention, peer approval, or to impress something they look up to. The best thing a homeowner can do to deter unscrupulous vandals is to have their graffiti removed quickly. The longer it remains the more fuel a homeowner adds to a vandals fire. As vandals want their work to remain as long as possible removing it quickly also dissuades criminals from returning to a home. When all traces of their work are removed quickly they often move onto other targets. Be quick to remove graffiti and contact the police if your home ever becomes a target for these insidious individuals.

Orange County Graffiti Removal

Bullet Proof Windows For Your Home

Although one may not give them much consideration, bullet proof windows can do wonders for a home. Sure there's these windows are built to stop bullets but it's very unlikely any homeowner will ever need their windows to protect them. Instead homeowners may want to consider upgrading their home's windows to bullet proof glass for several other reasons.


Bullet proof windows are made from the highest quality glass. This means that these types of windows are far more durable than any other type of windows. In fact, bullet proof windows are impervious to blasts, highly impact resistant, are very difficult to scratch or chip, and are almost always chemically treated so that they stay cleaner longer. Adding to their durability, bullet proof windows often include multiple panes which also makes these types of windows an excellent choice for homeowners who want to reduce energy consumption costs.

Added Home Value

Bullet proof windows are durable and can protect a home from both impacts and blasts but there's also the added home value they carry with them. Having these types of windows installed at a home dramatically increases the value of a home. Perhaps this is why so many homeowners have this upgrade done prior to putting their home on the market. It has been said that the greatest value bullet proof windows hold is the fact that they are available in all the same styles and designs one finds in other types of home windows.

Climate Control

Bullet proof windows almost always incorporate the chemicals, treatments, and techniques used in the creation of energy efficient windows. Their thicker and more durable glass as well as multiple panes means even greater control over the internal climate of a home. Homeowners that elect to have bullet proof windows installed will find their energy bills reduced by as much as 30% and even more when used with draperies, blinds, etc. Of course bullet proof windows can also be tinted for even more control and so that homeowners can create specific atmospheres in parts or the whole of their home.

Orange County Window Cleaning by Stanley Window Care

Monday, January 25, 2016

Commercial And Residential Glass Restoration

There's a common misconception that Stanley Window Care cleans and repairs glass either only at homes or businesses. In reality we clean and repair both and have been doing so for many years. While many of our clients and prospective clients know us for our window cleaning services we also repair and restore windows as well. In fact our services cover all types of glass not just windows.

Graffiti Is No Problem

Graffiti can leave both homes and places of business looking unkempt and unprofessional. Therefore home and business owners will want it removed with great haste. Some laypersons may attempt to remove graffiti on their own though very few will produce the types of results that they hope for. These zealous types should remember that removing graffiti from glass is a painstaking process that requires a great deal of time as well as commercial grade tools and chemicals. Stanley Window Care removes graffiti from all types of glass and leaves them all looking and shining like new.

Scratches And Scuffs

During construction of a new home and during remodels or additions windows can sustain damage. Many people believe these scuffs and scratches are irreparable and rush out to buy new windows. Stanley Window Care can not only repair these types of damages but can restore them to their original luster too. Home and business owners will save themselves a great deal of money by utilizing these services as opposed to buying new windows/glass.

Calcium Deposits

Better known as hard water spots, calcium deposits can make windows and other types of glass look murky, smeary, and obstruct/distort the view of an observer. Try as they might most people have little luck in removing these deposits with the store bought cleaners and tools they often utilize. Stanley Window Care brings not only commercial grade tools and chemicals to the job but years of experience as well. We can restore glass/windows with even severe calcium build up on them, leaving them looking like new.

Friday, January 22, 2016

All Encompassing Window Cleaning Services

While Stanley Window Care is best known for it's superb window cleaning services we offer a multitude of additional services as well. Many of these services revolve around the cleaning of glass though some also address the needs of dirty surfaces and items within a home. Stanley Window Care aims to deliver the most comprehensive window and glass cleaning services in all of Southern California. Let us be your one stop shop for a reputable glass/window cleaner.

Power Washing Services

One of our most popular miscellaneous services is our power washing service. Stanley Window Care utilizes state of the art tools and chemicals to clean driveways, walkways, parking lots, stucco walls, and a multitude other surfaces. Not only do we leave these surfaces looking like new but we treat all of them so that remain cleaner in between visits from us.

Glass Restoration And Repair

Replacing windows is an expensive and time consuming venture. All too often home and business owners rush out and buy new windows without every stopping to consider glass restoration and repair. Stanley Window Care offers restoration and repair services that return glass to it's original luster. Whether it's a window, a shower enclosure, or a mirror we can remove scratches, hard water deposits, and graffiti with ease. If your windows are in bad shape call us for a free estimate before you buy new windows.

New Construction Cleanup

Construction can wreak havoc on windows, especially new home construction. Stanley Window Care offers services that not only clean up windows sullied by construction efforts but repair services that return the shine to new windows. We take great care while working in and around new homes and carry insurance to protect both construction companies and homeowners.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Professional Window Cleaning Services: Buyer Beware

One would think that hiring a professional window cleaner would be a rather simple process. One might also believe that it really doesn't matter which professional you hire, as long as you don't have to clean your windows yourself. As with all things it's best to take a “buyer beware” approach to hiring a pro window cleaner. With so many window cleaners utilizing the moniker “professional” in order to sell their services it can be very difficult to weed out less than reputable contractors. Being a skeptic when researching professional window cleaners online will do customers a world of good.

Credentialed Professionals

It can be very tempting for home and business owners to hire the cheapest professional window cleaners they can find. Doing so however can cost them more money and time as these so called pro's are often unlicensed, un-bonded, nor do they carry workman's compensation. When you become interested in a specific window cleaning individual or firm it behooves everyone to ask for some credentials. Any professional window cleaner worth their salt will be more than happy to produce these. Hiring window cleaners without these credentials is always dangerous. Should your home or business become damaged you, not they, will be responsible for repairs. Should a team member sustain injury in your home or office the injured party can sue you.

Safe, Efficient, And Licensed Services

Stanley Window Care prides itself on delivering top notch window cleaning services to Southern California though we also take a great deal of pride in offering licensed and bonded services as well. Additionally Stanley Window Care carries a great deal of workman's compensation insurance. This means that should an accident occur at your home or should your home sustain damage we pay for it and accept all responsibility for it. We believe it to be very important to provide our clients and prospective clients with peace of mind well before we ever step into or work at their homes. Stanley Window Care is happy to provide its clients with it's licensing and insurance paperwork anytime it's requested.