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Huntington Beach Window Cleaning

Huntington Beach Window Cleaning
Huntington Beach Window Cleaning
Huntington Beach Window Cleaning
Huntington Beach Window Cleaning
Huntington Beach Window Cleaning by Stanley Window Care. Residential and commercial window cleaning services available. No job too big or small for us! We guarantee your satisfaction. Owners are always on site to ensure quality.

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Hiring A Professional Commercial Window Cleaner

Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning Experts at Stanley Window Care want to help keep your building looking clean. We have all the proper equipment to reach high windows and have more than 15 years experience in window cleaning. We service the entire Orange County CA and will always have a manager on site.
Today's business world is not only fast and always evolving but it's extremely competitive as well. If there was ever a time when 'you only get one chance to make a first impression” it's now. With so many companies vying for the attention of your potential customers, you can ill afford to make a tepid or even poor first impression. While there is a lot that goes into impressing would be clients one of the most important is a clean and professional office environment. One of the most overlooked aspects of a clean working space is a building's windows. This oversight is usually a byproduct of simply not wanting to do the work and other times not having the time and/or tools to do the job. For those whom own or work in multiple storied buildings there's also the issue of safety. Climbing ladders while working with water and cleaning solutions can be a dangerous job and one that results in injury.

So what then is a business owner or manager supposed to do to ensure that their windows remain in a pristine state? It is quite impractical for the owners of a business to do the work themselves and insurance reasons alone will prevent the work from being done by employees who were hired to do another job. This is where the practicality of hiring a professional Orange County window cleaner comes into clear view. Hiring such professionals takes the burden off the shoulders of people whom aren't trained in the work and places it on persons who bring experience and industrial grade tools to the job.

Why Hire A Professional Window Cleaner?

A business owner and those who own commercial structures hire professional window cleaners for a variety of reasons.

  • Impeccable Results – Professional window cleaners are put through rigorous training long before they are sent out to a job site. This training ensures a high quality of work and teaches window cleaners how to care for a building as if it where their own. All of this leads to the type of results that only professionals can produce. These persons will leave windows looking like new and can even restore their original luster and shine. Furthermore, windows this clean are conducive to higher employee moral and a higher level of productivity.
  • The Right Tools For The Right Job – Whereas the do-it-yourselfer might use a retail cleaning solution, a simple cloth, and a cheap squeegee, a professional window cleaner brings with them state of the art cleaning solutions, tools, and the knowledge needed to use them efficiently. The pros always provide their own miscellaneous tools such as ladders, disposal bags, etc.
  • Safety – It might not be immediately obvious but window cleaning can be a dangerous job. Sure, windows at ground level aren't all that difficult to clean nor are those just above that but once extension poles, hoses, ladders and the like all come into the picture, the risk of falls, slips, bruises, cuts, and even broken bones rises exponentially. When you hire a professional to clean your windows your risk of injury falls to zero and professionals rarely, if ever, get hurt.
  • Saving Time – The act of cleaning windows is a time consuming one. Laypersons whom take this task upon themselves will spend days trying to clean their workspace. Professional window cleaners however can complete both the exterior and interior of windows in a matter of hours...not days. Business owners and managers have...well businesses to run. They should not be responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of the building they occupy.
  • Insurance And Lawsuits – Businesses do not carry the type of insurance that covers window work for employees that were hired to do something else. Any business or building owner who might consider asking employees to wash their buildings windows must not only be prepared for a backlash but potential lawsuits as well. Professional window cleaners are licensed, bonded, and carry workman's compensation insurance so that their clients nor your employees are never responsible for damages and/or injuries.
  • Keep Tenants Happy – Those whom lease spaces in commercial buildings for work shouldn't have to pay for maintenance themselves. This is something landlords and management companies have paid for. Its come to be expected in the modern world and it is a great way to instill confidence in tenants...and keep them in your building for years to come.

So Many To Choose From

With so many professional window cleaning firms and individuals to choose from, finding the right one for your commercial building can be quite the daunting task. In decades past one had only the Yellow Pages and word of mouth to rely on when considering a firm. These days however the internet is with you everywhere you go. Never hire a professional without first using the internet to read reviews, speak with other customers (past and present), and without interviewing the firm you're interested in. Following the aforementioned suggestions will help you weed out the less reputable companies and find one that fits both your needs and budget.

Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning by Stanley Window Care

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Tips For Home Window Cleaning You Should Know

One of the most overlooked areas you may deal with in terms of cleaning is that of windows. Window cleaning can be a difficult task to work with and many people end up forgetting about it. If you want to ensure that your home looks great from the inside and outside, then you will need to look into home window cleaning which can be quite good overall. There are a few tips and tricks that you will want to work with in terms of cleaning windows today and the following can assist with relative ease.

