Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rain Gutters: Your Home's Defense Against Rain

In addition to the recent rains have fallen Orange County in the dirty windows they have left in their wake, there are many homes in the south land they have rain gutters that no longer function as they should. When rain gutters are working properly they allow the precipitation that gathers on roofs and that falling from trees to be filtered down through a gutter that usually empties somewhere near the end of a homes property line. Rain gutters essentially protect a home from the damage that even light rain can cause.

While properly functioning rain gutters are a homes defense against rain, neglected rain gutters and does not functioning properly can be a detriment to the home they are a part of. Rain gutters that are clogged with debris, mud, animal and insect carcasses, as well as many other things can allow water to not only build up an overflow in a gutter but redirect or pool somewhere on or near a home. All of these scenarios can lead to water damage in the home which is extremely expensive to fix and a real headache to deal with in general.

Stanley Window Care not only cleans windows in and around Orange County but also cleans rain gutters and inspects them to ensure that their functioning properly. All this is done at a friendly price that comes along with unmatched customer service. Should you need your rain gutters inspected, repaired, or clean be sure to contact us so that we may be of assistance!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rain Makes For Dirty Windows

There has been plenty of rain as of late in and around Orange County which means that your home or business windows are likely looking like they could use some attention. Even after small bouts of rain windows can be left with calcium deposits, streaks, and many types of debris that come to rest on windows while they are wet.

While a homeowner can certainly cleaned windows themselves, this season can make that difficult and even a waste of time for homeowners. With it likely to rain at least a few more times before spring gives way to summer the windows on your home or commercial structure benefit most from a visit by a professional window cleaner. Stanley Window Care is Orange County's number one professional window cleaning service and offers a seven day rain warranty that essentially guarantees that the company will clean your windows and then return should it rain again within seven days. The attention from a professional window cleaner allows homeowners to dedicate their free time something else while the warranty should give homeowners the peace of mind they need in knowing that their money hasn't been thrown down the drain.

Should you have any questions about the window cleaning services offered by Stanley Window Care please be sure to contact us and that we may be of assistance!

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