Sunday, March 25, 2018

Solar Panels Need Cleaning and Maintenance

Going solar is a great thing. However, you may find that your solar panels can shift in effectiveness. After spending a great deal of money on paneling, you may find that anything less than the most output possible is not good. Solar panels can work with less than maximum efficiency due to several issues. This goes beyond just clouds. Sure, a cloudy day could cause the power to diminish a little, but there are also other things that you’ll need to worry about. Things like birds, dust, and even snow could very well cause diminishing returns on your paneling.

Cleaning Periodically

To ensure that you are not getting a drop on your grid, you should clean the  solar panels softly. Ensuring that there is not a large pile up of leaves, dirt, and dust, will be an important aspect of getting the batteries charged. This all depends on where you live, but chances are that through the seasons you will have to deal with a variety of issues related to these minor nuisances. Check your panels often and clean them to ensure that you get maximum output.

Snowy Weather

For those that live where it may snow, it’s imperative to clean things up often. Do not let snow settle on paneling too long because it will block the light. You want to invest in rakes and squeegees to ensure that you can get to the panels and remove excess snow and ice that may be on the panels themselves. Experts suggest that you should find a wire paneling that could help, or something that can be flipped during the day to ensure that snow doesn’t pile up too much.

For the Birds

Getting birds to not land and do their business on your panels can be a bit rough at first. Experts recommend using wire and encasement's that help birds stay away from your panels and focus on other areas. Your goal is to ensure that they are not hanging out on the paneling or doing their business on it. This can be done with wire, and other elements that cause birds to refrain from landing on and staying on your paneling.

To ensure that you are getting the most out of your panels, make sure that you don’t just set them, and forget them. Make certain to clean the options often and ensure that nothing is resting on the panels themselves. This will help you get the most out of your paneling over time.

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