Sunday, May 29, 2011

Orange County WIndow Cleaning: What is Pressure Washing?

"Pressure Washing" or "Power Washing" is a cleaning technique that we use here at Stanley Window Cleaning, but not everyone is familiar with what the process involves. To put it simply, we use specialized equipment to fit each individual situation. Some chemicals aren't good for wood, some equipment is too powerful for residential windows and may void your warranty. There are special nozzles for cleaning something like gum off hardscape and decks, and another for putting shine in your windows. What we can wash includes:

  • Dirt and mildew build up on glass
  • Driveways
  • Roofs
  • Concrete
  • Hardscapes (stone, etc.), and other exterior surfaces removing moss, dirt, gum, stains, etc. 
Give Stanley Window Cleaning, your local Orange County power washers a call today to see what we can do for you!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Orange County Window Cleaning Tip: Don't Use Harsh Chemicals

You wouldn't spray ammonia-based chemicals on the outside of a glass, wipe it off with paper and then drink from it, would you? And yet people continue to use this inefficient method of washing when it comes to their windows. What's worse is that if you use harsh chemicals on your window it can literally "burn" the glass, leaving marks that will never come out. At Stanley Window Cleaning we only use the best Orange County power washing techniques to get your windows clean without harsh chemicals, using tested professional methods. We offer:

  • A process that we've refined over the years to provide outstanding results. 
  • We also do the little things that are not so little to your window’s appearance such as window frames, window tracks, window sills and window screens. 
  • We move anything necessary and place it back for you. 
  • We only use the finest tools and products to work in your home. 

Stop using those harsh chemicals on your windows today, let Stanley Window Cleaning take care of your Orange County window cleaning today!

Orange County Window Cleaning Tip: Abrasive Nylon Pads

Orange County window cleaners enjoy giving tips to help improve the look of your windows. When cleaning your windows you may think that the sponge you use for cleaning dishes will preform the same task for windows, but this is not true.
When using abrasive nylon pads this can create deep scratches on your glass that can not be repaired. Unlike dishes your glass is much softer, making it easier to scratch and damage the window.

The safe way to clean your windows without using the abrasive nylon pads is to use specialized nylon, fine grade steel wool, and glass scrapers to clean or take off any stickers you may have on the glass. Do not use the abrasive nylon pads for any reason as this can result in costly damages and repairs.

As Orange County window cleaners we love providing customers with care tips for their windows.If you have any questions or need a professional to help you with window care you can contact us at anytime!

Orange County Window Cleaning Advice For Painting Near Windows

We as Orange County Window Cleaners would like to provide you with another useful tip to keep your glass in optimal condition. If you are planning to paint near windows the best advice is to cover your windows with cloth or plastic to keep paint from touching any windows. When covering up your windows it also prevents you form having to use blades or razors to remove the paint on the glass.

If paint is kept on a window for a long amount of time it can permanently stain or damage the window. If for any reason paint does get onto a window it is best to contact a local window cleaning professional. quick reminder, never use any tap water or razors on the window for this can damage your windows.

Our job as Orange County Window Cleaners is to help you maintain your windows at all times. If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Orange County Window Cleaning tip: Replace Or Remove Metal Window Screens

Orange County window cleaners love to help customers when deciding what is best for their windows. Here is a helpful tip about having metal window screens. When you have metal window screens it can oxidize your glass and cause it to appear hazy or have a white etched look. The reason why this occurs is because windows when it becomes humid or when it starts to rain it deteriorates the metal and it then becomes oxidized in your windows.If the window does become oxidized then this could cause damage to your window.

If this issue does occur to your windows it may be restored by a professional window cleaner, but the best way to prevent this problem is to just avoid having metal window screens at all.

If you have any questions you can contact an Orange County window cleaner at anytime!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Orange County Window Cleaning Glass Sealant

As Orange County window cleaners it is our duty to help you make decisions regarding your windows. Here is a quick tip if you are a person who only gets their windows cleaned once a year. You should consider applying sealant to the exterior of your window. When you apply sealant it does many things to prevent your window for damage such as keeping out:
  • Pollution
  • Hard water
  • Glass oxidization
  • And much more!

Adding a sealant not only keeps out things that can damage your windows, but it also allows your windows to stay clean for a longer period of time.

If you have any questions or you need help applying sealant then you can contact us at anytime! Orange County window cleaners are always here when you need them with all of your window services.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Orange County Window Cleaning Home Recipes

Here are some more tips from Orange County window cleaners for keeping your windows in great condition. One thing many individuals question is the usefulness of home recipes with regards to cleaning windows?

Home Cleaning Recipes For Windows Facts

Many people believe home recipes are less expensive and more safe to use, but in reality harsh chemicals from home recipes can damage your windows by clouding and scratching the glass. Overall, it will benefit your windows if you chose the more expensive route, and buy the correct chemicals for your glass. You could also hire a professional window cleaner!

If you have any questions or would like more useful tips you can contact us anytime. As Orange County window cleaners it is our job to make sure the customer is fully satisfied with our work.