Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Cleaning With Baking Soda – Simple Tips

Baking soda is a very powerful tool for cleaning your home. Many people don’t realize this but the simple box can help you with cleaning a wide variety of different solutions overall. If you have never used to baking soda to clean then the following tips are going to help you get a handle on how to use this simple yet powerful tool properly.

Kitchen Sinks

Use vinegar and baking soda to form a paste. Using this paste with a sponge, you can apply it to your stainless-steel sink. This will foam up a bit but that’s normal. The foam and the cleanser will help you get through the issues you may have with your sink, cleaning it completely with relative ease. This is seriously that simple. You simply make the paste, apply it to the sink, and that’s it.

The Bathroom

For the bathroom you will want to mix warm water with baking soda to make a little paste. You can then use a brush with the paste to scrub your tub and shower areas. You can use a tooth brush with this to clean the grout of tile and you can clean the ring around tubs and clear up soap scum that may be around.

Removing Odors

Baking soda is a great odor remover. You can apply a little baking soda to kitty litter for instance, and that will help with the smells, even if you clean often. You can also add a little baking soda to your garbage bag and that will help you clean and clear the odors over time. You can even use baking soda in laundry hampers, and old shoes to get the smells to go away. Baking soda is a good way to remove odors with relative ease.

Laundry Booster

Water and baking soda can be made to help you clean up stains on your clothing. You’ll want to make a little paste and then pre-treat the stains that you have on your clothing before you put them in the washer. This will help with stains across your clothing and it’s 100% safe.

Lastly, you could utilize baking soda to help with removing extra humidity around cabinets and under sinks. To do this, you simply need to add baking soda into these areas. You could either open up a box top and leave them in these areas, or you could place baking soda into a bowl and leave it in areas that can get a bit of moisture.

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Awnings

Homeowners that have awnings know the blessing that these can carry. These are options that can help with protecting certain areas against rain, snow, and even sunlight. Awnings are great for aesthetics and function as well. You can't take these things for granted, however, as many people will use these without maintaining them well enough. The following tips will help you keep these clean and clear of issues that could cause a great deal of problems.

Use Warm Water

The first thing that you should focus on is simple. Use warm water to clear up the fabric of your awnings. Do not let dirt, debris, and other elements cake onto the fabric. Cleaning on a monthly basis should help you with this and can help you ensure that the fabric is not too dirty. If you see that there is a bit of dust or any other debris building up you could always clean up before a monthly routine.

Deeper Cleaning

Awnings that are made of fabric and are stuck on a frame will require a bit of a deeper cleaning solution every now and again. To ensure that you are able to get focused cleaning you’ll want to use a light brush to dust and remove debris overall. Once you do this you can then apply water and use a very mild soap to clean stains. You can use a soft brush to get deeper cleaning with the fabric. You can use the cleaning options soak into the fabric a bit and then rinse it out completely. Let the fabric dry naturally and that’s it.

For Stubborn Stains

There are some stains that can embed themselves into the fabric a bit deeper than others. If you cannot get stains cleaned with the tips above you may need to use a harsher solution. Experts recommend bleach and soap to spot clean, especially when it comes to mildew. Hard chemicals will cause a bit of the awning’s fabric to become damaged. To limit that you may need to apply a protective finish option like scotch guard.

The best tip to pursue is to have your awnings clean and maintained with monthly cleanings. If all else fails, however, you may need to call in a professional to help you with getting harsh stains out and to ensure that your awning’s fabric gets clean and cleared with relative ease. Professionals can use pressure washers for instance which can send high pressure water streams to clean up dirt and debris overall.

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Top Reasons You Should Schedule Professional House Cleaning

Cleaning a home is not always fun. If you’re a busy professional, have kids, or just live a normal life, you know that a house can become disorganized and turn problematic overall. It’s something that millions of people are dealing with right now. But there’s hope for a brighter future and it starts with hiring a professional house cleaning service. There’s a few reasons why this matters and it starts with focusing on a few notes in regard to why.

Work Around Your Schedule

Hiring a cleaning service means that you get to pick the time when someone comes to help you out. That means that if you’re busy and you don’t have time to do it yourself you can schedule it out. You can coordinate when someone comes over to clean, etc.

