Sunday, March 2, 2014

What Does Stanley Window Care Guarantee?

Stanley Window Care prides itself on delivering top-notch and unparalleled professional window cleaning services. Likewise, the company offers the most comprehensive guarantees within the window cleaning profession. If customers aren't talking about how stunning their windows look after a visit from Stanley Window Care they're talking about the guarantees the company makes. While the company's window cleaning services are certainly appreciated home and business owners are just as excited about the company's guarantees.

So what exactly does Stanley Window Care guarantee? There are several things all of which are designed to not only give home and business owners peace of mind but ensure efficiency and quality of work. The first and perhaps most important guarantee Stanley Window Care offers its quality of work. The company guarantees 100% of its work. The company considers no job completes until a customer is completely and utterly satisfied. In fact so committed to quality are they that should a customer be unhappy with the work performed by Stanley Window Care, they will not be asked to pay.

Homeowners are also excited about the care that Stanley Window Care guarantees their home will receive during a visit. With the company's owners on-site and only the most experienced and professional window cleaners employed, the company and its employees treat each and every home with the same love and care they do their own. They do this by wearing booties over their shoes while working in a home and utilizing drop cloths in front of every single window and/or fixture they clean. If you'd like to learn more about Stanley Window Care's Orange County window cleaning services and guarantees be sure to click here.

Stanley Window Care was founded on the principles of honesty and integrity and those remain at the forefront of all their business dealings. The company's owners are always on-site and the company is not only licensed and bonded for the protection of their customers but the company carries its own Worker's Compensation policies to protect homeowners from any employees that might be injured working at their home. Should you have any questions about their professional window cleaning services or their guarantees feel free to contact Stanley Window Care at any time.

Stanley Window Care specializes in the following:

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Screen Repair And Replacement Services In Time For Spring

With spring just a few weeks away many homeowners will undoubtedly turn their attention towards their home. More specifically they will begin looking at areas they believe should be cleaned and at areas that need a some repairs or restoration. This is especially true of their homes windows and any corresponding screens. With spring comes warmer weather and the opportunity and desire to open a home up for some fresh air.

When screens become damaged however opening a window or a sliding glass door means a homeowner risks allowing pests and debris into their home. There aren't many, if any, homeowners that wants leaves, twigs, spiders, or any garden-variety bugs/insects in their home. Intact screens afford homeowners the opportunity to let some fresh air into their home without having to worry about any of the aforementioned things

In order to get homeowners the ability to enjoy the springtime with open windows Stanley Window Care offers Orange County screen replacement and repair services. You can learn more about the services by both clicking here and reading on. Although laypersons can normally rescreen a door or window themselves having to run to a home improvement store, purchase tools and screening, and then return home to install it can be a time-consuming process. Stanley Window Care's team of professionals can repair and replace screens in a very short amount of time and will treat your home and screens as if they were their own.

Should you have any questions about Stanley Window Care's screen replacement and repair services please be sure to contact them. Not only will they answer any questions you may have but will be happy to provide you with a free quote as well.

Stanley Window Care specializes in the following:

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Restoring Glass: Removing Scratches

Home and business owners may be quick to run out and purchase new glass when they find out that a particular window or glass structure has been scratched extensively. While it might certainly seen the sensible thing to do in actuality it's anything but that. New windows, glass shower enclosures, mirrors, and other glass surfaces can be quite costly. Not only that but they can also be very difficult and time-consuming to install.

Stanley Window Care offers homeowners an alternative to purchasing and installing new glass structures and surfaces. The company offers glass restoration services that eliminate scratches from virtually any glass surface. Not only do these Orange County glass restoration services remove scratches from glass but include chemical treatments for glass that protect restored surfaces from further damage and degradation. To find out more about these services click here.

Any home or business owner that has glass surfaces that are currently scratched and those that might be contemplating purchasing new glass should first contact Stanley Window Care for a free quote. A friendly and knowledgeable member of their staff will be able to answer any questions that one may have.

Stanley Window Care specializes in the following:

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pressure Washing Your Roof

In keeping with the theme of sometimes overlooked Stanley Window Care services, today we're going to talk about pressure washing. In the past we've talked extensively about pressure washing albeit in a capacity that addresses the needs of parking structures, parking lots, walkways, and even driveways. What many people are unaware of is that the Orange County pressure washing services offered by Stanley window care can also be utilized to clean a building's roof. Regardless of whether it's the roof of a home or a commercial structure the company's pressure washing services work wonders.

When roofs become riddled with debris not only do they become worn and prone to things like leaks and cracks but extensive damage can occur and require a home or business owner to invest serious money into having a new roof installed. Rather than having to deal with such a headache, individuals can elect to have their roofs cleaned by professionals who utilize industrial grade pressure washing equipment and chemicals. You can learn more about these Orange County pressure washing services by clicking here!

When you hire Stanley Window Care to pressure wash your roof you'll receive the same commitment to excellence, unparalleled customer service, and satisfaction guarantees that are found in their window cleaning services. Be sure to contact them should you have any questions about their services or their guarantees.

Stanley Window Care specializes in the following:

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Solar Panel Cleaing Services

With a well-earned reputation as Orange County's premier professional window cleaning service it's sometimes easy to overlook some of the other extremely effective services that Stanley Window Care offers. One of these services happens to be professional Orange County solar panel cleaning though many homeowners are often unaware that they are even professionals available for such a thing. The truth of the matter is that there are and that Stanley Window Care's solar panel cleaning services are extremely effective and carry the same guarantees as do their window cleaning services.

From the moment solar panels are installed they begin collecting dirt and dust. Ass dirt and dust collect and as debris falls from trees, is carried in from wind, and rain falls, solar panels slowly but steadily become less efficient at converting sunlight into usable energy. While many homeowners will often neglect their solar panels until they notice a marked decline in efficiency, there are those who understand that having solar panels cleaned professionally and on a regular basis will allow them to continue functioning optimally at all times. To learn more about Stanley Window Care's solar panel cleaning services click here!

Should you have any questions about Stanley window cares solar panel cleaning services please feel free to contact them. A knowledgeable and friendly member of their staff will be happy to answer those questions and blaming lingering concerns to rest.

Stanley Window Care specializes in the following:

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Newport Beach Power Washing Before And After Pictures

See the difference. Pressure washing can transform your patio.
Newport Beach Power Washing Before Picture

Newport Beach Power Washing After Picture
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Give Your Roof A Bath - Pressure Washing Orange, CA

Did you know you can give your roof a bath? Cleaning off the tiles can preserve your roof.

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Think You Need To Replace Your Windows? Think Again!!

Have your windows seem better days? Have your windows seen many years of sprinkler water? Calcium build up is not the end of your windows! We can Help!

Check out the below windows and how they can be completely restored!

glass restoration

glass restoration
Not only do we do windows but shower doors as well!
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Monday, January 20, 2014

Window Cleaning Corona Del Mar

Got the pleasure of cleaning the windows on a great home in Corona Del Mar. Here is Stanley Window Care cleaning the third story windows. Look at that view!!
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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Glass Wall Cleaning in Laguna Beach

Check out the view from a beautiful home in Laguna Beach! Looking over a cliff!
Let us clear your view!!
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