Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cleaning Window Tracks

He is in the minds of many a layperson, window cleaning is simply wetting, soaping up, rinsing, and then the drying of windows. Of course expressing this assessment to a professional is likely to yield laughter and even a raised eyebrow. The reaction professionals express is often brought about as a result of their extensive knowledge. Any professional will tell you cleaning windows involves much more than the aforementioned steps.

The most commonly overlooked aspect of window cleaning within a home by laypersons is window tracks. When individuals clean their own windows they will usually ignore it their window tracks. Professionals on the other hand recognize the importance of cleaning window tracks. When left unattended for long periods of time, window tracks can become riddled with not only dirt but things like dead insects, small rocks that they make opening and closing a window difficult, and in some cases mold as well.

After cleaning and drying windows professional window cleaners will utilize different tools and materials in order clean window tracks. It's not uncommon to witness professionals utilizing things like a minivac, an old tooth or wire brush, cleaning rags, and specialized cleaning chemicals. Used in conjunction with one another, these things can keep window tracks looking just as clean and just as new as professionally cleaned windows.

Window tracks that are kept clean not only add to the aesthetic beauty of professionally cleaned windows but make windows easier to open and reduce the danger of trying to open windows that get stuck in their tracks.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Cleaning Windows With Purified Water

There are a lot of different methods, chemicals, and tools that people can utilize to clean their windows. Everything from the right squeegee, soft cloth, cleaning solution, and even stroke can make or break the end result of a window cleaning project. What many individuals often overlook when the time comes to clean their windows is the quality of the water they'll be using.

Different types of water can be found in different neighborhoods and will vary greatly from even home to home. Should a homeowner be savvy enough to know which tools and chemicals to utilize for a window cleaning they still may not have the type of water needed to produce the end results they are looking for. Hard water for example may look fine as it is leaving the hose and running down the window but hard water contains high levels of calcium which can promote streaks and spots on even recently cleaned windows. It also causes buildup over time.

In sharp contrast to hard water and other types of less than desirable water, pure water is the most sought-after type of water in professional window cleaning circles. This is because pure water has all its impurities removed long before it ever reaches the hands of professional cleaners and removes soap and debris from windows far better than tapwater.

Most professional cleaners will have a solid understanding and extensive knowledge of how osmosis is used to purified water and how and why purified water cleans windows far more effectively than any other type of liquid. In a nutshell reverse osmosis removes things I calcium, magnesium, sodium, and even iron from water softening it dramatically and removing things that can scratch, damage, and make windows difficult to clean.

Do-it-yourselfers rarely, if ever, give much thought to the water they are using during a window cleaning project. Furthermore it can be difficult for do-it-yourselfers to obtain purified water especially in any meaningful quantity. Professionals on the other hand generally have access to this type of water and even when they don't can adjust their cleaning techniques accordingly.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

What Are These Yellow Dots On My windows?

There are a great many things that can cause a window to lose its luster and its clarity. Among them, though rarely spoken of, are little yellow spots. Californians often notice these golden dots all over their cars and homes windows. During certain times of the year these dots will appear in greater numbers making windows look ugly and unkempt. Left untreated these dots can also impede visibility. Not only are they aesthetically displeasing but they are often difficult to remove from windows as well. Despite their commonality and the difficulty people have in removing them, most individuals have no idea what they are or where they come from.

Many individuals believe that they are a substance that falls with morning dew or one that is brought in by rain and other various types of precipitation. What many are surprised to learn however is that these yellow/gold dots found on car and home windows are actually bee excrement. You read right, these yellow and gold dots are the remnants of the pollen that bees consume.

Owners of vehicles can simply move or park their vehicles in a different location, one that's further away from bees but homeowners don't have the luxury of moving their abode to a different location. Although bee droppings are notoriously difficult to clean they don't actually pose any long-term risk to a home's windows and can therefore be cleaned both by homeowners and professional window cleaners. Hiring a professional window cleaner to remove be droppings from a home's windows will always yield greater results and may also see some protective coatings added just after cleaning which make removing future droppings easier. Do-it-yourselfers can also remove be droppings but it will require time, money, and patientce.

Professional window cleaners will have greater success with windows covered in be droppings simply because they have the tools and chemicals necessary to remove just about anything from windows and the experienced hands needed to avoid damaging windows in the process. Things like pressure washers and different chemical soaps can be used both separately and in conjunction with one another remove the little gifts bees leave behind on a homes window. Do-it-yourselfers will quickly find that they will need to invest in expensive tools and chemicals should they wish to remove be droppings from their windows frequently.

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