Let Someone Do The Hard Stuff

There are some parts of cleaning your home that you put off because it takes too much time to work through. Mopping, vacuuming, cleaning windows, and much more may take a long time to get through. Why not let someone else do that? When you hire a pro they efficiently clean your home sometimes with a team that can help them get everything done swiftly.

Easy To Find

Did you know that finding someone to clean your home is easy to do? That’s right, you can easily find someone to clean your home and do so on a regular basis. The cost may be somewhat inexpensive if you sign a cleaning contract or have them come through on a weekly basis. You may even find options that are licensed and bonded so that you have peace of mind.

They Use Their Own Equipment

Professional cleaning services have equipment that they use as well as cleansers and more. Some use “green” options so that if you’re worried about the environment you don’t have to worry too much about what they are doing or using. They will vacuum, clean floors, windows, tubs, and more.

Peace of Mind

Perhaps the best reason for hiring a professional is peace of mind. You can allow a service to come through both when you’re  home and away but either way you’ll have a clean house when they are done. They will also be able to show you hidden dirt that you may not know about and find a lot of problem areas that you can focus on in between professional cleanings. Either way you’ll have peace knowing that your home is clean and spotless .

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Fighting Graffiti With Glass Solutions

The biggest problem with graffiti is the fact that it's invasive, violating, and difficult to remove.  Making matters worse today's offenders are starting to scratch and carve into glass and other surfaces as well. It’s so bad that over a billion dollars annually is spent on anti-graffiti cleaning solutions. You are going to find that this new wave of graffiti is not easy to remedy and could very well pose serious problems for your home, office, or just about any place you may see it.

Cleaning up this option is not like anything else you might have worked with. If you tried to work with graffiti solutions and clean up paint, that can be done but those don't necessarily work when you're dealing with glass and other surfaces. You don't outright have to replace your glass surface but there is some new technology that is now helping people fight back and save their glass.

Restoring Glass

Specialists have figured out how to restore glass elements without having to replace whole sheets. The cost of repair is a lot easier to work with than replacement because you’re only focusing on a small portion of the larger elements. This is done through fixing the scratches on the surface then filling the gaps and polishing them outright. Done correctly you’ll find that this can give you a new measure of film on the window, without having to replace the larger entity.

Not only can you restore glass these days but you can also work with anti-graffiti films after the fact. This is a sheer coating that goes on glass and prevents it from getting scratched or getting broken by graffiti artists. When installed correctly, you won’t even know that the film is in place. Think of the options that protect smartphones today, and then you’ll see how these films may work.

Now, the damage of your windows will be something to consider. Professionals can clean things up and fix elements across the glass. In recent years many companies have been able to help with clearing scratches, filling in gaps, and then sanding things to a professional finish. The cost of repair is significantly less than replacement.

The best part about new anti-graffiti options is that you can easily replace and remove them if they get damaged in any way. That’s right, even if someone does cause issues you’ll be able to clear things up with relative ease. It’s a positive thing to work with, no doubt.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Services A House Cleaning Company Can Offer

There’s something grand about a clean house. Millions of people will testify to this and you may be one of them. When your home is spotless you may find that it just feels like home a bit more than usual. Of course you could do the work yourself and get everything in order but that takes a lot of time and effort. There’s an alternative path to this and that’s something that you may want to explore through hiring a professional cleaning company.

If you’ve never hired a service perhaps you may want to look at a few things that they can help you with especially if you want to have an amazing good looking home.

Efficient Cleaning

When you hire a professional they may give you a team to work with. That means that more than one person will be doing the cleaning in your home. That is going to give you a lot more free  time because they are going to be efficient in cleaning up everything that you need. There’s no substitute for a clean home and when you don’t have to spend hours on it you can ensure that things get done. A team of pros will get to work fast and will leave you with a great looking home.

Professional Equipment

Hiring a company to help you will mean that you’ll have professional grade options and solutions that are going to help streamline the process of cleaning. That means that they’ll have equipment, cleansers, and more to help them get the job done fast and easily. They may even bring equipment that you don’t have like powerful vacuums or other types of options that you haven’t thought about purchasing.

