Thursday, November 30, 2017

Orange County House Cleaning: Tips For Kitchen Cleaning You Should Use Often

The kitchen in any home is going to attract a great deal of dirt, grime, and foot traffic. It’s one of the areas that people traverse the most. Plus, when you’re cooking a lot of different elements start to spread across various elements, surfaces, and more. It’s for this reason you should look into options that will help you clean things up with relative ease. The following tips are going to help you get a cleaner kitchen without a big headache overall.

The Kitchen Counters

The first thing that you should consider is simple, clean the surfaces of your kitchen with a kitchen spray. You can either make your own or you can purchase a mix in a store. Experts suggest that you use a bleach option or something that has a disinfectant that can kill 99% of germs. This will help you ensure that you will end up with a good sanitized counter top and will help remove residue from meat, vegetables, and other things. The counter is one of the places that can be quite dirty and difficult to manage overall.

Mopping Floors

The act of mopping doesn’t need to be a difficult matter. You should however work towards cleaning crevices and more with hot water and cleaning detergents. You don’t need to go extreme here. Plus, your goal is not to soak the area but rather to clean things up a bit. Mopping should be done from time to time with hot water and just enough detergent to cover hard to reach areas and surfaces that are open. Again, you don’t need to soak the floor but rather spread the mop across all areas with detergent overall.

Dust Your Cabinets

One of the most neglected parts of your kitchen will no doubt be the cabinets. People don’t think of this when cleaning and it’s a good way to leave dirt, grime, and more around the kitchen. From time to time you should dust the interior of your cabinets, removing everything and placing them back into their space. Then you should dust the exterior and ensure that you’re cleaning and dusting areas on the outside for dirt and more. This will help you gain the upper hand in terms of cleaning your kitchen.


Last thing to work on is the appliances that you have. You should clean the exteriors and make sure that you clean any residue from oil or splatters that have been displaced during cooking. You could use a plastic scraper and get some grease off if it’s stuck onto the stove and oven but other than that you can use a degreaser and a cleaning cloth to get a great deal of this work done with ease.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Important Questions To Ask Before Pressure Washing Your Deck

orange county pressure washing experts
Pressure washing your deck isn’t a bad thing. However, you’re going to need to think about a few things beforehand. If hiring a professional do not just hire anyone to do this. Ask a few questions that will give you a little bit of insight as to what to expect. This is a good solution worth exploring on a deeper level especially if you want your deck to look great. Before you hire anyone here are a few questions that you should ask.

How Much Experience Does The Company Have? 

When you’re investigating solutions ask the companies you want to hire how much experience they have with pressure washing. Ask how long they’ve been in business and what the experience their employees have. This will give you an idea of how well the business is doing and whether they are a good fit for your needs.

Does The Company Specialize In Deck Cleaning? 

The next thing that should be considered is whether or not the company specializes in deck cleaning. Pressure washing decks is not something that every company does well,or is used to. Just because they have been in business for some time it doesn’t mean that they are going to be able to give you specific help in cleaning decks overall.

Is The Washing Done With Just Water or Are Detergents Used? 

Moving forward you’ll want to ask about water and detergents. Does the company use detergents or just water? Some companies will use both while others will use just one or two. Either way you should ask what the options are in regard to cleaning decks. If they don’t work with pressure washing with detergents then you’ll have something that may not work well for you. There’s a balancing act here.

Do You Apply Sealers? 

If your deck is made of wood, which is common, you need to ask about whether the manufacturers use sealants. If they do you’ll need to make sure that you know what it is. Ask what type of sealers are used and make sure that the sealer meets the deck’s build and requirements so that you’re able to ensure that your deck stays good over time.

Licensing and More

The last thing that you should consider is simple, whether or not the company is licensed and bonded. Ask about insurance, licensing, and other questions about pressure washing. This will help you understand the bigger picture and whether the company is in fact the right one for you. Don’t hire anyone that isn’t licensed.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Keeping Your Bathroom Cleaner Than Ever Before

The bathroom is one of the areas of the home that gets a lot of traffic and people don’t want to think about cleaning. It is important to get it cleaned with a routine that doesn’t wait too long to get started. Of course you may find yourself waiting a bit longer than other areas of your home to clean but it’s imperative that you stop. Instead, a little bit of cleaning and maintenance can go a long way to ensure that your bathroom is hygienic and 100% clean. The following will help you get this option done a bit faster and easier overall.

The Daily Clean Option

The first thing that you can do is simple, start cleaning a little bit at a time. The next time you take a shower, start to clean and work through the different areas of your bathroom, and focus on the bigger picture of cleaning over time. For instance, you can clean your tub and shower area every shower with a spray. There are some that you spray and forget, allowing for daily maintenance to clear things up.

The Weekly Routine Solution

For those that don’t want to get into a cleaning method for daily use why not test out a weekly routine. Every seventh day you could clean your bathroom with a little bit of rigor. You can work with cleaning the shower with a tile and shower spray for starters. Then use a toilet brush to clean the interior of your toilet then use a mop and hot water to clean the floors. The sink and surfaces can be cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner and that’s it. Within less than an hour you could have a sparkling bathroom.

The Monthly Routine Option

Now, regardless of which solution you decide to use, you’re going to want to go with a deeper clean once a month. This is a solution that will require a bit more work. Once a month make sure that you get into the tub and scrape any residue off the fixtures, as well as spray the shower and tiles. Then make sure that you do deeper cleaning elements in the cabinets, the toilet, sink, and counter tops. You’ll want to make sure that you throw out old soap, update different toiletries, and more. This should take more time than other options and you should write a checklist of things to do overall. Go through the checklist and remember this only needs to be done once a month, after the other solutions are done.

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