Avoid Spots With Sprinkler Shift

The first thing that you need to take into consideration is avoid water spots from forming. That means that you need to shift your sprinkler system and any areas that you may have water hitting your glass areas. A sprinkler system is great but if it’s hitting the glass of your windows it will leave spots down the line. Make a quick adjustment and you’ll find that you can clean up windows with relative ease.

Use A Water Stain Remover

As you look into water stains on windows make sure that you look into getting a water spot remover. You can then use a white scrubbing pad to clean up areas. You don’t want to use anything harsh or tinted, you want something spongy, soft, and clean. You will spray your window’s spots and you will scrub things with relative ease. It’s going to help you ensure that you get clean windows before you work with any other elements. You don’t want to scrape or scratch your windows you simply want to clean up the areas with soft scrubbing options.

Cleaning With Simple Options

Aside from the water stains you will want to look into getting tools to help you with cleaning windows straight away. That being said, make sure to pick up a wand, squeegee, and lint-free towels. You can buy these at any hardware store. Once you have these elements you will want to use warm water and some dish soap overall.

Clean your windows with a mix of warm water and soft soap using a squeegee and soft lint-free towel to ensure that there are no streaks leftover. This is a simple plan of action to work with. If you need a helping hand however, you could hire a professional to work on your windows and they will use commercial grade solutions and expertise to ensure that you are able to get clear, clean, streak free windows.

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Friday, October 12, 2018

Exterior Cleaning That Can Help Set Your Home Apart In Your Neighborhood

One of the best things that you can do to ensure that your home looks great is to ensure that your curb appeal looks grand. Curb appeal is one of the best things that you can have whether you are trying to sell your home or just want your house to have a little bit more value down the line. There are simple ways that you can do this and one way to do it is to clean and clear your driveway. In addition to the work that you can do to the driveway you will want to apply to the patio of your home as well.

High Pressure Washer

The first option that you are going to want to take advantage of is the use of water. High pressure washers can help you get through the cracks of concrete and get to the core of your home’s driveway. By spraying high pressure water streams you will be able to get through the cracks, and clean up small rock sea different points of contention within the concrete and gravel. This helps to prevent cracks from getting bigger and clearer out areas that could cause further damage.

Leaf Blowing Solutions

The next solution that you can utilize is the option of work with a good leaf blower. A leaf blower can help with getting rid of grime, dirt, leaves, and large issues that can lay on top of the driveway and concrete areas. This can help blow things away so that you can collect them in one area and pick them up for full removal.

Sweeping Lightly Between Cleanings

The next thing that you should take into consideration is cleaning with a focus on sweeping dirt and more. Between leaf blowing and high pressure washing solutions you should sweep with a light broom to ensure that you get the upper hand in getting your home’s curb appeal looking great. Sweeping between maintaining your home’s exteriors will help you ensure that you end up with a proper push forward with clearing and cleaning your home’s driveway and patio areas.

A little bit of maintenance goes a long way with these options. Test the methods out once and see how different your home can look. It can ensure that you are getting the upper hand with curb appeal and much more. It’s simply a great option to work with overall as it ensures that your home’s value rises down the line.

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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Orange County House Cleaning

Keeping a home clean is paramount among most homeowners. The importance of a clean home comes not only from a desire to reside in the most comfortable dwelling possible but from necessity as well.  Unkempt homes become a breeding grounds for pests but also attract all types of dust and debris which can irritate allergies and make living in a home unbearable. With so many things that can plague a messy or neglected home why don't more homeowners do more to keep their houses in pristine states?

Picking up after pets, children, and ourselves helps keep a home in order though it doesn't do much of anything with regards to addressing long standing issues like stains, neglected counter tops or ranges, nor the places of a home that are overlooked during a routine cleaning. In addition to the rather arduous nature of a thorough house cleaning there's the issue of time. Ensuring all parts of a home are clean is a time consuming venture and one that many homeowners would prefer to avoid whenever possible. Very few individuals are going to clean their homes before or after work nor do most people want to do anything but rest during their down time. This type of neglect, while understandable, is detrimental to the overall cleanliness of a home and makes it more difficult to clean when a homeowner finally gets around to it.

Unbeknownst to a great deal of homeowners, there exists affordable housekeeping and maid services. These services take the burden of cleaning a home off the shoulders of busy and preoccupied individuals and places it on the shoulders of trained professionals. Professional house cleaners produce results that most homeowners can only dream of and produce them in a fraction of the time it takes laypersons to do far less. For today's overworked and over stressed homeowners these services are invaluable.

