Friday, October 20, 2017

Carpet Cleaning Hassles And Solutions

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Homeowners may clean their their furniture, they may clean their floors, and of course they'll clean specific rooms within their homes. What many homeowners don't or won't do however is clean their carpets. While nearly everyone vacuums their carpets and rugs very few people will actually give their carpets the rigorous cleaning they both need and deserve. This is mainly due to the fact that shampooing and chemically treating carpets is back breaking and time consuming work. It can also be an expensive venture costing hundreds of dollars or more as one must rent the necessary equipment and purchase over the counter yet highly ineffective chemicals. There are a great number of reasons why homeowners elect to do little more than vacuum. Let's take a look.

Renting Equipment

Local supermarkets and hardware stores often rent commercial grade carpet cleaners and while it initially might make sense to rent these devices, the truth is that these machines do little more than spray water and vacuum it up. These machines aren't built for scrubbing and removing grime and stains from carpet. They are also not equipped to treat carpets with protective chemicals. These “over the counter” carpet cleaners are effective only at shining the dirt in carpets and rugs. More to the point, these rentals can often be expensive, especially given how little they actually do for a carpet.

Back Breaking Work

Cleaning carpets and rugs either with a rented commercial cleaner or by brush and bucket is backbreaking working. It goes without saying too that a brush and bucket is an absurd way to clean an entire carpet but even when using rented equipment the work takes a real physical toll on one's body. These machines are heavy, awkward, and difficult to push and pull. Making matters worse, cleaning even a single room's carpet can take all day and when you factor in how long it takes for carpets to dry...well it's not hard to ascertain why so many homeowners give their carpets so little TLC.

Efficiency And Results

It's already been mentioned that rented or commercial carpet cleaning tools do little more than put a shine on things but it's worth noting again only because after putting in hours or days worth of work, homeowners want satisfactory results. There are fewer things more disheartening than working hard all day and have nothing to show for it. Complicating things, the homeowners that do put in the elbow grease usually end up having to hire a professional to either clean up their mess or to have their carpets properly cleaned. Paying for the same thing twice, especially when you've put your own time into it, can be extremely frustrating.

Hiring A Professional Carpet Cleaner

Homeowners who hire professional carpet cleaners not only save time, money, and effort but they'll also have carpets and rugs that look new as well. Replacing carpet can be an expensive endeavor and is  one that most homeowners would prefer to avoid. Having professional carpet cleaners not only clean but treat carpets will add years to their lives and will help keep them vibrant too. More to the point, professional carpet cleaners use industrial grade equipment to get the job. This means that not only are the end results superior to that of a laypersons work but the work gets done in a fraction of the time as well.

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