Deep Cleaning

Want your home to look like when you first moved in? Well a professional service can help you with that. They can make sure that you get a deep cleaning and assist with taking away allergens, dirt, grime, and even mold. They can ensure that everything in your home gets attention including your bathroom, windows, kitchen, and all carpeting.

Repeat Options

Once you hire a service, you can get them to clean again, and ensure that you’re getting help with clearing out old debris and more. They can even take out the trash for you and ensure that your home looks great every single week. Once you get a professional team in your home to clean you may never want to go back to doing it all yourself because they can do it swiftly and efficiently.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Why You Should Go With A Power Washing Service

 Whether you have a new home or you own a commercial property you’re going to find that there are a lot of different maintenance elements that you have to deal with. One of the maintenance things that you have to deal with is that of the facade. Your facade has to be kept clean in order to have “curb appeal” which is a big deal in real estate. Whether you have something you’re living in or you are renting out keeping the exterior clean is important. So how can you get this task done without worry or damage? Well that’s where a professional commercial power wash option can come into play. Not sure why you need this? Consider a few reasons why this matters so much.

High Powered Water Clears Damaging Elements

The first thing that you’ll find out about this is that you can ensure that dirt, grime, mold, debris, and other elements that can damage your exterior will get cleared out. You can ensure that nothing is going to eat away at your walls and will not cause any sort of break down of the elements outside. Not only that you can avoid having to deal with toxic mold, etc.

Keep Things Looking New

The biggest benefit of power washing is that it can extend the life of your exterior. No matter what type of walls you have you can ensure that you’re able to clear things up with relative ease. Keep things looking like new with high powered high heat water. In some instances you could use detergents that are clean and clear as well. Power washing blasts through caked on dirt and more so that you get 100% clearance of the spots and your home or office building looks brand new.

Effective Cleaning

There is no other solution that works quite like power washing. In fact you could try to use alternative options and see if you could get the same results. But chances are, you are not going to get nearly as close to getting effective cleaning as you would with power washing. This type of service has high powered water systems that are safe on exteriors but tough on grime and dirt. Just one solution will show you how effective this cleaning option can be.

Clean Concrete and More

Want to get your sidewalk and driveway clean as well? Well that’s where power washing can come into play. This solution can clean concrete driveways and more. It’s easy to work with and professionals can ensure you’re getting 100% clearance with ease.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning: Better Office Window Cleaning For Business

commercial window cleaning experts
The windows in any professional setting are important. They let people see out while they work but they also say a lot about a business entity. When clients come into a workplace they are going to look around and one of the things they will see is whether or not the windows and glass around the building is clean or not. If you don’t hire someone to clean these areas you will find that you can be sending the wrong message to others.

Investing some time in hiring a professional is a good thing. Professionals can help with cleaning and change the look and feel of the glass in your work area as well as what other people see. This can send a proper message about your company and give you a sense of pride as well.

Tips and Tricks From The Professionals

How do professionals get windows so clean? Well you’re going to have to look at a few options that will help you get forward progress in this regard. The following tips and tricks are what many pros will recommend you do between cleanings.

Use A Squeegee

Do not use newspaper, in fact don’t use paper products at all. Instead consider using a squeegee. This will help you get better lines and reduce the overall elements of streaks and more. This is a solution that is going to pay off dividends overall.

Lint Free Cloths

The next thing that you should focus on is simple get lint free cloths, rags, and options that are meant for windows. This will help clear the windows of dirt, debris, and other types of debris. This is an important thing to consider as it is going to help you avoid streaks even in sunny weather.

Cleaning Solutions

You can use a bucket of warm water and a little bit of dish soap or cleaning liquid of your choice and use that to clear window dirt and debris. You can use this with a cloth, scrubber, or squeegee and get the solution on the windows and cleared without streaks.

Angles Are Your Friend

Use different angles to help you clear glass. Don’t just go up and down while working.  Use different angles to clear dirt and debris away from the windows and get maximum coverage. Done correctly this will clear the window and you’ll have no streaks.

Lastly avoid direct sunlight and clean between professional visits. There are points where you can’t get all the dirt away and that’s when you should call in a pro to get things clear and free of streaks. However between their cleaning, always defer to the tips above.

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