The Benefits Of Using A Professional House Cleaning Service

The benefits of hiring a professional to clean your home are many. The following are among the most prominent of benefits.

  • Time, Time, And More Time: Cleaning a home takes time and must be done on a homeowners own time. This means that the only time an individual can clean their home is either after work or on the weekends during their leisure time. As there aren't many persons willing to give up their free time in order to do more work a professional can be called in to tackle the job. Professional maid and housekeeping services allow homeowners to do whatever they like with their free time. Those whom utilize such services needn't worry about their entire weekend being consumed by housework.

  • The Cost: The cost of professional house cleaning services are relatively inexpensive especially when compared to what it can cost to do the job oneself. If a homeowner's goal is professional results they'll need industrial grade tools and chemicals. They'll also require specialized cleaning solutions that are not just highly effective but eco-friendly as well. There is then the issue of small things like soft cloth rags, squeegees, scrubbing tools, and even knowing which chemicals to use on which surface. All of these things cost money and time...professional house cleaners come to each job with all the tools and cleaning solutions they will need to do their job effectively.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Green Cleaning Products That Clean Your Home Well

There are a lot of different solutions that you can invest in for the purpose of cleaning your home. There was a time when this was somewhat difficult to manage and finding good sources for cleaning was just not simple. However, today you are going to find that there are a lot more solutions than ever before that can clean and are labeled “green”. If you haven’t tested these out you will want to look into the following options that will help you garner good cleaning and maintain a “green” thumb at the same time.

Before Investing

Before you buy anything you should know that there are green products that are not so “green”. In fact there are a lot of options that are just not what they claim to be. When you look at any product that claims to be green look at the ingredients and read the labels extensively. That is going to help you understand whether or not you’re dealing with something that is truly green or something that is just marketed as such.

Combinations To Look For

Whether you’re looking at making your own green product or you want to buy a product make sure that you look for specific enzymes and natural ingredients overall. Some of the most common of these include baking soda, vinegar, and natural enzymes that eat away at soap scum, and other problem elements that can permeate a home’s bathroom or kitchen. Eco-friendly solutions will be listed on the bottle or package of any green product that you want to purchase.

Name Brands With Less Ingredients

You may want to look into name brands that are coming through the general public that are going green. Lysol for instance, is now producing a solution that is 100% natural and has only 3 ingredients, made from green, renewable products, and clean without masking dirt and odors. Other options like Wow Green products, are also in the same category, creating a great option for those that are looking at getting green cleaning solutions for the home or office.

At the end of the day look at the ingredients of any cleanser, and read the packaging. A truly green solution will not only market itself as such, it will be evident that it’s 100% green. Don’t fall into a marketing ploy, always look into non-toxic, green solutions that are listed as such. You’ll be surprised what is now available.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Extend The Life of Your Awnings With A Few Cleaning Tips

A well maintained awning is going to help you get a lot out of it. Whether you have one or two  you will find that you can easily move forward with solutions that can help you with cleaning and extending the life of your awning with relative ease. If you can extend the life of your awning you won’t have to worry about replacing things which can cost you thousands of dollars. A good awning can bring about great shade and much more that’s for sure. With that in mind take into consideration a few notes regarding how to ensure you can extend the life of these elements for your home.

Clean With Water First

Every few weeks make sure that you clean your awning’s fabric with water. Do not use anything else but water and make sure that you brush off dirt, debris, and any caked on elements. This is an easy process to keep track of and will help you ensure that you are able to get a helping hand with clearing out problem areas that would otherwise be difficult to manage. This is something that helps with maintenance first and foremost.

For Deeper Cleaning

As you look into other cleaning solutions you will need to look for options that are going to help you get a deeper clean with soap. Use mild soap for this, do not use hard detergents as that is going to cause problems. Get a deeper clean with water and soft soap and make sure that you rinse off all of the soap and let things dry naturally. After some time you will find that your awning will be clean and easy to work with. After that make sure that you brush off any debris and anything that is leftover, as that is going to be necessary to remove elements that could cause problems after the fact.

When DIY Doesn’t Work

You could clean here and there and end up still having a bit of an issue. With that in mind, you should take into consideration getting a professional to help you with this. A professional can help you with pressure washing and could help with cleaning awnings faster than you can at home. Of course this option should be reserved for times when your awning is really dirty. The best bet here is to ensure that you clean every few weeks so that you can get proper momentum and don’t have to do too much deep cleaning.

Orange County Awning Cleaning Services